Spiritual Laws To Help You Kick Ass And Reclaim Life

Every day of our lives we are going to encounter people who have something to teach us, who encourage us in our self development or at the very least accept the path we have chosen.  On the other hand we are also going to encounter those who would rather have us “stuck” in old patterns so they may feel more comfortable.  There will always be people who fear anyone or anything who is “different” “out of the norm” “weird”; regardless we should not let anyone else stop us from reclaiming ourselves.  We should not let others stop us from becoming the best version of ourselves.  We should not be afraid to show who we are; with our light and our darkness; regardless of whether others like or not. 

If you ever felt as if you were not moving forward, not growing.  If you ever felt blocked, depressed or felt as if every year was no different than the previous, then these spiritual laws can teach you to realign with your true nature.

As you start to consciously apply these laws, you will see changes in all areas of your life.  Your peace of mind will grow,  so will your relationships and productivity.  These laws are not a “quick fix”, like anything worth achieving they will require commitment and self discipline; above all they will require patience….patience with yourself. 

There will be good and bad days.  Some days will feel as if all your work was for nothing; specially if you battle with PTSD or Depression; however once the “stormy” period is over, you will see how all your hard work wasn’t for nothing.  Slow and steady is better than a quick fix approach which doesn’t provide a solid foundation.  At the end however all comes down to your determination; how much do you want your life to change. Do you want to continue feeling helpless or do you want to learn to start taking control of your life?  It’s time to kick ass and evict those toxic false beliefs out!…

You may stumble and fall, so what?…pick yourself up, dust yourself and keep going…YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK…

I am not sharing with you something I heard somewhere which may or may not work.  I am sharing with you things which are working for me during my journey towards self healing and expansion.  I’m still working on reclaiming all the scattered pieces but I can see how far along I am from where I started.  There are days I feel as if I’ve lost the battle, but once I  allow myself to feel; to walk through the pain instead of remaining in it; I recognize those moments have become less and less intense.   These laws work, whether or not you battle something severe or you simply are trying to improve your life.

Here are 5 things which perhaps to this day have controlled your life or at the very least have stopped you from living the life you always wanted to.   Perhaps one day you experienced that eerie feeling as if you were living your life by auto pilot.  Maybe you have felt no matter what you may do, your life was not yours to claim….Let’s put a stop to that and let’s take a look at the 5 things which are responsible for making us miss a lot of our lives.

Your Past…Yesterday is history.  The future is a mystery.  Today is a gift.  I am not asking you to pretend your past didn’t hurt or didn’t affect your present; however, it does not have to be in “control” of your life. We can keep working on the repercussions, the unhealed parts of ourselves from our past within our present but these don’t have to be the pilot which controls our current day.   The past is gone and not matter how much you may wish for things to have unfolded differently, you cannot make it so….you cannot turn back time.

If you made mistakes, the best things you can do is to learn from them so as not to repeat them again.  If others hurt you, you can’t go back and stop them but you can learn to stop them now.  You can set healthy boundaries.  You can heal yourself, hold your head up and look at the world without hiding.  Those who were abused should not be the ones having to look down while the abusers walk around as peacocks.  There is nothing more intimidating to a bully than to see one of their victims stand up and keep going with even more courage, determination and strength.

Keep going  without letting your past stop you from living.  It matters not how slow you walk, the important thing is that you keep moving forward.  Use that past as a lesson, as an inspiration, as a memory to remind you of that which you have overcome or that which you don’t ever want to repeat.   We are given two choices; victim or victor, I rather pick the second one.  I rather keep on working on me.  I rather keep on seeing those who have hurt me hide and coward as they see me grow until by life’s own accord I’d get to a place where they won’t matter to me at all.  I have to be honest, in some cases I am there already but there are others where I still have much work to do in order to reclaim my life.  It’s okay not to be there yet, what matters is how far I have come and my desire not to stop.  I rather become the person who helps stop those who think they can bully others into submission.  I rather be victorious than allow them to make me feel small so they can feel bigger.  I rather be the one who shines light onto the things most hide from.  I rather be the one who keeps on working on reclaiming all of me and my right to shine and to live.  To choose to walk through your wounds is a sign of courage and valor.   Let’s be courageous enough to outdo a past which may have kept us blocked for so long; holding us back from our true nature.

Sometimes being courageous means leaving others behind, changing patterns of thinking, ways of living, etc…but as long as it is for your own betterment, for your own healing, then you are on the right track because your life is valuable and you deserve to live it without others making you feel afraid or judging you because you no longer are who they would like you to be.

The Opinion Of Others…As you heal, as you grow on your self development, life will test you.  You will naturally become the “bull’s eye” for those not willing to look at their lives, for those who would rather see you as the one they can continue victimizing or for those who simply don’t like to see others do better than them.  Do not focus on those people, they have their path.  They should not be hated or belittle but they should become insignificant to you, and as you grow they will!.

Do not focus on those who like to criticize those who are different than the “norm”.  Do not focus on those who like to criticize and judge those who battle with their hurts even though they are working on reclaiming their lives.  Keep in mind that those who like to see themselves as perfect are people who are in denial.  They are in denial of how disconnected they are from their own reality; they don’t walk through their pain, they ran from it.  Rather than admit to the very fact that they are afraid to confront their demons, their wounds, they choose to criticize and label those who do.  They ran and put on masks; if anyone threatens their fragile reality then they attack.  They will do anything NOT to look at their very lives.  Why then let their opinion control you?  If you are working on yourself, then you my friend are courageous.  You are strong, you are willing to face your own shadow so as to integrate.

Through the journey you may feel shaky but as you keep working on yourself you will learn to recognize in you a strength you may have never thought you had.  Things which would easily shake others, wont’ shake you….why? because you chose to do the work and walk the journey.  You are walking the talk…they just talk….let them!

Their criticism while acting as if they have it all figured out, or claiming they are always happy and positive, has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them…you know the truth.  You know life is balance.  You know one cannot outran nor fool life. You know life is not full of roses nor full of crap. You know life can be magical but only when you have walk through your hell otherwise  is just an illusion…castles in the sky.

You live your truth and let them live theirs.  Stand up for yourself when necessary.  Stand up for what is right even if others think you have no right to do so because of your past mistakes or because of your wounds.  No one lives without making mistakes or without having wounds; so you have as much right to your opinion, as much right to stand up as anyone else, and certainly more right than those who simply criticize but wont’ take a stand against injustice nor show compassion when compassion is needed.

Listen to their criticism with detachment.  Take a moment to reflect if there is any truth to their saying;  you don’t want to let your false ego fool you;  besides you don’t want to miss an opportunity to self reflect and grow.  If there is no truth to their sayings, let it go…. it is useless, meaningless; it is ignorance talking.

Like a sensei and warrior we need to prepare our minds against their ignorance.  Traditionally those who criticize the most are the ones who are used to the old version of you, even if that version was unhealthy.   All it means is that you have outgrown them and its time for a new phase in your life….it’s time for a new you!

Your Faults…Learn to make mistakes.  I am sure there are mistakes in your life that you wish you had not ever committed…learn from them.   As you grow you will learn that there are two types of mistakes, those which are detrimental and those which are committed consciously while seeking growth.

As you grow, you will learn to experiment with things, beliefs, patterns hoping these will help you on your path; some of them will end up being classified as mistakes.  The good news is those mistakes were not detrimental, they were valuable lessons in life.  Those mistakes will provide you with great insights.

Don’t ever let the repercussions of experimenting with life leave you feeling inadequate or ready to give up.  One doesn’t grow without stumbling.  Give yourself permission to have bad moments.   Use the lessons gathered to better yourself; that betterment will allow you to expand your goals; it will allow you to see just how much you can handle. Without those type of mistakes our goals would remain small and always the same, keeping us stagnant.  Such mistakes may feel like taking a couple of steps back on your self development but they can also be your propeller to come back with more wisdom and determination.  That is why it is important for all of us to lose the fear to disappoint, the fear to be seen as less by others.  It is important to lose the fear of being seen as failures.  It is not the mistake which keeps a person down, it is the fear of being consider a failure.   Lets take a close look at the word “fear”

F alse /  E vents /  A ppearing /  R eal

Now you see, why we could all benefit from releasing ourselves from fear.  It is not always easy; some fears are easier to release than others.  We all have something we are afraid of, so don’t beat yourself up for having them.  Don’t think someone else has it all together.  Someone else may not be afraid of the same things you are but chances are they are afraid of something else…very few people throughout history have been fearless and the ones who were had to wrestle with their demons and make peace with them in order to get there.

Depending on the circumstances fear can be a good indicator of whether you are on the right track or not.  If you have simply turned your back to your shadow and feel you have nothing to fear, chances are you are not stepping out of your comfort zone, which means no growth.  When seen from this perspective, fear can become our friend, a thermometer.  It can help us value our lives.  It can help us recognize where we need to push ourselves; which areas of our lives need more focus, more healing.

Hate and Envy….Admire those who have real success.  I emphasize “real” because success is a matter of perception but also something that should not come at the expense of taking advantage of others.  If someone has a lot but has taken it by force or manipulation that isn’t success.  Success isn’t only material.  One person may be focus on achieving financial success while another may be more concerned with mental, physical, or spiritual success.  Every person is different.  Figure out what it is that you want to be successful at and learn from those who have achieved it.   Be careful not to buy into the delusion of grandeur on your way up, for that is exactly what will knock you down.  Be careful not to put others down because of how well you may think you are doing because as the old proverb says “you will stumble upon those you mocked on your way down” . 

Instead of envying others focus more on your life and what you need to do to achieve your own goals.  Don’t hate those who are working towards their dream while you simply complain about not achieving yours.  Laying around dreaming about your life doing nothing isn’t going to change it; much less if you go around hating those who are working hard to achieve their dreams, not stealing it from others.  Dreams+ Actions= Results.  Become a facilitator to your dream life. 

Always remember real success is what you feel even if they took all of your extra material things away, or if you loss your status.  Don’t be fool by how successful others may seem; they just may be slaves to their toys and reputations.  On the other hand be happy and glad for those who are successful or working hard at becoming healthily successful.

Scarcity.… Don’t let poor thoughts limit who you can become or what you can achieve.  Do not be afraid to dream big.  Set goals for your life that excite you, that way you will feel a powerful driving force pushing you to obtain them.   That excitement is what will keep you moving forward.  It will be the propeller needed to help you achieve each goal you set.  Ask yourself why do you want a better job, a better body, a better mindset, etc.  Take a close look at the answers.  Imagine what your life may feel like if you already had it; now use that as the motivation to make it happen.  The “why” of things will become your propeller, it will carry you through the tough times.

Do not stop believing in yourself.  It is your responsibility to make your life valuable/successful according to what would make you happy.  You don’t have to be successful based on what others want of you.   Remember  that success brings happiness.  What makes you happy?.  What do you enjoy doing?  What do you get lost doing which brings a smile to your face while helping you expand as a person? focus on that; everything else will flow from there.

Now let me give you 2 extra keys to help propel you forward…

You are not here to be served….Some of you may have grown with parents who kept reminding you there was no one more special than you, and you deserve everything simply because you are you.  BE CAREFUL…I am not here not disseminate what your parents taught you.  I do believe we are here to shine, what I don’t believe is on doing nothing to change one’s circumstances and expect life to bend and serve you.

Life will give you according to what you put out there; that is a simple proven fact. Thinking that you deserve the world simply because you are you, can be a double edge sword if not properly understood.  It can lead many people to become lazy and do nothing with their lives.  It can generate tyrants who take from others without any concern because they feel the world owes them.  The world owes you nothing.  You are special and unique because you are divine, made of stardust, but what you do with it depends on you and you alone. Don’t expect others to stop their dreams for you.  Don’t expect others to take away from their table in order to give to you when you don’t take responsibility for your own life.  Don’t go around taking the bread of others simply because you feel you have the right or you feel life took a swing at you and now it owes you.  Don’t go shattering the dreams of others when they are working hard towards them simply because you don’t want to work on yours.  You have as much right and as much responsibility as any other person in this world.

You are all and nothing…..This means from your perspective, looking at the world through your eyes, you are every thing.  You are stardust, so you are divine; however once you die, your entire world will disappear.  Not your legacy but the person behind the eyes; the way you did and perceive things will disappear.  You are everything through your eyes but through the eyes of nature, the eyes of life, we become insignificant.

Being conscious of this truth makes you aware of reality and can help you figure out how you want to impact this world during the short time you have here.   Being conscious of this truth sets you free and immune to fearing death.  To understand such duality can leave you with a feeling like no other.  To understand this truth helps you recognize the importance of your time here.  An average life can be achieved by anyone.  A life which has impact, an extraordinary life that will leave a legacy, can only be achieved by committing to living a life different than the norm.   Commit yourself to think not like the crowd but like yourself.  Do not try to become the same as everyone else, instead embrace the beautiful unique, weird, precious being that is you!

“Live life as if this was your last day; learn as if you will live forever”

Mahatma Gandhi


By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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