Another beautiful piece of advice given by someone with experience. We often forget that wisdom isn’t the result of just getting old or of our studies alone. Wisdom is developed through experience; through the “Hero Journey” of falling and getting back up, of making mistakes and learning from them. Wisdom isn’t found within any extreme…… Continue reading Medicine

Sad Awakening

He got up and stood in front of the mirror…It had been a long time since he had done this; he looked at himself; slowly taking in his reflection. He observed himself and without uttering a single word he felt a depth of sadness. Melancholy overtook him and he asked himself- when did this happen?…… Continue reading Sad Awakening

Sexually Empowered Doesn’t Equal Easy

We like to consider our day and age as “modern”  yet we currently live in a society primarily based on extremes.  On the one hand there is sexual repression, while on the other hand sex is traded to avoid solitude.  Although in the past I have written about this, today I would like to write…… Continue reading Sexually Empowered Doesn’t Equal Easy