Toxic People: What To Do

Everyday we interact with different types of people. Many of these people will be very different than you in personality, likes, values, etc. All of it is natural except when you are faced with people who are not just different but who like to bring you down, cause difficulties in your life, extra non-needed drama;…… Continue reading Toxic People: What To Do

What Is Sensuality?

Sensuality is one of the greatest faculties we as human beings possess. Unlike many who believe sensuality is something only few possess, it is a faculty which can be learned. Learning it however requires skill and the total surrender of your misconceived inhibitions. In order to embrace your sensuality you need to be at harmony…… Continue reading What Is Sensuality?

Brain Plasticity: Let It Work For You!

As some of you know I like reading on different subjects. One which am constantly exploring is Neuroplasticity. Many of us have not ever heard about brain plasticity. What is brain plasticity? Brain Plasticity can also be referred as Neuroplasticity. Brain plasticity or Neuroplasticity (a common term used by neuroscientists) is our brain’s ability to…… Continue reading Brain Plasticity: Let It Work For You!