Understanding Our Sexuality

Since the beginning of time the branch of sexuality has taken a back seat to the branches concerned with our mental and spiritual health.  Sexuality has remained focused on the physical body yet sexuality is not jut the act of intercourse; it has been minimized to represent simply an act to release quick urges or for reproduction.

Hidden within the depths of our sexuality lies a frequency  which has been sought and misinterpreted by many people, it is called the “orgasm”

The orgasm is a powerful frequency which when used correctly can heal our internal wounds and awaken our minds to deeper concepts. The orgasm has been distorted from its original purpose; our body has forgotten about cosmic orgasm because society has taught us for so many years that sexuality is bad. They have taught us this in order to control and to prevent us from seeking the freedom which can be achieved through sexuality.

Sexuality connects you with the frequency of ecstasy, which then connects you with the divine source and with a wealth of information lying dormant within you.  Over thousands of years indoctrination has been the main tool use to discredit sexuality and its healing powers; such discredit has been stored within your cellular memory as any repetitive pattern of behavior would.  In order to begin to understand what sexuality really encompasses and its benefits, you will need to clear the negativity which surrounds your sexuality by examining the way you use your sexual energy and all its forms of expression within your life.

Sexuality has been so misunderstood that when it occurs people rarely have the intention of connecting spiritually through it as much as they are focused on enjoying the physical sensations.  Sexuality invokes a spirituality that is free and sees itself as creator; however, presently it is rarely used as a bridge to higher levels of consciousness.  People have distorted sexuality to the point where they believe the only way to connect with the divine through sexuality is to limit oneself in its expressions as these are considered sinful.

People who truly understand and apply Tantra have been able to experience the “fire light” of the orgasm. By finding the right partner, they have been able to reach very high states of being. Monogamy tends to work well for most of us because of where we are vibrationally–this does not mean monogamy is the only way to live, what it does mean however, is that there is difference between sharing one soul with someone the raw you connects vs. having multiple empty relationships. 

When one has many partners, one tends to be not as honest and tends to hide true identity. They share a little here, a little bit over there; spreading their seeds everywhere but with no results.  It is better to learn to reserve oneself than to be opening our body to empty encounters; something usually out of a need to escape life. 

Be loyal to yourself and be open with those you share yourself with– share the raw you with the person you are with, and go as far as you can with him or her; do not limit yourselves for nothing is sinful when it’s “mutual” and with the intention of “pure” “respectful” enjoyment and “expansion”.   If it turns out you end up spending your whole life with a particular someone, wonderful.  On the other hand, if you find yourself in a situation where after legitimately trying, you no longer can communicate or serve each other’s best interests and you feel the relationship will not be able to make a qualitative leap–if one or neither one of you is longer trying to do the work to grow, then perhaps is best to end the relationship–With that said, just because things can get rough, it does not equate to people not trying; so long as people are genuinely trying to grow, take the time to ride the rollercoaster, for no relationship is perfect.  Furthermore, perhaps you and your partner need to sit down and be honest with each other as to your emotions and what type of relationship works best for you.  If you do end up choosing to part ways, please take the time to clear the vibration you have shared in the previous relationship; don’t treat your body like a party favor but as the temple it is. After you’ve taken the time to heal wounds, old frequencies or unresolved issues based on the last relationship, then you can offer a clean high vibrational experience to someone else.  

People often talk about trust as if it’s something that should always come naturally.  Sadly we forget there are those whose life experiences have made them very cautious or have hinder their ability to trust; there is nothing wrong with that, it is only  natural when someone has been hurt repetitively.  In a relationship you can learn about trust because it works like a mirror, it shows you things about yourself, you would not have discovered if own your own.  A relationship will reveal a lot about your true self  as long as you establish open communication about sexuality, making sure you are not using sexuality as a way to avoid getting closer but rather to develop a deep level of intimacy. 

Many people have used sexuality as a form of distraction and a way to elude intimacy instead of developing it.  For example: You and your lover start feeling the sending and receiving of energy while looking into each other’s eyes, feeling the excitement…then instead of exploring each other intimately and spiritually, you close your feeling centers, put on your armor and have superficial sex and genital relations.  Why do you do this? because you don’t feel worthy of a real connection or because it awakens you fears. The path to total connection; corporal and spiritual; may seem too intense for those who are not working on themselves.  Sometimes superficial sex can seem wonderful but there is more, there is much more, and no one deprives you of it except yourself.  Your fear of your shadow, your obsolete ideas around real sexuality and your fear of breaking down your barriers and walls are what are stopping you; don’t let them.

Many of the fears people have are based on what they have created for themselves and what they have done to others in their sexual life. Your sexual history affects all the spheres of your soul, as such all the problems of the soul are transmitted throughout your body. Sometimes you do not want to see this because it’s too painful and you judge the feelings as bad because of it; however, if you chose to walk through the pain, you will discover al lot more of your essence while healing past wounds and/or traumas. 

Stop judging your fears, be neutral about what you have done.  No matter what you discover, no matter how atrocious you may feel, no matter how hard it may seem and no matter how intrusive exploring those emotions may become, keep going.  Understand your purpose on doing so is to gather information and understand yourself. Sexuality is a frequency, it represents your essence, that which was not taken away from you even though your history, your memories and your outer identity may have been taken and dispersed.

The spheres of the spirit are places of existence to which the body has no access.  Because sexuality was an “opportunity” for human beings to recover memory or to connect with the spiritual self and the spiritual creator or to find the way to the spiritual spheres, religions appeared and promoted sexuality as a form of procreation.  I am not trying to discredit any particular religion.  As an “Omnist”  and “Tantric” I have a deep respect and love for the philosophy behind all religions; however, I do not respect their politics, sectaries and systems developed to exclude vs include–to control rather than inform.

Religion taught people the only reason for sexuality was to produce small human beings; for the most part sexuality and pure desire was presented as something bad. Women were told sexuality was something they had to go through to serve man and that they had no control over the birth process. Women believed this concocted story and for that reason until today, many women believe they have no control over that part of the body.  Women all over, need to realize they too have a choice, they can decide whether or not to have a baby; a child is a precious gift and should be brought to this world not out of pressure, indoctrination or duty. 

If women had been taught they had choice and had been able to explore sexuality without fear of becoming pregnant, then perhaps men and women would have discovered they were much freer than they had been told.

The discovery of the highest frequency of sexuality arises from the experience of love; it has nothing to do with whether relationships are heterosexual, homosexual or monogamous.  It is about two souls who are honest with each other and give pleasure to each other in a way that opens up frequencies of consciousness.  Love is the essence that must be created in all relationships. If you love and honor someone, it does not matter what your density composition is, what matters is the vibration of love and how you explore this love; which is endowed ideally but not always with the integration of the male and female parts that make up the twin flame–most may not be able to practice alchemical sexuality but anyone who truly desires it, can practice a conscious sexuality. 

The ideal would be for sexuality to be explored through feelings. The third and fourth chakra connect you with the compassionate self and the emotional self, which connect you in turn with the spiritual self. The spiritual self is the part of yourself that is multidimensional; through which you exist simultaneously in many forms. When you are conscious, you can tune into different frequencies, remembering who you really are then you can change the vibrational speed of yourself  towards enlightenment and happiness.

Some mystery schools have kept secret the knowledge about the potential uses of sexuality for far too long and it seems given the current conditions of our present society, such ancient knowledge should be rediscovered and embraced. We are electromagnetic creatures and when we physically join with another creature we unite our electromagnetic frequencies. When our frequencies are in harmony and united by a frequency of love, incredible things can happen.

Thousands of years ago; when society had a more matriarchal vision; the Tantric energy of the Goddess and God were present, embraced and worked with certain individuals. Woman understood her power, her intuition, her feeling center, her connection and her desire to create life; she also understood that she did not have to conceive a child if she did not want to. In order for the patriarchal society to change shifts, the female energy had to take back seat; therefore feminine power, energy and understanding of sexuality were suppressed. In modern times (the last two thousand years, in most of the world) women  believed they had no control over when to choose to have children.  Many believed sexuality was bad and dirty and sex was taught to be practiced only within the rights of the child/ marriage relationship.  This was all a marketing program designed to subjugate the female energy (the energy concerned with creation) and promote only male energy (the energy concerned with action) however action without the power of creation can only lead to robotic states or to a few controlling a mass population.

 Sexuality is about two human beings who join physically after they have connected spiritually, in a way that seems most appropriate to  create love; because they share love, their souls will guide them. When integrity and love are not present in the union of two human bodies, then people ;whether at that moment or later; think badly about their experience, creating all kinds of negative results within the human body.

“To receive the full impact of your identity network, let the twelve helices fit into your body and allow the light-encoded filaments to reorder”... This process has to do with the mental body, which is connected to the physical body.  The frequency of orgasmic experience has been granted to us so that we may remember our highest identity.  So many people talk about the desire to evolve while focusing only on the psychological and spiritual part while leaving the sexual aspect out or abuse it.  I often hear people say “I want a quick high” or “I want to evolve but I do not want to go through the feeling center to do it”–these are a very clear reflection of how scare we are to tune into our sexual power in a way that is healing and fulfilling.  There is no shortcut, we need to be willing to walk through our fears and pains in order to discover fulfillment.  This doesn’t happen overnight, but if you don’t even try then you won’t ever discover just how much of life you are missing.

Accept your problems arise for some important reason; not to punish you. Many of us would like to bury our problems and throw them away as if it were something ugly and not part of  life.  Our problems aren’t the real “us” but they are a reflection of the unhealed experiences incurred or the areas within, in which we need to grow in order for us to develop. Problems are the dark part of our identity that more often than not, we rather not deal with.   Believe it or not problems are the treasures of life; they are there as a way of learning. I know they can feel overwhelming at times, but such feeling is not a permanent one, for life is not stagnant but always expanding. 

Society has for too long told us: This is good. This is bad. You must do this. You must not do the other. On the one hand they label you a sinner, while on the other hand they force you to live in a oversexualized society where control and denigration of the female seems to be equated with male prowess.

Sensuality has been confused and misused to describe cheap pornography in order to robotize you, making you a slave to your animal instincts. Because you don’t believe yourself to be better than that, you accept it and behave at times worst than an animal.  The other option they give you is to tell you in order to be better you need to give up sensuality and indoctrinate so you may no longer be a sinner or a temptress and find redemption.  A society so divided and so out of touch with its inner power can only lead to a mentally ill, disturbed or depressed population, as our minds are perpetually being pulled in polar opposite directions.

The constant yo-yo game which little by little leaves us feeling tired and believing we are powerless can be very detrimental. When this happens, when we buy the lie, most people choose to give up and simply join the illness presented before us; even more disturbing is that such illness is called “healthy adaption“… people give up who they are for a fake image, a fake sense of self called “reputation”.  On the other hand they label and belittle those who are still wrestling, institutively fighting for what they subconsciously know is the real truth of life.  They try to hurt those who are not willing to give up who they really are for a temporary solution; a temporary solution which really is a life sentence masqueraded as the ultimate way of being.  This explains why too many people once they hit a certain age become very sarcastic or bitter about life. Why too many people live with too many regrets.  Why? because they chose a superficial way of living or they chose to live condemned as sinners.

Many of you love your “reputations” because they attract attention to you. You feel if you did not have a “reputation” who would talk to you?…that is a big lie!… Observe your body and see what it tries to teach you. The ideal thing would be for you to spend time healing wounds and creating a more comfortable and joyful place as you learn to live more fully in your physical body; discovering the divine hidden within your sexuality.  The uniting of sexuality with sensuality and healthy desire can be intoxicating and fulfilling, promoting growth–on top of it, once you join these with the other aspects of yourself, they become the key to rediscovering your essence and to live by character vs living through reputation.

The nervous system will determine your way of expressing yourself and feeling. If yours is little evolved, your sexual experiences will be very limited because the nervous system is the conductor of the electric current. The orgasmic experience causes a healing and a realignment of the physical body.  As you grow, you will not be able to approach or be with someone who does not operate with the same voltage as you; simply you will not fit. It would be like trying to put a size nine foot in a size 5 shoe; it would not work or be comfortable. You will not “fit” because you will not be able to unite vibrationally. You will end up understanding the importance of vibrational nutrition when you begin to connect sexually with people of high vibrational level. Connecting sexually is a way to join people who move with the same or compatible voltage.  What this means, is that by looking at who you are sexually involved with or who you allow to touch your body in an intimate way; can reveal a lot of your level of development and how you see yourself.

Although much of the information about the divinity of sexuality has been dispersed and separated, hints of its potential remained so we may understand who we are within the deepest parts of our beings. The sexual vibration has been your connection with your cosmic identity, but this concept was misinterpreted and lost. There were those who did not want us to be in tune with these frequencies because such frequencies could have led us to areas of liberation in which we would have begun to understand bigger things. Sexuality remained with us as a way of traveling through the nervous system and of connecting with the higher mind while momentarily leaving the body.

Our population must clear the negative connotations and judgments that have colored our sexual experience for eons. We have to make peace with sex and intimacy in order to integrate frequencies and identity. Things have been manipulated and boundaries have been imposed so we may not discovered the incredible beneficial truth of a healing sexuality. We were told we could procreate and have orgasms, but they did not tell you that you could open frequencies through it. You can get in touch with your real self by using sexuality as a method to remember who you are and to alter the frequency of your body.

In the coming years, the expression of sexuality will acquire a completely new dimension. People have the potential to evolve and to experience growth as long as they have a partner willing to follow the same path, and be as open and honest about who they are and their needs as their counterparts; but if you are with someone who wants to play the game of evasion or denial, you will not get anywhere.

Sexuality is beautiful and a divine gift given to us to help us integrate all aspects of self; use it freely but wisely.

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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