The “I” according to Carl Jung

We all use the word “I” yet we seldom look at its origin.  Within the majority of languages one finds the concept of “I” but have we ever stopped to analyze what  “I” represents? According to many modern psychologists; who base themselves mostly on what is unofficially call materialistic psychology; believe the “I” to be…… Continue reading The “I” according to Carl Jung

The Lie Hidden Behind “Tolerance”

“An artist if he is unselfish and passionate, is always a living protest.  Just to open his mouth is to protest: against a conformism, against what is official, public or national, what everyone else feels comfortable with. So the moment when he opens his mouth an artist is engaged because opening his mouth is always…… Continue reading The Lie Hidden Behind “Tolerance”


You are the muse who haunts my dreams You are the inspiration to my soul You are the magick in my heart You are the light which illuminates the darkest of my nights Nights in which I long to possess you Taking you deeply until you can feel my soul The color of your skin…… Continue reading Muse