This Too Shall Pass….

We all go through difficult times in life, it’s all part of the experience.  The trick to a healthier lifestyle lies in reminding ourselves no matter what is happening or how chaotic it all may seem; it all happens for a reason; everything has its time and rhythm. Let’s keep in mind everything in life…… Continue reading This Too Shall Pass….

Respecting Yourself: Begging For Love Isn’t Real Love.

Love must be demonstrated, never begged.  If you find yourself begging for love then please take a step back and re-evaluate, for each one of us is worth loving. We all have our own emotional baggage; some more than others; yet we should always keep working on ourselves without giving up our self worth/uniqueness.  If…… Continue reading Respecting Yourself: Begging For Love Isn’t Real Love.

The Secret To Genuine Connection

We are all clear how complex it is for science to isolate variables and establish correlations in order for us to understand a little better what love, attraction and affection are.  After taking a good look at what makes a strong couple, it seems the key to attractiveness lies in “mutual understanding”.   Most of us,…… Continue reading The Secret To Genuine Connection