Astrotheology: Rediscovering Sacred Teachings

“God Created the spirit free, but man created religions in order to subdue it”

Antonio Porras

This article is in no way meant to be offensive to anyone; that is not my intention when writing this.  It doesn’t matter to me what your religious or political background is, this article is only meant to be informative.   It is information which you are invited to research, study, analyze and derive to your own conclusions.  I am not here to force down my ideas or beliefs on you; that would make me no different than those who already tried to shape our society into a blinded herd who more and more follows doctrine and rules without knowing or caring to understand the “why” of things.

We fail to recognize that history like politics is written by the winners, which means is  subjective to a specific group’s perception. We also fail to recognize the importance and power of true education and information.

Psychology encourages not to live in the past in order not to fall pray of depression.  It also encourages us not to live worrying about the future in order not to live in constant anxiety.  Both advices are good and well grounded; when it comes to our psyche one should strive to leave in the present in order to enjoy the moment but always having learned from the past.   As human beings we are complex creatures made up more than just our emotional field; mostly covered by psychology.  In order to be healthy we need to learn to balance all our fields, emotional, physical, analytical/thinking, spiritual, vibrational.

When it comes to our mental plane it is imperative that we learn to look at things not from a linear point of view, which is what most schools try to teach now.   Teaching a linear way of thinking is great for common problem solving required at one particular moment; however it is extremely important not to lose the great art and ability to look at things from a rounded point of view.  Looking at things from a rounded perspective not only challenges your own beliefs but it is great for engaging different parts of our brain as well as being able to get us closer to accuracy than the linear path does.

In order to understand our present and how we got to current state of things, we need to take a closer look at our past; not our recent past but our ancient past.  A past so hidden, which barely most people are aware of.  A history which in many ways has been fragmented, and scattered throughout different “secret” doctrines, teachings, and throughout all world religions.  That is why I considered myself an Omnist, because I believe all religions as well as philosophical/spiritual beliefs hold a piece to the puzzle.   Let’s always keep in mind that just because something is hidden it does not mean it isn’t there; as such just because most people aren’t taught this at school, it doesn’t mean it has no validity.   We must learn from the past in order not to make the same mistakes.

I am in complete disagreement with the idea that only some people should be trusted with real education.  It is true that knowledge is power.  It is also true that power on the hands of ignorance can be detrimental, but I ask how are people supposed to enlighten themselves when their own history has been so distorted and their current educational system would be one that even the ancient Greeks would be ashamed of?

We are supposed to be a modernized society.  We are supposed to look at how far we have come from the “dark ages”  but what about before the dark ages?  Are we so little informed as to associate the name “dark ages” with meaning before that time we were mindless savages?  Education is important.  Knowledge is important. Sharing the wisdom of our elders is important. It should not matter whether one is man or woman, rich or poor in order to be able to be trusted with knowledge.   It should not come down to these type of  differentiation but to how ready our spirits and minds are; how hungry are our souls to evolve…. hence in the ancient times there were the schools of initiation which were not solely for men.

I was blessed to have been born with an inquisitive mind, an open spirit and a rebellious personality.  I was lucky enough to grow up with a taste of both sides of life’s coin; rich and poor.  I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by scholarly people from all paths of life. I was blessed to experience light and strong enough to survive darkness; including my own.  I don’t have all the answers, I am a seeker but one who is happy to share my own learnings and to leave you up to the freedom of discovering for yourself what else is there.   When doing so, I urge you to look at your sources and please for the sake of fair study, do not simply seek the answers in google.  Libraries although currently dying are still a great source.  I encourage you to visit art museums, history museums, anthropological museums and actually pay attention to the objects presented.  Read the history, look and examine.  Travel to ancients sites; submerge yourself in the local culture.  Study ancient books.  Study a new language, read and research in that language. Research, research and more research…A life is not wasted if it is spent on the development of our own mind and soul.  You don’t have to change the world; unless you want to 🙂  but you can expand your mind and that of those who surround you.   Let’s dive into this….

If I were to ask you the following questions, who would you say I am referring to? :

  • Was born of a virgin
  •  Immaculate conception
  •  Born on the 25 of December
  •  When he was born the tyrant who ruled the land wanted to kill him
  •  Was praised as mankind’s savior/ light of the world
  •  Performed miracles
  •  Was crucified
  • Resurrected on the 3rd day

Would you be surprised if I told you there are more than 40 valid answers to the above questions?  Some included within those 40 are: Orus, Mithra, Dionysus, Tammuz, Zoroaster, Krishna, Attis, Indra, Jesus.  The great majority of valid answers are characters which predated Jesus.

Astrology, is theology founded on the observation or knowledge of the “celestial bodies”. It is equivalence, the correspondence between the gods and the stars.

The trinity in its religious assumption it’s considered as the deity separated into three instances.  In reality, it is an ancient history much older than Christianity.  It is the reference to the sacred family: father, mother and son. In ancient Egypt represented by the gods: Osiris, Isis and Orus. In Babylon it was represented by Nimrod, Miramis and Tammuz. In Christianity God, holy spirit and Jesus. Being a patriarchal religion, the sacred feminine “Maria” was relegated and replaced by a holy spirit that is and at the same time is not God.

The trinity may have different assumptions however in it’s symbolic teachings it is not about gods. It is not a god separated into three; that is the exoteric story.  The trinity has a symbolism with a deep meaning; a meaning which religions have overshadow.

In this article I will deal mainly with the exoteric dogmas of Christian beliefs and the branches from which it derives; Judaism and Islamism.

Let’s take a closer look at sacred history born in Egypt….

The pagan religion of ancient Egypt is considered the most probable origin from which Christianity was adapted. There are also other correspondences such as Sumerian history and Acadians.

For ancient Egyptians, Osiris was the supreme creator; the divine force of the cosmos, the one that grants life. In the Babylonian tradition its equivalent would be Nimrod.

To ancient Egyptians, the Goddess was Isis; the creator, she was the sacred nature, the sky, the galaxies, the matron. The mother of everything logical. It is the creative potential of all beings, the planets and the stars. She is the goddess of the heavens. In the Babylonian and Acadian tradition, her equivalent would be Semiramis.  There are other several correspondences or equivalents which some share and others do not; for example Hathor, Inanna, Ishtar and Maria.

Osiris was killed by his brother Seth; who symbolizes Satan. Osiris was cut into pieces and his pieces scattered. Isis recovered the pieces except one; she could not find the phallus.  The phallus represents the generative, creative tool; the sacred will of the sacred male. The obelisks which we see erected in various cities are copies of Egyptian history.  The phallus represents Osiris’s penis.  The son of Osiris and Isis was called Orus.  Orus is the golden eagle, the light.  He is the sun that gives us light.  Orus represents action, knowledge and morality. It is common to find representations of Orus held by Isis. In Christianity we find the equivalent in art statues and paintings, for example “Maddona and child” = Virgin Mary and Jesus; a recreation of the Egyptian statue.

Isis is the galaxy, the universe. The night sky gives birth to the sun, to Orus. Orus defeats Seth every day; at night however Seth defeats Orus. Seth is darkness.
Every day the sun rises to illuminate us.  If the sun were not to rise we would be lost. If the sun were not to rise, we would not have sustenance; food or heat. Let us understand something, Jesus; for whom I have great respect for as a spiritual master; came to show us the way. Jesus is the equivalent of Orus; an adaptation of the ancient Egyptian deity. Orus is the sun, Jesus is the sun.

It is common to find the virgin Mary in a robe of stars standing on the moon. It is an adaptation of Isis; the galactic goddess of the stars. Maria and Isis represent the same character, so it is common to find her carrying Jesus in the same way that representations of Isis are found carrying Orus. The virgin was not called a virgin because she did not have sex, since in antiquity virginity had nothing to do with sex; which is anything but impure.

The immaculate conception was called that because Isis; the virgin; was a widow.  Since Seth killed Osiris and Isis could not find his phallus, the sexual practice between Isis and Osiris was brief.  According to Egyptian tradition, it transpired during the few moments in which Osiris was resurrected and through a golden phallus. A better philosophical explanation of the story is that the phallus represents the no spilling of semen, which means no ejaculation; what some call as the solar Arcanum…. This would be another topic which tantric practices explain more in detail but is extensive so I won’t get too much into it.

In the astral aspect; which is what all the characters represent; the year in ancient Egypt began from July 20 to 25, because it is the date on which the Nile river began to grow and with it brought back life. The zodiacal sign corresponding to that date was Virgo; the virgin.  The sun is born from Virgo, from the virgin. In the esoteric aspect; in a possible symbolic writing; the virgin is the emotional or sacred feminine component, which together with the intellectual or sacred masculine component give birth to action; awareness. These aspects; which I consider to be of real importance; will be taken up in future articles. On this occasion the analysis is focused on exotericsm.

According to heliocentrism, the year is dictated by our rotation around the sun; those who adhere to other theories on earth can also find value in this explanation. I reiterate that what I am expressing here is one of the old lessons which I personally find very valid for the coherency it presents.

The constellations are stellar groups to which animal and anthropomorphic associations have been attributed since time immemorial.  Astrology indicates our relationship with the stars or constellations over long periods of time. What we know as the tropical zodiac ;which works in accordance to seasonal changes; is the most used in the West.

What we perceive in the globe is that in a year the sun goes through a cycle of twelve parts. Twelve constellations or zodiacal houses, located in an ecliptic belt. These twelve stages are dictated by the apparent location of the constellations behind the sun, for example: If we are in April, behind the sun at dawn, the Aries constellation can be found. That is why it is said that the sun is in the house of Aries; the constellation of Aries can be perceived/found behind the sun.

The zodiac cross divides the zodiac wheel into four parts. This is important as each section identifies the stations. Our seasons do not happen by our path around the sun, but by our axis of inclination; that is by the angle by which the sun’s rays reach the earth. The earth has an inclination of 23.5 degrees. In December the rays of the sun reach less to the north and there they are in winter, while to the south the rays reach more, which means they are in summer.

In equatorial regions this is not so radical because the rays of the sun do not vary so much, but in other parts of the earth this is extremely important because it determines the rhythms of life. Taking into consideration that the majority of the population is in the northern hemisphere, the references will be made with a view of the northern hemisphere to explain its astrotheological link.  For the southern hemisphere, it simply reverses; solstices and equinoxes are in the other half of the year.

In the first zodiacal quadrant for the northern hemisphere we are in spring; the houses of Aries, Taurus and Gemini. You may asking, why does the zodiacal year begin there?  simple… spring is birth; the rebirth of plants and life.
It starts with the spring equinox, around March 20-21, the day in which the light and dark hours are equivalent, therefore Equinox: Equi (aequi) = Even Nox (night) = Night.

Summer for the north begins with the summer solstice around June 21 or 22. The houses of Leo, Cancer and Virgo shelter the sun in this station that ends with the autumn equinox around September 21-22; Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius are the fall or descent of the sun. The sun’s rays begin to arrive less and less to the north due earth’s inclination.
Once we reach the 21 or 22 December; the winter solstice; the sun reaches its lowest point on the horizon; this is the death of the sun. The sun will remain static for 3 days.

Solstice comes from the Latin “solstitium” which literally means “when the sun is static”. After these 3 days the sun moves up by one degree; on December 25.  The sun is reborn on December 25. The sun dies on the cross; on the zodiac cross, on winter solstice. This symbol was awarded to Christianity hundreds of years after the first century; it was not after a crucifixion. The cross of Christianity is an adaptation of the cross of the zodiac.

On December 25, Jesus was supposed to be born, the same can be said for Krishna, Orus, Attis; the sun is born.

The 12 apostles are the representation of the 12 constellations.
Jesus dies after being delivered by Judas; the treacherous kiss of Judas. Judas is the constellation of Scorpio. The poisonous kiss of Scorpio on the cusp of the autumn, which yields the sun’s path towards the winter solstice; its lowest point for the northern hemisphere or its death on the cross… the Zodiac cross.

Sunday has long been revered by Christianity.   The word comes from the Latin Dominus-Domini or “Dies Dominicus” = Day of the Lord.   In ancient Rome it was called “Dies Solis” = Day of the sun or “Sunday” … Sunday is the day ancients used to venerate the sun.

Jesus dies at 33.  The sun takes approximately 30 days to pass through the 30 degrees of each of the signs of the zodiacal belt, and it is precisely in the 33rd degree that it completely goes out of each house.

There are also other correspondences and theologies regarding the meaning of 33.  Some schools say it corresponds to the 33 vertebrae of our spine, where the Kundalini fire should ascend.   There is also its connection to the degrees of the Scottish Masonic rite; it is the degrees of Fahrenheit where the ice (the heart) passes from a solid state to a liquid state.

“The Christian religion is a parody of sun worship, in which they place a teacher called Christ instead of the sun and dedicate the worship originally intended to the sun”
Thomas Pain
(Philosopher, founding father of the United States)

The fish that we see stuck in the cars with the word Jesus, is not because Jesus supposedly was a fisherman; it is reference to an era. Below in very short terms the phenomenon of precession of the equinoxes and its tremendous implications will be explained; because is an extensive subject,  I will only make specific reference to the matter in question.

“The great year” is a cycle that takes approximately 26,000 terrestrial years. It is dictated by the precession of the equinoxes and is divided into 12 eras. Each era takes approximately 2150 years. Maybe you have heard of the Mayan calendar or the yugas in India; they make reference to the eras of this great year. This precession is barely perceptible to humans, since every 72 years it moves only one degree.

There are other theories to explain the phenomenon of precession. One of them indicates that each era is determined by the wobble or rotating of the earth according to its inclination of 23.5 degrees. Other theories mention a binary system linked to our solar system; a second star that turns and rotates the sun; therefore the earth has a linked pattern.  The whole precession phenomenon was already well known by ancient civilizations like the Sumerians.

The 12 eras of the great year are the locations of the zodiacal houses in the spring equinox; March 19, 20, and 21 is a precession not a procession because it goes in reverse. It goes in the opposite direction to the zodiacal houses of the terrestrial year. Just be clear that the zodiac signs change every 2150 years, ie someone born in April in this era is awarded the sign of Gemini. Someone who was born in April 2150 years ago, was awarded the sign of cancer. Someone who will be born in April in 2150 years will be awarded the sign of Taurus.

In the era in which it is said that Jesus was born, it was the age of the fish.  It was where we still are and what is ending. We are entering the new era or what others call “New Age” (this is in no way to be connected with all so called “new age” beliefs currently being promoted). The age of Aquarius is where the fish reference that exists in Christianity was born. The sun was in Pisces.

Here are some biblical references:

“I am with you every day, until the end of the world” (Matthew 28:20). This was an inaccurate translation from the King Jame’s bible. The original text and accurate translation says as follows “I shall be with you until the end of the era” ;which means the era of Pisces.

“Two days were left for the Passover and for the feast of the unleavened bread, with deceit, the chief priests and scribes were looking for how to learn and kill Jesus “………

” ..there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him”(Marcus 14:13) Words attributed to Jesus who knew of his imminent arrest and death. The holder of the water pitcher is Aquarius; the next era.

You will notice that I don’t refer to Jesus as Christ. I refer to him as a great teacher. This doesn’t mean I don’t use the term Christ, but Christ isn’t a personal name. Various Christs have existed throughout history.  Christ means the anointed one; smeared with essences; someone very special. Christ is not a name, it is a level of consciousness. It can be applied to Jesus as it can be applied to others previously mentioned.

In the first centuries of this era the Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity as the official Roman religion; this was done for political and authoritarian purposes in order to consolidate his power.  At that time, there was no official book of the Christian scriptures. Jesus did not write a single word of those books. At that time there were several gospels, many more than those which today make up the new testament.

To adopt the doctrine, Constantine used the Council of Nicea to dictate the canons and create the church.  The Council of Nicea and the first scribes; under orders of Constantine; put together distorted canons which were also poorly translated from the real teachings.

A broken piece of the Jewish tradition and astrological adaptations of the stories of the antiquity, based especially on Mithraism. They denied the importance and the true definition of symbolism. They suppressed books, such as the book of Enoch, the Gospel of Thomas, and other apocrypha’s, in order to build a doctrine that disempowers man and empowers the supposed representatives of God on earth. They started the historical period known as “The dark age”, the burning of books (destruction of knowledge), the destruction of sacred temples full of knowledge, the inquisition. They imposed persecution and fear. They promoted null subjects to keep people ignorant.

These beings committed one of the worst holocausts of this era. Holocaust is an offering to the fire.  They destroy the library of Alexandria in Egypt, the cradle of all ancestral knowledge; the most important library in the world of antiquity. About 500 thousand parchments were burned, destroying to a great extent the record of the archaic, occultist knowledge; history of our origins.

The church from its conception was commissioned to sacrifice freedom.  To cut the wings of humanity. Destroying knowledge is a crime. They say the Roman Empire fell; reality is, it never did…..They just took on a new face; no different than modern politics or economics.

In the recent years many wars have taken place, some big, some small; during some of those, places of knowledge were damaged beyond repair.  Knowledge which could have been used by our modern society–it was hidden or destroyed–they say such is the cost of war but is it ?

The church and blinded governments like to take pride on its representatives; some are good but most follow doctrine and a main leader which in the old times would have been called by the Romans “the vicar”. Vicar with all the powers of decision. In my opinion there is no sacred thing in any religious or political system when it remains in power based on hiding the truth and keeping the population ignorant–just to they may continue pulling strings–it all comes down to motivation.

The most proclaimed Christian prayer is the “Our Father”; starts with “Our Father who are in heaven …” from its inception it imposes chains. It locates God as a creator in heaven and us who are impious and impure here on earth; far removed from him because we are sinners, unworthy of his presence, hence we supposedly need a connection to the divine.

According to historical records that was not the original prayer, the original prayer was in Aramaic. The most accurate translation of the first part of the prayer says “Our Father and Mother who are inside and outside …” Not in some heaven. It seems the church twisted the original meaning in order to keep us ignorant. In order to taint women and impose a patriarchal system. More importantly, it kept us from looking in; always feeling powerless.  This great dogma made sure that we don’t even consider ourselves divine enough to look for God inside. It made sure we felt ignorant and always in need of a savior because supposedly we cannot save ourselves.

Occult history–which does not deny the mastery or value of Jesus as a spiritual teacher, as a Christ–tells of his birth on the 7th month of the calendar year.  He was to have been raised under the teachings of the Essenes of Qumran.  For those of you who don’t know, they re the authors of the dead sea scrolls (currently I am doing further research and study on their teachings, its history and its connection to Jesus and his family)  They were wise people who did not believe in organized religion.  They believed in the study and discipline of all ancestral and occult knowledge as well as the non occult.  Knowledge was there for all; men and women; no matter where they came from, as long as they showed real interest in developing the inner light.

Jesus; like many other teachers; was someone who preached and showed love but also stood up to those who abused others.  He was awaken to a different level of consciousness.  Currently we are taught to whip ourselves and to always keep our head down.  There is  greater slavery; not that of the body but that of the mind–greater still is the slavery of the spirit.

We all have something to work on, something that keeps us from fully shining ( I don’t mean popularity or reputation) I mean real inner peace.  Is not how fast we go but that we keep trying.  It comes down to daring to believe that as imperfect as we are, we can achieve greatness if we keep chipping at it, if we dare to believe we are divine.

Let’s dare to look at what has been kept hidden, and like Orus, let’s  dare to rise again–that is Astrotheology.  While Astrology studies the cosmos and its movements, Astrotheology studies the whole thing, the cosmos in relation to us and everything within our universe.  “As within so without…as above so below”.  In order to understand your adversary you first have to study your adversary (in this case ignorance) more importantly we need to learn to know ourselves in order to learn the rules of the game!

” I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples”

Mother Theresa


By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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