Tantric Woman: Powerful Shakti


“Every manifestation of life is expressed through movement.”

Shakti is the power of the divine feminine.  The transformative power  of Shakti is something each woman or man; if he wishes to balance his energies; can tap into in order to heal and grow.

A woman who perseveringly seeks to awaken in her being the state of Shakti accepts and lives in permanent internal movement.  At times to others her life may seem chaotic yet its held harmoniously by the power of self transformation, expansion and growth.  Always seeking a continuous, profound and true transformation, a tantric woman succumbs to the chaos inside while letting the powerful Shakti energy express itself allowing her to experience a whole range of emotions and talents which lead to the rediscovery of her “true” self therefore achieving real harmony.

A woman who wishes to connect with Shakti gives herself to the path that will lead her to manifest the best version of herself.  Learning to recognize that the movement is eternal, she begins to understand everything is in permanent transformation and the only thing that remains unchanged is the Supreme Divine Consciousness.
To enter into connection with the Universal Eternal Feminine is to understand the Universe as a perpetual flow and to align our personal will with the unlimited Divine Will, making us feel more and more free, allowing our beings to flow.  This process takes time; however, overtime one starts to feel the internal energy moving without much obstructions–one feels healthier and less tense–this leads to better choices. 

The beauty of this powerful process of transformation lies within the fact Shakti energy is not there to evade but to gently confront us with the unhealed parts of us; as such like anything unconscious once made conscious; healing is more likely to be permanent rather than a “trick” or “tool” used only to cover up hurts.

The “quick fix” or “fake it till you make it” way of dealing with things, more often than not leads not to rediscovering yourself but to the developing of an “image”.  Although one may feel “capable” and “energized” much faster than by getting in touch with your subconscious, your shadow, your hurts, your guilts and anger, the results are temporary.  Often this can lead to more severe relapses, as the soul seeks to express itself in all its splendor vs being suppressed and covered with false notions of who one should be in order to fit in.  No different than having a wound that needs treatment and simply choosing to cover it up with one bandage after another until one day the person realizes the wound is seriously infected; no matter how much one may try to ignore dealing with the wound, the body has not forgotten and fights to get attention so it may heal.

Women by their very nature are directly linked to the transforming movement because they are the purest manifestation of Shakti’s energy; most women have forgotten about this due to false indoctrination–indoctrination which tells women that a woman cannot be sensual, innocent and divine at the same time.  Similarly, the magnificent power of Shakti has been limited by the modern idea that an independent woman is someone who focuses on being equal to a man vs being partners with one.

Women have forgotten about their real nature, although distorted ideas of their long lost connection to Shakti can be seen whenever we look at women trying to exert confidence based on false ego or by using only their body.  The false idea supported by the media that a woman can be powerful when choosing to literally use the power of seduction to attract a mate, is not only erroneous but detrimental to the independent woman.  Women forget that true seduction is a state of being; its real power lies in the combination of:

Spirit : Healing of your wounds and forgiveness of self by working through each state of self recovery.  Awakening the Divine within you so you may be in direct connection with your power source. Willing to be vulnerable.

Mind: Developing your talents. An all encompassing expansion of your knowledge.  Expansion of your perceptions through the learning and testing of different concepts which may challenge your traditional teachings. Strength.

Body: Taking care of your body and learning what you can do with it.  The learning of movement and flow.  Mastering the sacred physical arts with the goal of awakening the Goddess within you.

True sensuality is not something you can fake, it’s an art; a powerful divine force which can only be awaken by choosing to succumb to all which is hidden, learning to explore each aspect of self. It is not something one can achieve by playing the role of submissive, always patient, never angry woman, nor by playing the role of always in control, always ready for an encounter, always ready to step on other women in order to get noticed. 

True sensuality is part of self, it emanates as part of your aura; in other words it is long lasting.  It is addictive and intriguing because it is REAL, there lies its power; in order to achieve it, work is required. With that said and immature man will not be able to differentiate a sensual woman vs a raunchy one; some may even feel threatened by the power of a woman’s true sensual nature–Real sensuality is not for everyone but for those whose soul already are in the path to self development. 

A woman who is awake and aware, who prioritizes her relationships with the supreme inside of her; thus coming to perceive her inner being; knows and respects her feminine cycles. She does not suffer because of the changing of cycles in life, instead she understands the different aspects of the divine feminine manifesting with the change of each cycle. She fully learns to live her different facets as they expressed themselves magnificently: innocent, a young woman, a mother, a priestess, a mentor –she knows how to value and get the most out of each of these stages without following the unconscious demands of others or society.  In this way, connected with her inner wisdom and awakening her feminine potential, she becomes medicine to herself; healing herself while at the same time fulfilling a fundamental spiritual role on others by the sharing of her own wisdom.  She understands wisdom does not emanate from the echoing of others but from having learned from her own mistakes and from the work dedicated to the facing of her traumas and of her shadow self.

Through the perfect control she has over her sexual creative potential and through the mastering of specific practices, she has learned to achieve the upward guiding of this immense sacred energy; awakening within her microcosm all her potentialities.  A woman who seeks to awaken the State of Shakti is in full connection with her body, takes care of it without letting the physical aspect become her only focus and cult.  She listens to the signals her body offers, expresses it freely and without inhibitions.  She loves her body, accepts it, respects it and this leads her to discover the immense powers hidden within.  She sees her body as a temple in which her most intense secrets are kept.  Secrets which when physically expressed can lead her and her partner; if she so wishes; to elevated states of ecstasy. This beautiful elevation is freely expressed physically whenever two people are joined from the heart place; a place where both feel genuinely loved, this is what generates a sacred fusion which connects both directly with the divine.  This is what was erroneously being hoped to be achieved through the indoctrination of “woman submits to man” (missionary) and the “sacredness” of   false “virginity” ( a piece of flesh) vs. real virginity (rebirth of the soul by embracing shadow.

I have explained this a bit more in a previous article but I will elaborate a bit here in order to leave all concepts clear.  Virginity was never meant to be represented by a annex of flesh.  Virginity is a state of soul and mind.  Man or woman can choose when they give their virginity away; thus free will.  Ancient mystery schools (Judaist, Egyptian, Sumerian, Greek, etc.) taught  in order to be capable of giving away your “virginity” you have to be conscious of who you really are.  Sleeping with someone for the first time or sleeping with different people whether through missionary or otherwise, does not take away your virginity unless you have chosen to do so.

The giving away of virginity required learning and practice and is not a one time thing.  No matter how much two people lay in the missionary position and orgasm at the same time, they cannot give their virginity away unless they are willing to drop the psychological walls.  In order to drop the psychological walls, they had to be real with themselves and their partners about both aspects of self (light and shadow) only then were they ready to experience the power of the orgasm and its direct connection to the divine.  Newness of flesh doesn’t equal connection between two souls nor knowledge of one another; much less a connection with the divine.

Shakti full of valor and courage always chooses the transforming of movement; facing something, working on it, letting it go…moving forward.  It pushes us to change, to transcend our limits, leaving behind old detrimental habits, moving towards the new, healthier higher aspects of self.  It moves us so we may dare to discover our true nature, divine, eternal and wonderful; full of joy, strength, honesty, love and happiness. Shakti helps us rediscover our true nature by forcing us to confront ourselves, leading us to a wise, sensual and pure state of being which resides within our hearts; waiting to be awakened.

Shakti expresses herself whenever our bodies are freely in movement.  The power of Shakti dances in every action; she fills life with her innate and refined sensuality, giving the world fascinating beauty and a sample of her subtle perfume which manifests itself in each person in a manner that is unique and special. The power of Shakti embodies itself in a woman who loves without games, without trying to always be pleasing; a woman who loves from a real place (willing to expose both sides of her)– Shakti takes steps towards guiding her in the right direction; to awaken more and more this state of unconditional love towards herself and towards her partner. It takes time but it is a beautiful dance; a dance meant for the reclaiming of yourself and for connecting with the divine within.

A woman who seeks to awaken Shakti seeks to enter into a transforming movement to be freer, to awaken, to develop and manifest her unlimited potential, to ascend in an evolutionary spiral, awakening more and more.   Becoming aware of everything which surrounds her, thus fulfilling her sacred role as an spiritual initiator. With persistent will and great inner strength, she sublimates her inner potential and moves it upwardly, thus being a perfect channel of the great primordial energies, awakening the power of the Kundalini.  

“Everything in the world is material and according to the Universal law, everything is in motion and constantly being transformed.”
George Gurdjieff

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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