Sacred Goddess/Sacred Prostitute: Rediscovering The Sacred Feminine

I have chosen to write about the roots and power of the sacred feminine from a historical & mythological perspective.  This subject is quite delicate considering what encompasses; as such if you are easily offended or not open to exploring history as it was vs what has been distorted and handed down to us through many generations, then I recommend you stop right here.  My articles are not meant to offend any one person, group or movement; my sole interest is to inform, to instruct and set the record straight on a subject which has been misunderstood and which has sat on the backburner for far too long.

As a Gnostic/Metaphysical person, Counselor and Tantric Teacher, subjects regarding our origins and the equality of male and female energy; within their respective paths; has always been of interest to me.  Sacred Feminine or Sacred Prostitute may be a controversial article but one aim to enlighten.  If you are to read it, I recommend you do so with intention to read it from start to finish and with an open mind.

What I am writing here is not my mere opinion but history along with ancient knowledge, which has been kept hidden for far too long.  Those of you familiar with ancient studies and pre-ancient studies are most likely quite familiar with the information provided here; however, I have endeavor to write it down in the most concise way possible, as the subject on its own is quite extensive.  I will also use as examples mythological Goddesses and what they represented, independent of the fact of whether or not they actually existed or were just an archetype to better help us understand ourselves, our nature, life and divinity. 

When examining mythology try not to make the mistake of comparing it to fairy tales; mythology by its definition is history not set in writing which cannot be proved or disproved (same can be said for a lot of our sacred books or historical events). 

Mythology is history which was passed orally from generation to generation; over time its actual meaning became less and less clear–many concepts overtime were turned upside down to develop a better control of the masses.  Because of those reasons I choose to look at these goddesses as more than just legend; whether they existed or not their archetypes are ultimately what is important.

It’s about time we talk about the Sacred Prostitute or Female Demons as they so erroneously have been called for so long.  It’s time to set the record straight and rediscover the sacred feminine. 

Those of you who have read various of my articles understand better my pattern of thinking, therefore, by now you understand that I don’t believe in angels or demons per say.  This doesn’t mean I don’t believe on entities of higher vibration as well as entities of lower vibration.  Over time people have chosen to call those of higher vibration angels and those of lower vibration demons.

In order to start setting the foundation for this article, let’s start by looking into interesting facts within what are consider demons.  There are many demons of female nature; however, when it comes to angels things are quite different, one cannot find a single female angel within old myths–I only bring this up as something to consider. 

Let’s investigate a bit more…

At the very roots of ancient history there was no difference between what is now called a demonic being vs an angelic one.  As a matter of fact, when one starts studying, informing and researching ancient history, one finds angels and daemons (erroneously confused with demons) were considered the same.  Both names originated from the same root word, meaning “messenger”.  Its concept was neutral; meaning there were female and male messengers whether angelical or daemonic.  Daemon is exactly how the word was originally spelled, later on it was mistranslated into the word demon and much later with the rise of religions it was thrown to be mixed with the word “diablo” or “devil” which root meaning is entirely different.

Angelus (angel) in reality was an entity who would bring messages from the Gods; a messenger.   Daemons were also messengers; however, what separated them from Angelus was the very fact that Daemons didn’t only deliver “good” messages.  Daemons would deliver messages which were considered by humanity harsh.  Messages which were to push humanity to grow, to shape up; as a result, people started to fear them. 

In Greek mythology Socrates explained Daemons as messengers who not only delivered good and harsh truths but also beings who inspired the human soul towards growth and self-responsibility.  Ancient Greeks therefore understood Daemons as guides or beings who inspired the greatest minds in order to guide humanity towards a better future.  All great philosophers (Aristotle, Plato, Socrates) as well as great minds such as Da Vinci, Tesla, etc. used to say they were guided by a Daemon (a messenger).  This Daemon would grant them knowledge and guidance so they may achieve their goals and develop their inner conscience.  Look at how far from its roots the word Daemon has come and how through our own ignorance and lack of research we have allowed this word to be equated and confused with the word Devil. 

The word “diablo” which comes from the word “diabal lo” commonly known as Devil, means to lie, to cheat, to bare false witness, to hurt, to scheme; it is obvious then a “diabal lo” being was one to cause harm to humanity but it has nothing to do with a Daemon.

The great confusion which purposely was brought to humanity was done by the origins and miss translations of the great Judeo Christian religions; later on, the Islamic religion adopted the same misguided concept.   Therefore, the concept of angel was brought to us by them, but they weren’t its originators.  Its origins start far back in what is called the Sumerian culture, where the Judeo Christians were living for a while.   It is from there they grabbed the original concepts for their religions.  (I will write more later on the Sumerians and their origins and beliefs as it is an extensive subject on its own; however, let it suffice to say there is nothing you will find in the bible that you won’t find in ever greater detail and without so many contradictions within the Sumerian tablets, among other older texts).  Let me make something very clear, I don’t have anything against the bible or any other religious texts; it is my opinion and that of many scholars, that most of the books used by the young religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) are based on older texts from ancient cultures. Over time their teachings got misunderstood, mistranslated either by ignorance or political gain, but that is an entirely different article altogether.

I DO believe in God; the source, the creation of it all.  I believe in God in the same way Jesus, Buddha and others tried to teach; sadly, many of their teachings have also been misunderstood or twisted. They talked about a beginning, a creator, an origin, nothing to do or to be confused with the God from the Old Testament who was full of anger and desire to punish anything and everyone.  I do believe in good deities and bad deities which later on were given the title of Gods. 

My personal belief is this… if you want to understand the God source, then you need to seek an all-encompassing education, developing your mind, body and soul.  To me any religion which would look down or punish you for learning more, for being open to outside concepts, cannot represent by its very definition the God of Love and understanding. If you want to feel the God source, all you have to do is sit still, simply be and look in; it’s there as it is everywhere else. It doesn’t need mediators.  If you are happy partaking in a group, gathering, and doing so contributes to your growth as a human being, then by all means keep doing it but don’t confuse such action with the idea that God needs mediators and/or interpreters to connect with you. I hope all the above has given some foundation to what am going to write next, let’s dive into it…

It is interesting how some of the women who I am going to discuss here, were Goddesses within their original cultures; later on, they were turned into what is now erroneously called demons.  Such a thing was done because these women represented power, strength, wisdom, knowledge, life.  They were turned into something dark because of their link with the “Sacred Prostitute” another term commonly misunderstood…

The Sacred Prostitute or Sacred Mother, Sacred feminine, were all one (Prostitute by ancient definition is not the same as the word whore or slut) It represented the concept of origin, beginning, nurture, sensuality, fertility, light dark–the portal by which the exchange of primordial forces took place.  It was “The Great Mother” or “Great Portal”.  Any culture whose belief was primarily on that Goddess was a threat because of what it represented, the power to create.

Before the Judeo/Christian/Islamic religions were formed, ancient cultures were primarily Matriarchal (the matriarchal cultures never sought to destroy, demean or subjugate the power of the divine masculine).  When the religions already mentioned came to be, so came the dominant Patriarchal system; it is obvious then why the eradication of the great mother was necessary and the submission of women imminent.  It was them who distorted the term Sacred Priestess or Sacred Prostitute with the common modern version of the word; worst yet they equated them to demons. 

Let’s take a closer look at our Goddesses, later on labeled Demons by the Patriarchal System:

Lilith. –  I will try to do my best to summarize this character, as the subject is very extensive and complex.  If one searches for Lilith one will find the same image of Ishtar or Inanna.  Lilith and Ishtar were one and the same.  Egyptians understood this well as they understood what the Great Mother or Sacred Prostitute was.  Their understanding of fertility and creation was much more encompassing and balanced.

Whether Lilith truly existed or not is a subject of much debate; however, one thing cannot be denied, the concept of Lilith as an archetype.  Lilith originated from the ancient Judaist world, when Judaism originated within the line of Mesopotamia and Babylon.  The Bible does not like to speak of Lilith; however, they can’t deny her as there is mention of her on Isaiah 34:14.  Interesting, as nowhere else in the bible can Lilith be found yet the reference on which they write about her is as that of a female demon.

Within the Talmud one can find more about Lilith.   First, I am going to examine not what is found within Historical texts but rather the Judaist interpretation which came much later.

In the typical bible story, we find God telling Adam; after his request; that he will make her a woman which will be made from one of his ribs. That woman was named Eve, who was to subjugate to Adam.  There is an older passage however Genesis 1:27 which explains how God created humans.  It specifically says man and woman he created them; interestingly enough unlike other ancient texts, it just ends there–making no reference to Lilith at all.  One could easily make a quick assumption that maybe God created the first human as male and female both in one.  This would be the logical assumption given the context of the text, however ancient history and sacred texts do clarify things for us.  Older texts do explain more about Lilith; however, the Talmud does its own interpretation.  According to older texts from the 17th century, which are interpretations of ancient texts by a Rabbi named Ruben:  “God created Lilith in the same way as he had created Adam; although he used sediment instead of pure powder…”

This is how it all started.  Obviously if one says the first woman was created from sediment and dirt instead of pure powder then it’s obvious she will not be looked at as clean, pure or deserving.  Is an easy way to make sure women were looked at as being less than men, capable of unclean things.  Let me be clear the above was only an interpretation by a Judaist rabbi; one created to make sure women were looked at as beings who had perverse desires, temptresses, impure and of course this would mean her descendants were to be nothing more than imperfect beings.  According to this interpretation it was the woman’s fault why we are born imperfect.  Afterwards the bible brings out Eve, to make sure women understood if they wanted to be clean, they needed to be submissive and to look at themselves as the ones to blame for being dumb enough to have been fooled by the evil serpent.  This was the perfect set up to create separation within self and division within genders.

Lilith was set to represent sensuality, sexual desires, and Eve to represent motherhood and innocence–division always leaves room for someone to rule.

Unlike the ancient cultures who embraced all aspects of femininity, the patriarchal system made sure women were to live feeling guilt.  The story on Genesis on its own makes no sense…in denying the archetype of Lilith and only accepting the archetype of Eve, one is promoting even a more disturbing origin for humanity.  Think about it, if there were no other humans, then how so many people came to be?  Eve supposedly had 3 sons.  The subject of incest here has been often brought up by scholars and simply dismissed by the church. As a matter of fact, ancient history is full of incest which is even more deprived than an independent woman.  Ancient texts tell us the problem with Lilith lay in that she refused to be treated as less than Adam.  She had no desire to control him, she simply wanted to be accepted as equal within her femininity; refusing to psychologically or sexually be dominated.

According to ancient texts, when Adam complained to God that Lilith didn’t want to lay at the bottom (missionary)  God (same God as the old testament, which is not to be confused with the God Jesus or Buddha talked about) talked to Lilith to do as Adam said.  Lilith’s response was “why should I do that? Didn’t you create me the same as him?..”  When she refused to do as she was told she was kicked out and called a demon.  The texts said she was sent out of the garden to go dwell with other demons or what was then called the “angeli rebelli” or “fallen angels”, previously called “the watchers”.

The Watchers’ only sin was to have “rebelled” by teaching humans how to do things (farming, medicine, history, astrology, alchemy, etc.)  Even the book of Enoch explains how their BIG sin wasn’t that they took women as their wives but that they gave knowledge to humankind.  “…for man was not made to put in writing their own thoughts”.  If we take a closer look, who did these fallen angels chose to share their knowledge with?…their wives.  Women were therefore the custodians of such knowledge.

As you can see Lilith is the archetype of the independent female, one who does not wish to control nor be controlled.  One who sees herself as equally divine and with the same rights. No wonder then Lilith was a threat to the new patriarchal system.  The biggest issue with the archetype of Lilith is the power of her sexuality; there lies the problem.

The old Goddesses recognize the power of sexuality, respected it and used it accordingly.  It was the power of the feminine which set the “rules” “guides” for sexuality.  Within the ancient cultures it was these Sacred Prostitutes/Goddesses who started all healing from the roots of sexuality.  They recognize the tremendous power hidden within the Kinetic energy during those times.   It was always the female who held the power to heal; that was the real threat to any patriarchal system which sought to use the power held within the feminine without allowing it to express itself to its full potential.

Lilith represents the power of the independent female who owns her sexuality and uses it for healing or to satisfy her own desires, not as a tool to seduce men (which is what our modern society does.  Presently we think we are very liberal when instead of owning our sexuality, we let it own us.  Worst yet we let ourselves be used as tools for the pleasure of others).

The concept of Virginity was valued but not in the superficial sense by which is now ignorantly seen.  In ancient mystic schools, virginity signified a connection between the conscious and the unconscious.  Virginity represented illumination of soul.  It represented a person who chose who and when to expose the core of self to another being.  That was virginity not a mere physical annex.

Back then the process men underwent to develop their inner self, their consciousness, was called illumination; its equivalent for women was virginity.  One had to go through a process of self-discovery; this required extensive work.  The initiates had to discover their Virginity/Illumination before being able to offer it.  The erroneous concept of physical virginity was a different and conniving way to control women.

Ishtar/ Astarte.-  Ishtar was the goddess of love, life, war, and fertility.  Once more we are back to an independent strong woman who is not in conflict with her femininity.  The image of Ishtar is similar if not the same as Lilith, showing her naked body without shame. Her image expresses sensuality and power, it is not pornographic and demeaning; the naked body was a powerful significance which goes beyond what we simply see nowadays.  Ishtar was considered the Highest Priestess or Queen of Sacred Prostitutes.  A “Sacred Prostitute” meant “Sacred Priestess”.  Ishtar was the sacred priestess of Uruq, were the Sacred Courtesans lived.

Sacred courtesans were women who were picked since childhood, born at specific times; much like the way now people pick the next Dalai Lama; special souls who were born to enlighten our planet, oracles if you may. They were raised and instructed on all ancient arts, spirituality, etc.  They were NOT to be touched by every man, they did NOT sell themselves.  If a priestess chose a man, then she did so of her own free will.  They were priestesses and courtesans of the Gods, whose power lay within the ability to expand their consciousness and the ability to communicate directly with the Gods (psychic abilities) in order to deliver their messages.

As you can see, the ancients concept of Sacred Courtesan had nothing to do with the modern concept of the word.  In ancient times all religions (before the God of the Old Testament appeared) considered women and sexuality sacred; a tremendous force to be respected and cherished. 

If we take a look at ancient Egypt, Goddesses were the ones who were cherished the most because of their power to create.  They were the warriors and the ones who sought justice.  The male Gods were considered co-creators, equals in rights, warriors, protectors.  Male Gods were more associated to the underworld. 

Unlike now, where the underworld is often and erroneously associated with hell, back then it was seen as something entirely different.  The underworld was a world which represented the deepest part of self, the unconscious part of us.  A place where souls would get in touch with the deepest parts of themselves and see all that was locked within their subconscious; a place where those souls would do the work necessary before reincarnating or being reborn (one does not have to die to be reborn).  Knowing this, one can see how so much of what we have been told about our origins has been kept hidden or distorted.

Ereshkigal.- Ereshkigal or as the ancient Greeks called her Persephone; was considered the Goddess of the underworld.  Ereshkigal was later on confused by the new religions with Lilith and seen as the queen of demons.  According to ancient Acadian texts, Ereshkigal was kidnapped by the great dragon Kur and taken to the underworld to be made its queen.  Interestingly enough the bible (new religions/interpretations) refer to the demon as the great dragon.–Lucifer does not appear anywhere in the old or new testament.  Lucifer is nowhere mentioned because it was a concept/archetype later on used to explain certain things but is no part of the original books or earliest beliefs. Besides Lucifer means light, nothing dark or twisted.

The story of Ereshkigal goes as follows….after Kur kidnapped her and took her to the underworld, Ereshkigal met and fell in love with Nergal.  Nergal used her and left her, after which it is said Ereshkigal got in tune and developed her powers.  It is important to analyze this, for there lies one of the lessons.  Ereshkigal represents the innocence of a young woman, her youth desired by the great dragon, her innocence used by Nergal, all of it served to awaken her inner strength, to claim her powers and become the queen she already was.  Her struggles helped her reached a new level. Here Ereshkigal represents the more mature woman, who has transformed or made the jump from girl to woman.

Inanna.- The concept of transformation is even more emphasized when Ereshkigal’s sister, the Goddess Inanna, travels to the underworld to rescue her love.  The Acadian texts describe how Inanna had to go through 7 different gates or 7 levels before she arrived at the deepest part of the underworld (seven is key).  At each gate Inanna had to leave a part of her.

This story is the based for the dance of the 7 veils.  As you will soon see, this beautiful dance has a very deep, rich history and meaning.  Such dance was created as a way to worship Inanna on her descend to the underworld.  During the dance, the dancer takes off one veil at a time, representing Inanna leaving something of hers at each gate, until she finally gets to the last gate naked.  It is important to remember this because there lies the lesson.  It represents the woman who has gotten in touch with all of her.  She has looked in and pulled out all the things she needed to deal with.  She is strong enough to have dived to the deepest darkest parts of her soul/her subconscious and comes out stronger and able to show her nakedness to the world.  Her nakedness is representative of the deepest part of herself.  No more hiding, no more looking for acceptance, simply being herself and empowered by knowing she did the journey in and came out triumphant. 7 representing the 7 serpents or the power of the Kundalini. 

Kali.- Kali is a Goddess who due to how she is physically represented, at times has been misunderstood and very often is considered scary.  Kali who is the equivalent to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet is a Goddess who is not an evil Goddess as many erroneously believe.  It is the representation of her; dark, with her tongue out, with many skulls and many arms holding knives and other weapons; which have been the cause of this great confusion.

Kali represented the Goddess of order and justice.  That is why she was associated with death; however, it was not physical death but the death of each life cycle.  She was the Goddess of death and rebirth, which represented the death of something old and the birth of a new cycle in life; a new way of being.  She explains the cycles of birth, growth, learning, the complete process of life.

At the beginning she was not associated with Shiva; who represents the male beginning. He was part of the Hindu trinity; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.  Shiva was associated with Kali because he also had to do with setting order.  Shiva whose symbol is a trident (the equivalent of Poseidon) also represented life cycles and destruction.  However, it is important to remember the ancient concept of destruction is not the same we have today; it  simply means the ending of a chapter and the beginning of something new.

The ancient concept of destruction was associated with order.  Let’s look at our own galaxy, in the middle of it there is a black hole.  The black hole is what absorbs all the leftover material and excess that can be found within our galaxy.  Is a black hole then bad? Obviously not, it maintains equilibrium.  Otherwise, there would be a constant process of creation, expansion, more and more until all would blow out of control.  It is in that way; with that concept; how Kali and Shiva were venerated and understood.

In ancient Hindu texts named Puranas, it is written how Kali emanated from the mind of Durga.  Durga was the mother Goddess, who has many arms and who sits on top of a lion (the taming of the animal part within us).  Kali was born during a time when Durga needed to gather her most strength to fight demons; at that moment Kali emerged dressed and ready.  It is interesting how in comparison Greek mythology also refers to Athena being born out of Zeus’ mind.  Athena is also a warrior Goddess.  Like Kali, Athena represents inner strength and the independent woman.

Durga was the one in charge of killing demons and Kali would do the cleaning.  This is a representation of enlightenment.  Durga represents the inner work, the facing of our darkest parts commonly known as inner demons; out of that struggle Kali is born.  Strength, enlightenment, an ascended way of looking at things is opened.  Our third eye is awakened, allowing us to see past what is in front of us.  

Persephone.- In ancient Greece Persephone was named Core and was the daughter of mother nature otherwise known as the great Goddess.  Ancient Greeks had a ritual called the Eleusinian Mysteries, in which they would pay worship to both Goddesses, mother and daughter.  Core meant young or virgin; as that is what the word virgin meant in its literal form, nothing more, nothing less (its philosophical meaning has been explained earlier in this article)

According to this myth, like Ereshkigal, Persephone was kidnapped by Ades who had fallen in love with her.  Persephone’s mother Demeter was devastated by what had happened to her daughter and decided she would no longer care for nature.  Drought and famine took over the land, until Ades decided to let Persephone spend some months with her mother and others with him.  Hence the change of the seasons.  In this myth, Persephone once more represents the transition from girl to woman.  In order to get there, she had to connect with Ades who represents the subconscious before she could become a woman. Here is a very beautiful representation not only of physical transcendence from one stage to another but a direct message is sent: one is not a woman simply by age but by getting in touch with self and doing the work.  Demeter on the other hand represents the dangers of letting bitterness take over your soul; everything goes dead and dried.  She also represents the power of transformation when choosing to look within; the power to go from a dead state to a conscientious rebirth of self.   

As you can see so far, none of these Goddesses and their history or myths are focused on false demonic beings who were liars or seducers.  It talks about a beautiful, deep process of self-transformation and self-responsibility.  An initiated state by which we have the courage to take the plunge to the deepest parts of us and confront our hurts, angers, mistakes, and connect with both our light and darkness, re-emerging more mature and wiser.

All of these Goddesses whose identity and meaning got twisted by those who controlled the then new patriarchal systems, were there to teach powerful lessons; instead, they got slandered, called demons (devils), prostitutes, etc.  Everything that was wrong with the world was put on them.  Women were forced to suppress the need to connect with self.  Their powers were suppressed, making sure they were looked at as damaged; guilty of making humankind lose favor with the great creator.  How horrible to try to teach about God by using and archetype of someone vengeful, non-loving who demanded sacrifices, blood and punishment for anything and everything as it is seen in the Old Testament.  Those old patriarchal systems (a system which did not represent, nor did it ever speak for all men; let us not forget this, so as to promote vengeful agendas) gave birth to false beliefs, oppression and misguidance.  Taking the true nature of a loving, just God (justice doesn’t equal vengeance) and turning it into something dark; someone to be feared if not pleased.  They took women and turned their inner power into something to be feared; falsely teaching women were demonic if their power was allowed to shine.  They claimed a powerful woman was dangerous and had fallen out of grace with the new God they had created. You can see then how big of a threat these women and what they represented were to the patriarchal system.

As you can see all of these Goddesses had to undergo a system of transformation in order to claim their power.  They had to do the work in order to emerge as empowered women, not in a superficial way but in a deep, real way.

They represent the woman who has at her deepest spiritual, physical, mental, energetic level connected with her source; connected with her power, connected with the real beginning of all, otherwise known as God–the loving, just God who transcends any egotistical needs.  These women connected with their sexual energy, one of the greatest energies ever given to us and which lies dormant at the root chakra or base of our spinal cord.

Once a woman truly connects and knows how and when to use her sexuality, it opens her subconscious and as she dives, she emerges connected; naked mentally and spiritually, without hiding any part of her. she learns that transcending and maturity doesn’t mean the forgetting of the old stages.  She incorporates all the lessons and magick of each stage, as she understands she is girl and woman, she is sensual and maternal, she is daughter, mother and grandmother…. she is every stage.  It is no wonder then why the old initiate mystical schools had everything to do with the Goddess.  They taught about the work needed to connect with our darkness because until we are willing to see our own darkness we cannot emerge.  Obviously, these mysteries/lessons were hard, due to the amount of work required from oneself.

I need to make clear although the ancient schools used the Goddess as the one to follow, her lessons were not only for women.  Men and women were initiated in the process of self-discovery because male and female energy can be found within each of us, regardless of our current physical gender. They understood that, at an energetic level (not physiological) we are all androgynous. 

The female energy is the one which integrates what is mental and spiritual strength.  The female energy integrates the internal work needed to transcend, transmute.  It represents a state of self-reflection/introspection, sexuality and healing; all of these are represented and integrated within the female energy.  Within the male energy lies the physical strength, impulse, instinct, struggle and the strength to fight during struggles, the ability to plan and calculate.  The male energy then integrates the exterior.  Female Energy: Interior/Yoni.  Male Energy: Exterior/phallus

After reading all of this, I hope you can understand I am not saying women are better than men; both are important.  I am here talking about concepts, archetypes which lie within both of our physical genders.  I am simply trying to set the record straight on how the old patriarchal system of the new religions were not the beginning of everything, and how those systems came to be.

If we go back to 580 before Christ and take the Canaanite women as example of how society was then formed, we find a society of empowered women and empowered men.   Women were able to hold positions, choose who they would give themselves and when.  Even when the new concept of marriage was started to be set, they would not be part of any arrange situation where they would be subjected to men.  They were treated as equals and with equal rights.  It was much later when the teachings of the Goddess were silenced and misunderstood,  that new generations were taught to see women as creatures to be controlled, used, subjected; of course women don’t help their own cause when they allow themselves to be treated as basic meat vs. owning their sensuality and sexuality. 

Generation upon generation we were taught to blame women for having to leave the so called “garden”.  Female sensuality and sexuality were taught to be expressed as cheap and pornographic, losing their power and magick. They left no other option than for women to take another extreme; the covering of head to toe, and taught women to equate “acting” prude with “being” a good person, otherwise they would be called demons.

How was the patriarchal system born? a certain group of people were taken away, separated from all ancient teachings and were made to wonder from land to land while their new concepts were being born, implemented (modernly we would call this being “brainwashed”).  A new idea of what it was to be a true woman was born, one represented by submission, quietness, powerless; one who needed men to defend her, to guide, becoming not much more than quiet participants of procreation.  The new religions and Churches gave us an image of a submissive woman totally disconnected from her inner Goddess and her sexuality.  Division was caused.  Virginity took a whole new superficial meaning.  Being good was based on how quiet a woman was, how much she covered herself up, how much she could take in obedience. Even if she hated her life, she was to accept it as to not to bring shame to herself or to her family.  Reputation became the new power.  If a woman expressed her thoughts openly, if she embraced herself; her light and her darkness; if she embraced her sexuality, if she developed her virginity–as it was meant from the beginning–she was considered a whore, a temptress, a demon.   That is why one cannot find a female angel.

We have allowed ourselves to be taught such misguided history and have accepted willingly without ever questioning how it is possible that a loving God would create only male beings of light.  To make it worst we have readily accepted the concept of female beings of darkness.  We have been given our own whip and have been expected to psychologically and spiritually lash ourselves.  We have done our own castration by allowing others to kill the inner Goddess in us.  

In our modern society there still such division.  There are women who still are not in touch with their inner Goddess, buying into a false ego based on fake reputation.  There are also women who have taken the other extreme and abuse their bodies, their inner Goddess, giving willingly their power by letting themselves be used as nothing else than sexual objects.  Is time to awaken the Goddess inside of us. It’s time to stop buying false ideas, to stop taking extremes of self-denial and judgmental attitudes which have nothing to do with the inner work required to awaken the Goddess.  It’s time to stop taking the other extreme where a woman doesn’t own her sexuality, but her basic animal instincts rule her, and she thinks that equates to independence; without realizing that makes her no less a slave to a patriarchal system as the submissive woman.  Both hiding their true opinions, their true natures, their true selves in order to be pleasing, desired or accepted by men and ultimately to feed a false ego.

The original history has been lost, misinterpreted and perverted to what now is taught to us.  It is my hope for people; specially women; to take a step back and relearn their own history, to take charge of their lives, to awaken to their inner power.  These Goddesses are a great example of what it is to be a woman, to be a mother, to be a girl.  They represented the sexual power and sensual side of women.  They represent the first woman; Lilith; who whether she existed physically or not is irrelevant, what is important is the archetype she represented.  Lilith, the archetype of the independent woman, a woman who is free, unafraid to give her opinion, a woman who is autonomous, empowered and in control of her sexuality.  A woman who neither hides behind old dogmas, neither abuses her body allowing herself to be treated only as a pleasurable object for men’s distractions.  Lilith represents growth, a woman who embraces her light and darkness, who understands her sexuality is beautiful and powerful.  A woman who doesn’t compete with other women, and shows herself for who she truly is, no matter what others may think of her.  That is Lilith, the representation of the great Goddess, the great woman, the great mother!

It is time to stop listening to absurd concepts of things which have been misinterpreted, manipulated, mistranslated, miswritten, etc. by religious lines who seek to suppress the real power hidden within the male/female energy, within each one of us regardless of physical gender.  Lines who seek to take power from the God within us and place it upon their altars.  God never needed a mediator; it can be found everywhere and within.  To understand the God force it is necessary to expand our mind and souls beyond what is place in front of us, beyond the false demand that only one line of thought holds the whole truth of our universe.  How absurd to think that such immense being can be caged and explain within one doctrine. 

All teaching are pieces of a puzzle which seek to understand/put together the origin.  Any doctrine which minimizes others as false, any doctrine which preaches love but lives only by punishment and judgement, any doctrine that requires us to give up our free will; is not something to be venerated or feared but to be cautious.   To feared it, would be another way to give up our own power.   Within us hide many truths, many secrets to be discovered through self-work.  The universe can be found within us, for as it is above so below.  To understand our world, our universe, our origin, the great creator, one needs to start first by looking in and doing the work required to expand and grow as a person, as a consciousness.  Let us then stop expecting dogmas, rituals, people in charge to be the ones to mediate between us and the great consciousness and let’s take the plunge in. It isn’t easy, it doesn’t happen overnight, it may take a lifetime but it’s worth it; there lies God, there lies true freedom!

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!


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