Ayurvedic Tantric Massage: Healing Wounds

An Ayurvedic Tantric massage is more than just a relaxing massage, this massage has been recommended by Tantric practitioners for its soothing and loving touch vs the more erotic, arousing style.

A Tantric massage is a beautiful expression of love, however when a person has undergone severed trauma, the body needs to learn to relax again, in order to calm the mind and eventually learn to trust; this is why a Tantric Ayurvedic massage is preferable before introducing any type of sensual Tantric massage techniques on victims of sexual and emotional abuse.

Most people assume Tantra offers a specific style of massage, this is not the case, Tantra encompasses more than just massages.  Tantra is a way of living, it has steps specifically created to start working on self, self love and self respect before introducing anything which may violate or may reopen wounds. Tantra is about healing wounds, not imposing more pain on someone who may already have issues with intimacy.

A Tantric Ayurvedic massage aims to provide relaxation from the outside in; progressively relaxing muscles as it gently soothes the soul. It is very important to have a good practitioner who has in-depth knowledge of the techniques used as well as knowledge of your history. The combination of a knowledgeable practitioner with proper technique, proper use of oils and other aromatic herbs/incense, does wonders promoting physical, emotional and mental relaxation.

An Ayurvedic massage teaches your body a different way to explore clean innocent pleasure; a physical and spiritual pleasure which most of us call “peace”– it is another way to meditate and get to know yourself again.

Massage revitalizes your skin, your muscles, your nerves and helps your body maintain active and agile. Massage helps your circulatory system and your heart to open up, providing much needed oxygen to all parts of your body; simultaneously it helps eliminate other type of toxicities. 

The Tantric methods used to achieve serenity, contentment and balance are a mix of Tantric meditations and the use of the Tantric Ayurvedic massage. This massage technique is sweet, sensitive, sensual and liberating to the body and soul.
Let us remember the ground for all illnesses lies in unhealed emotions; when these are blocked or repressed they can cause several problems.  Thanks to traditional Chinese and Hindu medicine we know emotions are accumulated in specific places all over the body, knowing this makes it easier for a tantric practitioner to access those places and to help provide much needed healing.

In the west we know different styles of massages which act directly on the areas of discomfort; all those style of massages were elaborated from the Hindu Ayurvedic or Chinese Tantric Massage. The difference between Ayurvedic massage and the various styles of massages in the west is : Western massage focuses only on the obvious places of discomfort, missing all the other areas of the body which hold negative energy but seldom express themselves through direct physical pain.

Tantra and all its massage techniques are a very ancient practice, of which very little knowledge has been left or is known to most people.  Most people are ignorant on the subject or have been mislead by those who work in the sex industry and whom use the term Tantra to validate their practices–yet Tantra is not what they are selling or providing.  

Tantric Massages are massages which directly work with and  the chakras. There are many modern methods which arose from Tantric techniques as well as Hindu and Chinese medicine; a few examples are: Reflexology, Osteopathy, Aromatherapy, Kinesiology.

In India, the Ayurvedic Tantric massage is extremely popular, it is offered on the beaches, by the river banks, etc.  You can find mothers massaging their children as a bonding and healing practice. As explained before, the type of oil use is very important as well as proper technique; it is meant to be gentle and loving while focusing on zones on the body which are known for storing traumatic memories.  This type of massage is never given with a lot of strength nor is it localized; when one affected area is awaken, a specific energy is activated, this energy needs to be helped to flow all over the body providing healing. This is what makes a Tantric Ayurvedic massage preferable for people who sincerely want to liberate trauma. 

When a chakra is blocked, one feels bitterness, deep sadness, intense fear, severe anger; however when our chakras are open, one feels peace, security, lucidity and harmony.
Some of the side effects or reasons why some people may not be willing to try this style of massage may be: Fear to find yourself, fear to discover yourself, fear to discover old traumas and hence feel pain/suffering, fever, hypertension.
On the other end of the spectrum however, awaits a liberating feeling…freedom, sensuality, sensitivity, peace serenity, LOVE.

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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