The Importance Of Letting Go Of Guilt And Our Past

Learning to heal ourselves is not an easy task; it’s continuous work; many times we fall back to old patterns of behavior which may be damaging to our minds and souls.  However those times become less and less as we continue to work on healing our wounds and liberating ourselves from the traumas and erroneous choices of our past, until one day we discover although we may experience hurt we no longer fall down the rabbit hole of self destruction, that is the beauty of self work and self development; not an easy task but one worth taking on for it can help us reclaim our lives.

I personally don’t believe on one particular  way of therapy to healing anyone as  I believe we are complex human beings, each with our own unique experiences in life.  I believe in order to start making progress towards reclaiming our right to experience full lives, we require a mix of various disciplines tailored to our particular mental, spiritual and physical needs.  Within my own life I have and still apply various disciplines; psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Meditation, personal affirmations, Tao, Tantra, Body Work, the study of Sacred Books, Philosophy, etc.  They all have contributed in one way or another to the healing of my soul.  I am not one to claim I have it all figured out, there are times in which I feel just as lost, hurt and confused as anyone of us but accepting that I am human, accepting there is no greater teacher than one who is willing to always be a student has helped me tremendously.  I am so very thankful to be able to share with many of you; from whom I have also learned a lot; the things which have worked and are working for me without hiding my imperfections and personal challenges.

Today I want to focus on letting go of the past, something deeply important specially if that past was painful. Facing our past is what free us from victimizing ourselves and from the feeling of guilt.  

The course of miracles states the only task we have is to have our thoughts return to that point in time where hurt happened or a mistake was committed and to peacefully hand it over to the universe.  When you have learn to set yourself free of your hidden emotions, of anger, pain, resentment; when your perception has changed; not because you say so but because you fully understand it and have integrated those emotions, then you will liberate yourself.  This will require work on not avoiding your wounds but facing them, giving yourself permission to be guided when life feels like too much.  Learning to face and accept that some or much of the way you think and feel may be learned behaviors from your parents and ancestors.

When consciously and subconsciously you have acknowledged your wounds and the guilt you have carried inside, then you will be able to return to that point in time when the wound was inflicted and be able to change that negative energy with the power gained through your new emotional perception.  At that point in time realization will hit, discovering all which has happened that was negative was the result of old resentments, old judgements which kept coming back in order not to punish but begging to be healed and set free.   That point is what is called emotional integration, where you go from feeling chained to feeling freed, with a sense of higher vibration and perhaps for the first time in  long time able to fully breathe.

It is in the acquiring of this new vibration where we can heal our emotional and physical wounds and ailments.  Each time manage to integrate an emotional wound, closing a chapter and moving on to the next, we experience a sense of acquiring a new vibration (after all we are energy).  It is not something you will experience one time but many times over, each time reflecting a new level of perception, clarity of mind and an experience of peace deeper than before.

To free ourselves from the past is to live our present without punishing ourselves with guilt, therefore allowing our future to unfold beautifully because we no longer carry the chain of our past with us.  To free ourselves from our past is to fully experience “free will”, as no matter what hurts life may still bring we are now in full acknowledgment that the power to exercise the right choice for our soul and mind lies within ourselves.  We become cognizant of the power we hold not to fall back to false beliefs about ourselves; we learn to experience pain in a healthier way.  Pain will still hurt but we learn to take the hidden lesson without letting our wounds drag us back to a world full of guilt and darkness.   As we raise our frequency we learn to value the power of choice; we may not yet be masters of it; but more and more we understand and accept our power to choose whether or not we live life regretting our choices, stuck on our past, hurting ourselves or whether we let go of all that by letting go of the guilt and embrace our birth right given to us by the universe to heal, to grow, to shine.  We accept our power to live not from a place of false ego but a place where we openly acknowledge our gifts and limitations; a place where our thoughts, actions, and words are in coherency or at the very least getting there.

Guilt and the suppressing of our wounds for the sake of presenting ourselves as if we have it all figure out, as if we make no mistakes, as if we have never hurt others is what makes us ill.  It affects our nervous system followed by our physical bodies. 

Each experience life brings is an opportunity to start again, to make up for past mistakes, to heal old wounds.  Each experience life brings to us is a gift, an opportunity to learn, to experience and to grow.  Carl Jung spoke of mental crisis as a magnificent opportunity to get acquainted with our own shadow.  We learn to identify and realize we share in common with others patterns of thoughts and behaviors hidden within our subconscious; this realization not only helps us get rid of the guilt but also feel we are not alone, that is not just us, that there is nothing “wrong” with us.  We are human and in the accepting and integrating of our shadow is when we can experience our own power, or one could say we experience what it is to be divine.

Getting acquainted, facing and integrating our shadow, allows us to  feel more connected as human beings, more connected to the source.  It allows us to liberate ourselves from guilt and negative emotional ties, allowing us to be real and show ourselves for who we are; with our virtues and imperfections.  It allows us to walk our own path without feeling as if we have to make apologies for who we are.  The art of learning to relearn who we are and how to think in a manner that is healthier, teaches us how our negative thinking or over positive thinking stopped us from our own personal development and growth.  Tao explains it better but elaborating on how living in negativity chains us to guilt, while living in an over positive state chains us to self delusion and denial; in many ways and in the long term the second is more destructive than the first…Why? because the first one holds repressed emotions which are in many ways pushing to be released; ready to face one’s shadow; while the second doesn’t even acknowledge its existence and one cannot work with that which you cannot recognize is within you.

Guilt and self denial chains us to lower vibrations, therefore directly or indirectly, consciously or subconsciously seeking punishment as we do not feel worthy to accept ourselves for who we are instead of trying to get the approval of everyone else.  Guilt and self denial chains us to not feeling worthy to shine by just being us.  These old “programs” are residual from and old chain of beliefs imposed on us, or learned by us from our genetic chain or our surroundings; therefore the importance of taking a good look at who you surround yourself with.  It is not about how popular you think you are, it is the quality of the people you spend time with.  Are they coherent in words and actions, inside and outside their house?  At the very least are they working on themselves?….that is what matters.

As per our genetic chain, is the result of some of our ancestors not knowing or not fully understanding the power of the consequences of their actions or inactions.  They couldn’t teach us what it is to truly be free and authentic because they themselves where mentally castrated. This is why your emotional healing is so important… it liberates YOU, your ancestors and your future generations.

To liberate ourselves from our hurtful past, is to liberate our future selves and our future generations from subconscious baggage which can hinder our freedom and their freedom to live in plenitude.  

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!


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