Being Yourself

  Most of us live our adult lives as confused children; what do I mean by this? Imagine a child holding a mirror and staring at her reflection, she becomes so fascinated by what she sees, she forgets who she is. Not only that but if you watch carefully, when she wants to fix something…… Continue reading Being Yourself

Can Your Future Be Changed?: Epigenetics Explained

What is Epigenetics? Before I answer that question lets elaborate a little bit on why its discovery is so important. Many people put a lot of emphasis on the believe that genes determine human behavior. Such limited view through history has been partly responsible for many atrocities committed. The believe that one race can be…… Continue reading Can Your Future Be Changed?: Epigenetics Explained

The Natural Enemies Of Man

Recently I have been reading more and more on the life and works of Carlos Castaneda. For those of you who don’t know who he is here is a brief bio: Carlos Castaneda was one of the greatest anthropologist of the new era.  Born in Peru in 1925, he lived and studied in United States…… Continue reading The Natural Enemies Of Man

Why A Secret Wedding May Be The Best Answer

For some weddings are a beautiful thing, sometimes however weddings can be too much; specially if you find yourself in a situation where working on the guest list becomes a stressful thing. How do you go around dealing with guests and sitting arrangements in delicate situations where family feuds exist? The simple, effective and most…… Continue reading Why A Secret Wedding May Be The Best Answer