Are We Really Free?

The following article might be a bit longer than usual, however I believe it is one we all should take the time to examine.  At the end whatever you choose to believe is up to you.  You have the right to exercise your “freedom”.  All my life I have loved examining, analyzing; studying human behavior…… Continue reading Are We Really Free?

Life’s Principles According To Gurdjieff

  According to Gurdjieff’s “The fourth way”; each action within our universe requires the interaction of three forces.  These three forces impregnates all major and minor actions; from the creation of the universe to something as trivial as a cat hissing at someone for what may seem no apparent reason. The first force is manifested…… Continue reading Life’s Principles According To Gurdjieff

Developing A Stronger Character

We are born with characteristics of a personality not character.  Character is something we have to develop throughout our lives.  Through each obstacle we overcome, our character is developed; likewise the strength of our character can grow by learning to accept certain truths about life which are undeniable.   Life is beautiful and full of…… Continue reading Developing A Stronger Character