Tantric Meditation For Self

Meditation has long been used to get in touch with our inner self.  That self which provides us with infinite peace; not the false ego, that part of self where all things make sense and all dreams are possible.

Through meditation we allow ourselves to let go of our preconceived ideas and simply watch our thoughts pass by as if they were fluffy clouds one can admire without being touched by the dark ones. Meditation allows us to connect with the divine in us, with that divine essence that resides within our subconscious.

It matters not whether you have learned about mediation from any of the various schools of beliefs out there such  as : Indian/Buddhist/Greek/Philosophical schools or Religion–all seek the same…to unite a person (human being) with God/Infinite being/nature/energy.

If practiced consecutively, meditation has various benefits to offer us, such as: It benefits your health and mind, it keeps you calm, helps with focus, alleviates pain, reduces high blood pressure, generates a positive state of mind and helps us to get to know ourselves better.

There are different approaches to meditation, one should try different ones in order to find what works for you best.  Within Tantra itself, there are various techniques, some are more geared towards couples yet all meditations can be practiced without a partner.

Today I am writing a process of meditation or meditative technique which I learned a while back, I feel is easy enough to be practice by anyone.

The very heart of Tantra seeks to use your body to connect with the divine, it uses movement  combined with breath, sound and meditation, in order to help open up all chakras and optimized their energy.  This allows dormant energy (Kundalini) to move from the base (Pelvis) all along the spine.  The movement of this energy helps the body heal by loosening constrictions within the body.  The more our body’s energy expands the more sensation are increased and the ability to connect with others without losing individuality occurs.

Many people seek to use Tantra to connect with a partner; usually out of a desire to improve their sexual life; but Tantra can do so much more than that.  I won’t deny the greats effects of Tantra and the side benefit of ecstatic orgasms (alone or with a partner) are some of the reasons why people when learning Tantra keep coming back for more.  People need to become aware when starting Tantra, one does not immediately jump into ecstatic orgasms; it takes knowledge and skill and like any new skill, it can start slow and takes practice.

One of the techniques I’ve learned to connect with self and which I like a lot is Qigong.  I like it because of its gentle movements and its breathing. Qigong combines the healing power of abdominal and vibrational breathing with visualization, touch and gentle movements.  If you feel like trying Qigong I recommend the Six healing sounds taught by Grandmaster Mantak Chia. There are various complex scientific reasons why the six healing sounds are effective at combating stress.   Neuroscience and brain scanning have shown that smiling and thoughts of gratefulness calm the nervous system, protect the heart and open the brain to more insightful thinking.  One also gets the benefit of relaxation, increase amount of oxygen rich blood in the body and it boosts the lymphatic system.

I will not write about how to practice Qigong as its something which is better to be shown; however,  all meditation can help you and perhaps you are better off starting with simpler styles of meditation which can be learned by reading on the subject; such as the Third Eye Meditation which helps one open self to connect with the divine and activates spinal energy.

Third Eye Tantric Meditation (Opens the crown chakra and the third eye chakra)…

Find a comfortable seated position, feel the bones of your buttocks and your legs touching the cushion/floor below you.  If you have back troubles I recommend you sit on a chair, when doing this make sure your feet are firmly placed on the ground. Inhale and stretch your spine, imagine there is a string which is pulling the top of your head towards the sky, exhale and push your tailbone towards the earth. While maintaining your spine firmly stretched, imagine your tailbone is a root connecting with the earth.  keep your chin parallel to the floor. Continue to breathe without pressure, naturally and easily.  Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth imagining a golden ball in front of you, just above your eyebrows, moving closer towards the center of your forehead which is your third eye.  Inhale through your nose, roll the ball over the top of your head, down the spine to your tailbone.  When doing this, chant the word “Hung” in your mind. Exhale through your nose, rolling the ball back up the spine, over your head to your forehead.  As you inhale again chant “Sau” which sounds like “saw”.

Some of you may wonder what the words means, the mantra written above means “I am”, which helps you affirm your true self being one with the earth and the divine.  You can practice this daily even for 5 minutes until you build it up to 15 to 20 minutes.  Never push yourself, the point of meditation is to train your body slowly, to be relaxed.  This type of meditation usually works best before practicing yoga or doing relaxing things such as a gentle walk in nature, or before receiving a massage.  The reason is due to the fact that whenever you are activating any part of Kundalini energy, the intense energy can leave you restless and may even cause insomnia.

Qigong is best used when healing soul/mind of traumas or seeking a deep connection with self or partner.  Third eye meditation is all about self and opening up to positive energy.

Raising; even if lightly; any part of Kundalini energy,  can leave a  “high” state of mind, which may be difficult to guide and can leave you feeling as if you can’t function.  If this happens return to activities that ground you or consult and experience Tantra Educator on how to proceed.

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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