Educating Ourselves: The Different Types Of Female Orgasms

Most of us are not very educated about our own physicality, this is due to the great amount of judgement still placed on sexual education.  While on the one hand society expects us not to talk intelligently about the subject, on the other hand Hollywood releases movies which really are full of insulting, demeaning sexual behavior, specially towards women.

Today I am going to write about the many different types of orgasms a woman may experience.   Most of us are not aware women can have up to 12 different types of orgasms.

  1. The Clitoral Orgasm:  This type of orgasm is what is called an external orgasm; this happens when the Clitoris only has an orgasm; which means the pleasurable sensation of the orgasm achieved is only felt on the outside part of the body; this is why is called a superficial orgasm.
  2. A G-Spot Orgasm: Unlike the Clitoral Orgasm, this type of orgasm is  an internal type, which means it is felt in the inside of the body.  It is a much deeper and intense type of orgasm that can turn into other types of orgasm like a full body orgasm.  This type of orgasm is much harder to achieve by most women.  The majority of women usually experience a clitoral orgasm, this is due to lack of self knowledge, body awareness, trust of self and permission to self  love.  It is through self love without shame that a woman can learn to discover how her body works, in the process learning to trust herself.  A G-Spot Orgasm is not something a female can achieve without a partner or the use of a sexual toy  as reaching in the vaginal cavity would be almost impossible for most. When intimate with a partner trust is usually needed and a very good knowledge of rhythm and technique by either or both parties, this is why most men cannot give a woman a G-Spot Orgasm.   This is sad, because the G-Spot Orgasm can lead to many other types of internal orgasms.
  3. A Cervical Orgasm:  As the name states, this type of orgasm occurs at an even deeper part of the body.  It is a very intense type of orgasm which is often described as “unpleasant” “painful”.  This is because most times women are not used to having their cervix stimulated,  also because the cervix holds most traumatic memories experienced in a lifetime, including experiences such as giving birth.  Many may wonder how is that traumatic, the answer is simple…physically speaking your body was not prepared for the shock it is subjected to during the experience.  No matter how psychological beautiful the experience may have been, the physical trauma is locked away in your subconscious.   A cervical orgasm, is best achieved when a woman is about to climax, it is then the cervix should be stimulated in order to decrease or avoid painful sensations.  A partner can stimulate a woman’s cervix located 4 inches inside of the vagina; this can be done by the figure 8 technique at a slow tempo when she is approaching climax.  Another way to do it is through tantric trauma counselling massage.  Either way be prepared for the intensity of it, which may be too much for some women to handle, hence knowing your partner’s history is very important.
  4. Combined Internal/External Orgasm:  This is when the G-Spot and the clitoris or the Cervix and the Clitoris produce a synergistic effect. This type of orgasms is something which will not go unnoticed.  A woman will feel it all over her body, she will feel the energy up and down her spine and legs.  This type of orgasm can get to be pretty intense and easily turns into a full body orgasm.  This orgasm requires a sound knowledge of technique or a deep desire to be patient and truly become a giver.
  5. Anal Orgasm:  This is one type of orgasm most don’t like to talk about or are ignorant it even exists.  Regardless of how you may feel about it, or whether or not you practice it, an anal orgasm is part of the many types of orgasms a woman may experience.  There are many nerve endings in the anal area,  unlike the male anus, females don’t have a G-Spot located there, however because the vagina has an entire network of nerve endings there is a different type of sensation on that area which can lead to an orgasm.  This type of orgasm requires a very slow/smooth tempo and can be combined with other type of orgasms.
  6. Combined Vaginal/Anal Orgasm:  This type of orgasm has obviously been experienced only by a very few.  I am not talking about demeaning sexual recreation of cheap pornography; simply some people are more open to experience their sexuality in ways many of us may find too uncomfortable psychologically/physically.  I am not here to judge, simply to instruct on the different types of orgasm.  Unlike the porn industry would like us to believe, this type of orgasm does not require 3 people.  This type of orgasm can be very intense and unlike pornographic movies depict, it can only be achieved through trust and gentleness.   Some people like to experience something similar by combining a clitoral orgasms with an anal orgasm; which can be easier to achieve as the female can stimulate her own clitoris.  However, in order to stimulate the G-Spot or the Cervix , the use of a toy will be require.
  7. Nipple Orgasm: Some women can have an orgasm when their nipples are properly stimulated, specially if it’s combined with touching/stimulating of the vaginal area. As they climax the sensations of where the explosion originated is described as coming from the nipple area alone. This is a rare type of orgasm; specially if no combination technique is used but it happens for some women.  Other women have experienced it during breastfeeding so it is possible but is not general for most.
  8. Full Body Orgasm: This is when a woman experiences an orgasm that is so intense it spreads throughout her whole entire body lighting up her entire nervous system. When it happens, the female body will seize as this type of experience is very unique.  Sadly many women like to fake it, in the process they rob themselves of the opportunity of fully exploring their sexuality as their partner may believe what he is doing is great and it works when that may not be the case. Men should be more aware of their partner’s body in order to notice whether or not an orgasm was real or not. If not, gently discuss the roots of why there was a need to fake the sensation/emotion.  On the other hand if a man does truly know his partner and knows how to properly use his own body, if he is looking for pure pleasure that lasts,  he will take the time to learn how to give a full body orgasm–this is what is called embracing your inner sexual God and pleasing your partner in an earth shattering way. It is an amazing experience which has been equated to the same high heroin produces on the nervous system.  You get the high without destroying your body.
  9. Ejaculatory Orgasm:  This type of orgasm is commonly called the “squirting orgasm”.  The type of stimulations which cause full body orgasms can also cause an ejaculatory reaction which is called the “Ejaculatory Orgasm.”   This type of orgasm happens when a partner is stimulating the vaginal walls so deeply that the glands responsible for the urethral fluid are activated.  Again many women choose to fake Ejaculatory Orgasms by simply releasing the urethral fluid.  To give a woman an Ejaculatory Orgasm, requires a unique set of skills by either or both parties involved.  It also requires a unique setting; you should try to communicate about it before you attempt to try it with your partner, as it’s something most women would find psychologically unpleasant.
  10. Multiple Orgasms: This happens when a woman experiences several climaxes; several different peaks and come down times in between them; so the orgasms are divided not connected. You can do this for your partner by giving them an orgasm, follow by a short period to recuperate and then starting the stimulation all over again.  Because the nerve endings will all be awaken after an orgasm, you will need to be gentle with your partner otherwise it will be unpleasant and she will not experience another orgasm.
  11. Multiple Combined Orgasms: Unlike the Multiple Orgasms, this type of orgasms are not entirely divided.  There is a peak and then a plateau, however during that plateau there are several little peaks which cause the buildup again. There is no come down,  instead these orgasms stack one on top of the other.  It can be a mind altering experience.
  12. Tantric Energetic Mind Altering Orgasm: This is where you cause a full body or stack set of orgasms  that are so intense and prolonged it actually causes alterations on your partner’s psyche.  That is why I say Tantra is a healing experience not a detrimental one.  If used only for common sex, then it is not a Tantric Orgasm.  If you continue to build her orgasm with each peak getting more intense and each come down harder, then she can even enter a psychedelic state where her sense of self/being feels like she is merging with the universe, this is called the state of Tantra.  This is unique and very rare.  It requires deep love, trust, being open about trauma, having connected psychologically and proper technique.  It does not have to be a psychedelic experience where her mental state is altered, it can just be an earth shattering experience, a healing experience… for this she will need to feel safe and loved.  It is an energetic orgasm, the best example on how sexuality properly used, can be a true healing experience.

Now please remember that what is written here is for educational purposes and you should never attempt to perform any of the above if you don’t feel comfortable. It is about communication and knowing each other’s boundaries.  You should never try  to force or be forced into anything you are not ready for or wish not to experience.

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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