Old Wisdom…

I did not write the letter I am posting below. This was shared and I found it absolutely beautiful, wise and to the point.  Just as we need to remember to stop running away from our past but to own it; it is important to remember the most important thing and what we have control over is our present.  We can and need to look at our past ONLY to learn from it, so we may build ourselves better lives.  It isn’t as easy as it sounds but its also not as hard as we sometimes think it is.  This letter reminded so much of the importance of not confusing learning with regret.  Everything happens for a reason, and all those who have exited our lives or are in our lives are there because the universe determined it to be so; whether to learn a lesson or to be a permanent part of our path…We don’t know which is which but we can’t go around regretting our lives, or blaming others for the unfolding of events, our actions and their consequences..

I hope this touches you  as much as it touched me!…



Look child, here is some advice for you to stop complaining or worrying about your life.  I’ll give you a few suggestions for you to live well and not just survive …

Look at me!…some would say I’m old but I’m in the prime of life and I’m still laughing!…

Be thankful for everything…

Whenever you can eat … eat.  Whenever you can sleep … sleep. Whenever you can enjoy without hurting others … enjoy.  Whenever you can work … work, and if you still can, have a few drinks, play with your children, make love, start whistling, sing in the shower, and instead of worrying give thanks to God because you have Health.

Do not spend your life regretting things.. “If only I had done this”, “If only there was a way”, “I gave too much”, “I gave too little” “Life is about sacrifice”!…  No my child highs and lows have always been part of life and always will be!

If at night you cannot sleep, and you are rolling back and forth in bed, stand up and do something.  Fix a drawer, iron your blouse for tomorrow, start reading, because if you stay lying with your eyes open you are going to think dumb thoughts; the worst part is that you will pay so much attention to them, you will end up acting upon them and ruining your life.

Here is my advice for the “big” problems; those that belong to the world, those heard on television…global warming, a country is trying to intimidate another, some country took money from another, drug lords taking over everything.  Those type of problems my child are the ones you should not give a fuck; you will not fix them!…You don’t know or begin to understand the intricacies behind them let along its ramifications; they show you what they want you to see.  Let those who can fix them fix them.  You take care of that which you can understand, take care of the smaller problem, those ones you can have an impact on.  You have the power to affect small situations, those are in your hands; when you have changed those, the big ones will follow.

Whatever the universe gives you take.  Do not question if it is gifts or if you are deserving of them.  Take it; be it a new kiss, a new job, a new opportunity, a gift, just take it.  Stop thinking life will give you things in ways you will understand; it gives you what you need when you needed; sometimes in unexplainable ways, so stop questioning it and just take it.  Only one warning; take life’s gifts but don’t steal.  Do not steal anything or take anything by force.  It matters not if it is an object, money or a person.  Respect what doesn’t belong to you.  Everybody has what one has worked for, evolve to or what one deserves!

Whatever you do in this life do it well. Find your passion and do it with energy and pleasure; do it well or don’t do it at all…and stop the bullshit, forget about envy, what is yours is yours by your own choices and merits.  Discover your value and cherish it!

Be careful of the players, specially the ones who pretend to be so nice…be careful of the ones who like to manipulate and lie, always hiding behind masks…they are evil…know them but do not be like them!

Help those who are truly your friends.  Help from the heart not so others can give you credit.

Do not speak untruths about anyone, not even of the bastards who hurt you or the manipulators or the players.

Be proud not arrogant. Be humble not stupid. Be brave not rude. Be peaceful but defend yourself.  Do not gossip but defend yourself with truth.

When you win, smile and be grateful.  When you lose, do so with dignity.  If something was unfair, deal with it but without drama.  When you feel like crying…cry.

Never worry about what you do not have; the things you cannot buy.  How many bastards who have all the money in the world are in jail, twisted on the head but everyone else thinks they are “good” people.  How many of them pretend to be confident but are more scared and insecure than you will ever be?…that is why they hide their imperfections and hide behind a false image. How many of them are arrogant and wish you ill while they smile?  Do not envy them, do not try to be like them. You have something more valuable than them; you are real, you have those who know the real you and love you with all your imperfections, who have seen your good and bad days….you have your loved ones and your health.

Send death to hell…stop obsessing over her, let her be the one who worries about how and when to take you.

So there! I cannot be more clear!…and one last thing my child…“If life gives you lemons….” FORGET  about making lemonade… what the hell is that?…here is what I want you to remember…“If life gives you lemons, you ask for Tequila and Salt!”.


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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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