Which Rules You? Confidence or Fear

Recently I watched a documentary on the evolution of human nature and the dating game.  The documentary used the word “evolution” more or less sarcastically. The reason behind emanated from taking a look at what the word “authentic” truly means. It was questioned whether or not we have lost our authenticity in search of general acceptance and prestige.  Looking…… Continue reading Which Rules You? Confidence or Fear

Digging Deeper…Embracing Yourself.

It can be frustrating and challenging when people who are assertive or considered risk takers are given a difficult time, sometimes to the point of being degraded and called names.  We forget these people have had a long emotional journey; they have accomplished that which many only dream of.  It seems a lot of us…… Continue reading Digging Deeper…Embracing Yourself.

Cognitive Dissonance

There is an epidemic in the world today on the psychological phenomenon called cognitive dissonance. Everyone is susceptible to cognitive dissonance to one degree or another; however it seems to be especially prevalent in the Western world today. Cognitive dissonance refers to psychological or emotional distress which can be sensed when faced with new information…… Continue reading Cognitive Dissonance

How Well Do we Know Ourselves?

We like to believe that we have a good idea of who we are but do we really? I mean when was the last time you took time to actually contemplate your life?…. We currently live in a society with many advantages which our parents and granparents could only have dreamt of. Many of the…… Continue reading How Well Do we Know Ourselves?