Ten Wise Quotes To Help Guide Your Life

The following 10 quotes are based on Wayne Dyer’s teachings, which personally I find very helpful.   This quotes help us to take a moment to become instrospective and target those areas in our lives which are still in need of work , as well as the areas where our greatest gifts and strengths lie.   Why not take a moment to reflect on them? what is the worst that could happen? I am simply inviting you to let your light shine!….

WHEN YOU TALK BEHIND SOMEONE’S BACK YOU ARE NOT DEFINING THAT PERSON, YOU ARE DEFINING YOURSELF / WHEN YOU JUDGE ANOTHER YOU DO NOT DEFINE THEM, YOU DEFINE YOURSELF- According to Wayne Dyer the habit of speaking ill about someone behind that person’s back, is a manipulative act.  In his teachings he explains clearly the importance of learning to express your thoughts and concerns directly to the people involved. If you can’t say it directly then the issue lies within you more than it does with the other person. The act of waiting for a particular individual not to be present before expressing negative talk, is an act often exposed by people who exhibit a passive aggressive personality or  a passive aggressive style of communicating.

According to Psychology “Passive Aggressive Communication” is the most toxic way of communicating.  Hiding behind smiles, empty compliments or simply running away from confronting a situation head on, are common signs of someone with low self esteem.  Often these people choose to project on others their own shortcomings.  Passive aggressive individuals often seek to make themselves look better without having to work on themselves.  To achieve this they need to put others down but never face to face as they also have a great need to make sure everyone else sees them as victims and others as the perpetrators.   When one chooses to talk behind someone’s back, one is choosing to pass judgment; separating what is perceive to be “good” from the “bad” without considering all the implications.

When one chooses to talk badly behind someone’s back, one runs the risk of becoming  a toxic person.  More often than not we tend to believe someone expressing frustration and anger openly is to be considered toxic; psychology considers that person “hurt”.  To be toxic one needs to have ill intent.  One can be “popular” or well “liked” yet still be “Toxic”–it comes down to motivation.   The simplest way to learn to step out of this habit is to think twice before you speak.  Don’t say anything to others that you have not already addressed with the person concerning the issue, or that you are not willing to say openly when the opportunity arises.

WORRYING KEEPS YOU STAGNANT.- Wayne Dyer’s focuses a lot on this teaching. In his books he often talks about the repercussions of constantly being “stuck” on our worries.  Being stuck on our worries paralyzes us; that means we become unable to flow, as such unable to fulfill our dreams and goals.  It is important to address our concerns and make a plan of action on the things which are under our control.  Worrying about things which are out of our control will only deplete our energy.   Make a list of all the worries you have and identify which ones you can address; do your best at working on them and let the universe take care of the rest.


You cannot always control what goes on outside.  But you can always control what goes on inside.

YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE DECISIONS.–  We are “condemned” to always having to make decisions, whether big or small; such is the paradox of life.  Without the ability and responsibility to make a decision there would be no flow, hence no change in the pattern of our existence.   One needs to be conscious that there will be decisions which will be hard and painful to make; those are the ones which propel you to move forward.

IF YOU BELIEVE IT WILL WORK, YOU SHALL SEE ONLY OPPORTUNITIES WHERE OTHERS SEE OBSTACLES.-   In life you will have to decide whether you will see something as an opportunity or an obstacle; this means choosing between taking a course of action or coming up with excuses.   Dyer offers a simple solution to teach us to identify when we are starting to make an excuse, never start a phrase with “… if I do …” instead learn to start your phrase with ” I could do..”  The first focuses on the problem while the latter focuses more on a solution.

DON’T DIE WITH MUSIC STILL HIDDEN WITHIN YOUR SOUL.-  When Dyer speaks of the music inside, he is referring to our goals and healthy passions hidden within.  They are dreams which  like a melody repeat themselves within you.  Dyer invites us to let our music flow.  He invites us to take a moment to sit down and reflect on all the dreams we had for ourselves.  He invites us to write them down and to find a way to live the way we always dreamt or at the very least to reach a healthy compromise between our long lost dreams and our current lifestyle; that way at the very least we are allowing ourselves to live life as close as it can get to our original goal.   We have one life, we need to learn to live it.   Share your dreams with others, your hopes, your fears, your magic, let others get a glimpse of the “music” inside of you.


Remind yourself that you cannot fail at being yourself!

THE HIGHEST FORM OF IGNORANCE IS EXPOSED WHEN YOU REJECT SOMETHING OF WHICH YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.-   Here Dyer invites us to be open minded and to heroically expose ourselves to new concepts.  Fear of not being right should not ever be the primary cause of your ignorance.  Our mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work if it is not opened.

LIVE LIFE AS IF YOU ARE DANCING.- When we dance we are not worried about having to cover each square foot of the dance floor, rather we are just enjoying ourselves.  This teaching helps us to value the power of  becoming conscious of each and every moment of our lives.  We need to learn to walk in life knowing that we are doing so; not by autopilot.  Such a way of living can be achieved by learning to value the present, in order to do so we have to learn to let go of the past and stop worrying about the future.  I am not referring to a quick fix or just “think positive” and it will happen.  It is an invitation to work on our wounds and weaknesses often seeded within our past; as we do this we learn to find real closure instead of denial.  As we learn to integrate our past we learn to simultaneously stop worrying so much about our future which organically leads us to being “present”.

FAILURE DOES NOT EXIST.-  Failure is only the perception or opinion of how things should have been done. In a society where it is feared and punished to fail, who has the right to say that you have made a mistake?  I feel what Wayne Dyer is trying to convey is that there is no failure when one has dared to attempt to change the status quo.  Do not let an ill society tell you what is to be considered successful and what is to be considered a failure, only you can determine that; all will derive from the decisions you make in your life.


My goal is not to be better than anyone else but to be better than I used to be

THERE ARE ONLY TWO BASIC EMOTIONS: LOVE & FEAR.- Fear and love; so far yet so close.  There are many emotions which surround us at all times but for Dyer fear and love are the ones that make a clear difference in people’s lives.

Fear paralyzes us while love is contagious.  He does not teach us to see fear as the enemy rather as a thermometer; a tool to help us recognize and unhealed or undeveloped part of ourselves.  As we learn to heal and develop those parts our capacity to love all aspects of life grow in a real and deep way.

THERE IS NO ROAD TO HAPPINESS, HAPPINESS IS THE WAY.-  Within this sentence appears a key term in the work of Dyer; specifically about the term “happiness.”

Dyer insists on the importance of loving oneself because without love for oneself there can be no love for one’s neighbor. It is a lie to say one feels love towards the world if one is not willing to face and heal one’s own shadow first.  That is why personal development is  “key” to obtaining a healthy self-esteem.  As you learn to love yourself, little by little you become capable of giving REAL love to others.


You release old habits behind by starting out with the thought ” I release the need for this in my life


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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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