The “Progressive” Art Of Censorship

The silence is not a solution for your problems.

Censorship is a topic which these days has become a main concern for those of us who see where this may be headed. Many people agree with “Progressive Censorship” as a development in the way we as “civilized” people now handle conflict; they claim they rather have Censorship than the “alternative”. What many people seem to forget is that the idea of “Censorship” is not new, neither does it provide good results; hence it is not evolvement rather a certain way of repeating history–“The Dark Ages”

During the “Dark Ages”, censorship, lies and cover ups only brought forth disaster and atrocities; it wasn’t justice, even though many like to call it “the justice of the uncivilized”; its mechanisms and the way it worked were simple and its motivations even more obscure.

It seems ironic to find so many “Progressive” people standing up for this “new” concept of justice where censorship or “public justice” are based more on personal bias than anything else. More often than not, the only support this system gets its from people whose heart may be in the right place but who follow manipulative leaders who hide the totality of their agenda behind a public “self righteous attitude”.

Are we forgetting the many examples history has provided us with? examples of what happens when people choose “being right” over “respect” and ” real open mindedness”? –usually it leads to indoctrination and this leads to some of the most horrendous acts among human beings. For example: the thousands of women who were burnt at a stake because they were simply accused of being witches? Back then if you wanted to get rid of someone you accused them of being a witch and that was that, such was the case of Martha Currie, a woman who stood against the injustices committed during the so called “holy trials”. Martha Currie did not believe in witches yet her life ended tragically; burned as a witch simply because other “respectable” women accused her of being one, as she refused to stand by the haunting and killing of “witches”.

This diabolical system of justice has not at all been lost, as of lately it is becoming more and more the norm. I could tell you about those whose lives have changed simply because someone “anonymously” chose to put forth a false or unfounded accusation. Many people who lived with PTSD and depression have taken their lives simply because of the unfounded relentless bullying; why were they bullied? because they saw life differently.

We have blinded ourselves to reality and deluded ourselves of being supporters of freedom while we try to shut down anyone who does not think, behave or stand for the same things we do. I have not just witnessed this paradoxical yet ignorant behavior but for a while there I was subjected to it; people tried to disturb my personal life and when that wasn’t enough they tried to shut “censor” my page in order to stop the content on some of my articles. I literally had to argue back and forth and provide “proof” , as well as having to comply with an investigation before I was told everything checked out and was giving an apology for disturbing my life. The problem I have, is that while I was subjugated to providing “proof”, my accuser (s) simply got a letter back stating “their suspicions” were not valid. How was that justice? I had my life turned upside down, was scrutinized and checked; had to provide and comply with all that was being asked of me in order to prove the “lies” behind what was stated, yet the “accuser (s)” simply got a letter (but hey, I was given a copy of the letter for my records–guess that was supposed to make up for the all hassle and stress).

Technically then anyone can come up with a false accusation without proof, and subjugate others while hiding behind shadows playing innocent. What happened to the basic concept of Balanced Justice Plato taught so long ago? It seems instead the world has embraced Niccolò Machiavelli’s ideas on how to subjugate others while still being likeable. If you are not familiar with his writings; which have been of “guidance” to many Kingdoms and Governments; I suggest you familiarize yourself with it–for in order to stand up against real darkness one better learn the mind of the opponent–only then can one better understand how the mind of those on the other side work and develop the proper mental tools to understand the intricacies (both sides) within the fabric of the system we live in.

This “new” concept of justice doesn’t just affect one country, one group, one movement or one race; it can affect anyone. This “new” concept of justice is being packaged as a “real” method for justice yet it is creating more victims; victimizing those already hurt and turning itself into judge and executioner. To accuse and to subjugate without basis yet at the end to simply shrug your shoulders and go “oh well” isn’t justice or progressive, it is a throwback to the “Dark Ages”. Justice then really has become “blind” and I certainly don’t mean this in a good way. One cannot illuminate darkness with more darkness; it is important to understand the mind of your opponent/oppressor in order to defend oneself without becoming the judge, jury and executioner. Let’s remember that life is like chess, just like a game of chess the one who wins isn’t the most violent but the one who can learn to use its opponent’s tactics against his own self. If you get consumed by the fire of vengeance you have already lost; no system, no group has ever achieved its goal by vindictiveness. The question we all need to ask ourselves is, “Do you want revenge or do you want change?”

“Failures within one system, do not justify more failures within another system”

It is my personal opinion we would all be better off utilizing our power and abilities to push for reform and real development within fail branches of our system vs the destruction of such and the imposition of an illusionary “Progressive” justice system. Let’s deal with the root of things not the symptoms. This approach would further benefit everyone and help heal and reconstruct a healthier system than to get caught up in pure violence and regress ourselves to uncivilized times. I won’t deny there have been times in history where taking an “uncivilized” stand has been needed yet not everything can be solved through it. In the same way nothing can be solved or learned by simply censoring or by taking arms; the first leads to delusion and an oppressed society while the second doesn’t leave room for healing and transformation.

Censorship and violence are simply using fear to generate a false sense of peace when in reality all that is doing is building “tolerance” and as I’ve explained in a previous article, “tolerance” isn’t to genuinely accept or understand something or someone, rather it represses the anger which later on will simply expose itself in more harmful ways. Tolerance originally was a tool of war, simply used to contained a situation not to resolve or heal it. Tolerance isn’t peace; this false sense of peace being imposed is really creating and promoting a society too scare to even express itself without fear of retribution, condemnation or fear of being politically incorrect hence thrown out of the “herd”. Under such system, paladins of FREE expression become paladins of “right” expression, but who determines this new “right” expression? Such system will only bring damaging consequences where a person becomes too afraid to express his or her opinion and would rather censor themselves or accept to be censored than to handle the consequences. Consequences: one isn’t able to express oneself; isn’t given the right to debate, negotiate or compromise, instead one is simply “shut down”

Within this new progressive system, if you even doubt or ask questions, you are seen as if you are looking for a fight; often declaring you an enemy of the system, an enemy of the “good side”. How then is this whole thing different than when they were hunting witches? It seems is sufficient to seek and destroy anything that stands aside from the “herd”; anything or anyone who chooses to question must be crazy and a troublemaker–let me remind you of a beautiful quote “In a mad world, only the crazy are sane”.

In the past, Harper’s conduced a study which was signed by over 150th “gifted minds” were they all agreed this “new progressive” system of justice is actually destroying any justice we have left. They stated such system is accelerating anger and maintaining more and more people ignorant. Debate is becoming obsolete while “control” is the new way to go. This supposed “moral consciousness” is creating a false sense of peace and giving birth to puritan radical minds where it is “evil” to have an opinion different than most or to question something. Isn’t it interesting how some places in the world have been condemned for their radical behaviors yet our society is covertly taking the same approach? If one thinks differently and seeks to debate then one is considered “toxic”; the beautiful and powerful gift of “debating” is becoming more and more non existent.

This “new progressive” attitude then, does not promote growth, rather it can feed any deep rooted prejudices we may have. It’s no longer about the truth, its all about going with and pleasing the crowd. What this “new” system is saying is ” I rather believe lies and bury my head on the sand than to challenge my preconceptions and face my own darkness”. Such society beliefs itself to be strong yet has accepted fear and anger as its propeller–rather than seeing this and facing it, it uses it to impose a false sense of order–so we are back to the “Dark Ages”–we have simply created a romanticized version which we call “Progressive”, “Social Justice”, “Censoring for the good of society” when in reality is simply Anger, Fear and Control.

As mentioned before, the irony lies in the fact that such “new movements” believe themselves to be progressive yet they are following the exact same steps Oppressive Systems have used over and over again. It’s as if we are leaving under a regimen where one can simply and without hesitation place an anonymous call and accuse someone else of not being compliant with this “new” system. Are we so blind as to miss what is happening? with such behavior we are feeding what eventually will be a nightmare, as more and more “WE” ourselves are turning up to be “big brother”; spying and condemning anyone who we perceive as different than whatever we believe is the “correct” way of being or “correct” way of thinking. Maybe the individual isn’t even challenging the propose idea, concept, group or belief but simply by questioning it, her or she has committed a crime and needs to be punished–how dare do we use our own minds– I guess they want our heads to simply be used to grow hair while keeping the inside empty and shallow. At the end this “New Progressive” will only generate more fracture within an already eroded foundation and will cause more social disintegration.

What type of “FREE” society is the one that automatically destroys and punishes anyone who may question or have “unique” ideas?; fair to say the ideas could be wrong; yet rather than debating with the individual, rather than allowing room to learn and grow, one is simply censored and shut down. If within a society an individual is pushed around because he or she may disagree with what is being done or said, then such society is trying to radicalize its citizens-“It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong, you are either with me or against me”. An individual under such system will either become a radical or choose to agree; he or she will do so not because that person understands what is going on or believes what is being done is the right thing, instead the individual fakes agreement to avoid punishment.

To summarize, “New Progressive”, “Social censorship” is not something that leads to illumination and social justice, instead it turns us into barbarians who are demanding big brother to decide for us. I can’t understand how we are talking about the building of a better, freer, more just world with a good conscious attitude when we are being asked to feel guilty just about everything. Upon looking closely, if this continues it will end with the coming of a more controlling, uncaring system where everything will be watched and condemned, where likes and opinions will be discarded, ridiculed or punished for being different and for not accepting to simply sit down and let others do the thinking. This “new” Progressive system seems to be reserved only for the “herd” for if you even try to shut down those who are trying to impose “compliance” , those who are “on top” , it does not work. This censorship only works on those who challenge or question what is going around us.

It seems this new system wants citizens who are docile and compliant. This “new” progressive doesn’t want people to think but to accept. They want undisputable acceptance; not because its citizens were educated or debated but through FEAR while masquerading it as a quest for PEACE.



By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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