Justice: Understanding Karmic Law From A Psychological and Physiological Perspective

This is a long article; I have tried to summarize things, regardless it can be hard to summarize such extent subject.

Sometimes human beings tend to label as “bad” anything which may not adjust to our expectations; often seeking paths of less resistance and when that doesn’t work we become tornadoes.

Zen masters have always recommended for people to be like water; water flows. This analogy is often misconstrued as it is applied in such way that people have distorted the meaning of “the path of less resistance” with “anything that requires no getting out of your comfort zone”. Water is one of the most powerful things on earth, it can erode, break and reshape anything on its path; when it encounters an obstacle it breaks it down through consistency–it does not ran away. As human beings, we should look for the most logical, most effective way of action, however whenever an obstacle arises, we should not ran away from it, as by doing so we are negating ourselves of the opportunity to learn and to build strength–we are negating ourselves the opportunity to expand.

A very easy way to start building resilience and learning to look at things objectively and with a more encompassing mind is to start taking self responsibility. Many people like to take full credit when anything positive happens even if it’s not their ow achievement, for example: if your daughter got an scholarship on something she wanted; does it mean you are to take credit for it? No. You can be proud of her, however her accomplishments are her own; she had to work for it, she had to push herself and believe in herself and the path she had chosen. She may have gotten words of encouragement but let’s face it, words of encouragement may be nice but won’t affect anything if the person who is receiving them doesn’t utilize his or her abilities. On the other hand there are people who like to blame everyone else for everything that happens within their lives; in other words –immaturity–we all have gone through it, so let’s not point fingers here. Reality is what happened to us doesn’t have to determine who we become. Also let us not sit in the victim role and pretend we ourselves have made no mistakes–it’s impossible, at one point or another we all have made mistakes, we all hurt someone else; it’s what you do with the lessons you’ve learned that count. I am not asking you to live in your past but to have the courage to look back on it every now and then, so as to keep your feet grounded–that way you won’t fly away with delusions of grandeur nor will you punish yourself with delusions of worthlessness.

Taking time to glimpse at our lives in order to inspect it can be beneficial; it can keep us grounded but it can also help us learn to value ourselves more; for as you look at how much you have learned from your mistakes and the obstacles you’ve overcome, you will get a real sense of value (self love instead of false ego). Seeing just how far you have come and have much you can withstand can leave you with a renew sense of strength which will contribute to you being better equipped mentally and spiritually for any obstacle you may encounter in the future.

It is very few the number of people who genuinely practice gratefulness; please do not confuse the practice of gratefulness with being asked to focus on only rainbows and unicorns. Gratefulness has to be practice from a very real place, your core place. Gratefulness means to look at your life and pick the good things in your life (without denying whatever setbacks you may have encountered) and to simply give thanks to God, the Universe, mother Earth, or whatever name you may use–I call it Life; I give thanks to this beautiful force inside and outside of me called Life.

The majority of times people “pray” to the Government or to institutionalized Religions, Corporations and other Global “powerful institutions”. The saddest part is most have been taught to pray from a place of submission vs a place of joy and elation–instead of feeling the divine force within and around, one is often taught to see oneself as an ant looking up, being “thankful” not to have been squashed. We are often taught to “pray” to be liberated from adversity rather than to have ourselves look for the causes of such adversity and what we can do about it; many times the causes for our own adversities can be found within ourselves (unhealed traumas, not learning from mistakes, punishing oneself for past mistakes, obsolete belief systems, obsolete paradigms, etc.) Other times the cause of our adversities may lie on our own “false altars”, Institutions, Government, etc.–We need to learn to accept and set in motion our own power if we want to see results– Thought+Belief+Action=Results.

The concept of Cause and Effect is an immutable law; every event has a cause; “coincidence” is nothing more than an event for which we cannot trace a cause. Some indicate this principle corresponds to “Karmic Law”; more often than not however, this law has been misunderstood or misrepresented. It is my intention through this article to examine and share with you how “The Initiates” were taught to see and understand Karmic law.

To start let me give you an analogy; if when sweeping we simply were to pile up the dirt we gathered under a rug, its’ obvious we’ll no longer see it; however, that dirt is still there–it will not just evaporate–and if we continue to pile more and more dirt, it will simply keep piling up until its size and stench are no longer dismissible. This “dirt” can be equated to aspects of our Psyche, Body and Social aspects; we keep piling things up until it affects us at every level. Sadly we get ill (mentally or physically) we then tend to focus on “pills” to “cure it”; however, modern medicine is more concern with treating the symptoms than the root of the problem. More and more doctors are told to limit their time and examinations and to simply “prescribe”–often given incentives if they meet a quota. Such prescriptions are meant not to heal but to make you feel “well enough” to function–meantime the disease/illness keeps festering and will only manifests in another way. I am not saying modern “medicine” isn’t helpful, I am however removing the falsity that “numbing” is “curing” the pain. In other words, “making an individual able and productive enough” isn’t the same as “a healthy human being”.

Circulatory afflictions such as heart attacks, hypertension, diabetes and cancer, are some of the diseases which have caused more deaths than any others. When studying the animal kingdom, it is interesting to find although diseases are present, the ones previously mentioned are almost non-existent. Such diseases are often promoted by ourselves due to our poor eating habits and/or manifestations of the struggles within our psyche.

We often tend to blame the external for our own illnesses; we often say our illnesses are hereditary, genetic, viruses, microbes, bacteria, destiny, punishment from God. The main cause for the above mentioned illnesses are due to exposing ourselves to toxicity found within our food and certainly due to our mental imbalance (It is important to mention here that every person in this world exhibits a mental imbalance and/or qualifies for a mental illness/disorder of some sort; so let’s not be too quick to judge those who suffer openly simply because you may not have been “diagnosed” or simply because your “illness” is more acceptable and the “norm”). Let me also clarify that when talking about poor eating habits, in no way am I praising those who are constantly being “picky” about what they eat -let’s be realistic our bodies are designed to build antibodies to protect self–if one lives and promotes a bubble, once you step out of it, the body will shut down faster than most–it is about balance.

Metals such as aluminum, mercury and radiation from magnetic fields generate problems with our biological system (So let’s not be so quick to accept the “WIFI everywhere” project). Neurotoxins, msg, aspartame (an artificial sweetener 200 times sweeter than sucrose, used as a sugar substitute. Dozens of medical studies have linked aspartame to an increase in : headaches, dizziness, seizures, depression, attention deficit, hyperactivity, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and cancer) and certain oils (such as Canola oil) destroy our bodies. These poisons generate an addiction that succumbs us physiologically and esoterically–we then become “casual beings” subjugated to the external. Among the main causes of our diseases, lies “Spiritual Poverty” . I am not referring to Religion but to mental weakness, lack of will and our own falsehood

We are surrounded, covered inside and outside by microorganisms, our whole body is made up of microorganisms. Certain microorganisms are pathogenic or harmful when they become unbalanced; diseases are caused by low defenses – in other words imbalances of the immune system. Whenever this careful homeostasis is lost, the biological rhythm collapses. Dr. Bruce Lipton defines four causes for almost all of our afflictions. Such causes generate a loss in defenses which gives room to disease; also the excessive generating of Cortisone and Adrenaline. Let me enumerate this four causes from less important to most important:

Genetics: It is now proven that genetics is responsible for only 5% of “causes” for illness; in most cases it is reversible. It is then almost irrelevant.

Physical Trauma: Events which may cause physiological lesions.

Poisons and Toxins: Consumption of toxic elements found within our food.

MENTAL TRAUMA & STRESS: The main factor is emotional and mental imbalance. The amount of fear and worry we are exposed to can kill us.

The placebo effect has proven the tremendous power our minds have; the problem is we don’t BELIEVE. We rather put our faith on anything external than to believe in ourselves. We all want the “magical pill” to cure and solve everything: Aches and pains, poverty, war.

We live waiting for the dogmas of Science or Religion to grant us such “pill”. We have become “casual beings” which means we react rather than prevent. We seem to accept huge amounts of medication rather than to make changes in our lifestyles. Instead of having such “medicine” as a help and compliment, we rather be dependent of it. Mentally speaking, we rather promote censoring and the creating of a more docile, scare, society rather than to generate order and face the fear to disappoint and be labeled “troublemaker” or “crazy”.

All circumstances of life; demographic, people who surround us, social class, what we possess, things we desire–in general all events are there to teach us something. We can learn various careers but most of the time we just look for the title. More often than not we don’t even “understand” what we learned–we seek to learn mechanically instead of seeking to comprehend, understand, think and meditate on what we are being taught. We don’t seek to learn in order to grow–most of the time it’s just a way to get ahead. There is nothing wrong with desiring to get ahead, you should get ahead–once again it comes down to balance

Each event is aligned to help us advance according to the law of evolution but if we are asleep and blind, we tend to ignore it. Life presents us with the ideal situations to demonstrate mastery, to learn and to advance, yet we discard these opportunities over and over again.

In a lottery in which normally 6 digits are chosen, the chance of choosing the winning digits is 1 in 14 million. The odds of winning the prize in large lotteries is 1 in 170 million. The probability that we are struck by lightning is greater; it is 1 in 2 million. You may wondering why I just mentioned this; let me explain:

As crazy as this may seem, winning the lottery several times within the same life time is more likely than the coincidental appearance of the necessary conditions for what we call life. Rogers Penrose calculates the probability; from the universal genesis of coincidental alignment; of circumstances for which we are here today is 1 in 10, 000 to the 10123; that is to say; A one followed by one hundred thousand one hundred twenty three zeros.

“It has never been possible to create life in a laboratory, all that has been achieved thus far is to configure some amino acids; not enough to generate life from nothing. The opportunity to build a short but functional protein is so small (1 followed by 125 zeros). The probability for the necessary conditions for the construction of a protein with a chain of 150 amino acids exceeds a chance of 10 to the 180th”

Stephen C. Meyer/ Evidence for Design in Physics and Biology

To explain the probabilities of life; in aseptic, atheistic, abiotic terms; I need to use the theory of an infinite number of universes– the multiverses– theory in which everything is possible and can be fulfilled within any “one” of the universes. After much learning and research, I have found that no matter what theory you are looking at, all of them find their beginning, their genesis, inside “Cell Singularity” otherwise called a “miracle”.
They find their beginning within “Causa Causarum” which means “That which has no cause.”

It happens that there is a pattern found within the lottery that can also be an analogy to what happens in the life of humanity: The Foundation for the Study of American Economics indicates that 70% of individuals who win the lottery lose everything within a few years. That same dynamic and with more distorted percentages happens with the miracle of life. The ability to grow, to vibrate at higher frequencies and evolve consciousness is squandered by humanity. We maintain the “divine spark” caged within the “false ego” –by doing so and choosing to not understand the beauty of “Connected Individuality” and its power we are simply crushing such spark.

Just by being born, we have all “won the lottery” but very few realize this and utilize it. Coincidences do not exist; everything has a reason/cause. Every cause has an effect–what we call coincidence is a circumstance we do not yet know. Luck does not exist; all the tragic comedies of our lives were meant to happen; maybe they are a reaction to an action, maybe they are lessons we are yet to decipher; it is up to us to pay close attention to better understand the “why” behind it. I am not saying an innocent person deserved something “horrible” to happen; what I am saying is that every occurrence gives room for us to learn to use our power–by doing so maybe the ripple effect will take place, in which your tragedy may inspire others.

Karma is nothing more than the application of the principle of cause and effect; to many it is an obfuscated concept. “Karma” in Sanskrit means “Action”. Karma is action and as we already know every action has a reaction. Dharma is teaching or learning; it has a wide range of definitions, in Hinduism it is the cosmic order. Dharma frees us from committing the same acts over and over again. In very general terms Karma is unconsciousness, Dharma is Consciousness – they are the basic principle of very ancient teachings – they reveal the moral law of the universe.

If everything has a cause, we can deduce that nothing is fortuitous; It sounds simple but the real implication goes beyond that–it can lead us to believe that everything that occurs in life is aligned with a organized end. Our existence then is not a coincidence; we are here for something, we are the evidence of a cause, a purpose – the faster we understand this and utilize our natural gifts, the faster we will transmute.

Nihilism; This philosophy or rather anti-philosophy indicates there is no meaning or purpose for our existence. The name comes from the Latin “nihil” which literally means “nothing”. In very broad terms, without referring to the different types of nihilism, it is defined as the absence of purpose in life.

Nihilism finds its value in the search for objectivity; many of us go through that stage– a rejection of all values ​​because our spirit is tired of indoctrination. It is sad then to see such free spirits lost simply because “doctrine” more and more “rules” the world. At the end, in their search for objectivity they end up giving in to accepting anything imposed sociologically simply because after witnessing the current states of affairs, “life has no purpose”.

In alchemical terms, Nihilism it’s the basic purifying stage in which the being recognizes that he or she is not to be subjected to anyone; however, we must transcend the false belief that the universe has no principle laws or that it is asking us to subjugate to a dogma; it is not!

The “True and Free” being is an active nihilist; he does not accept, neither does he deny the possibility of what he cannot verify or put into practice – when he finds universal laws that go beyond his capabilities, he will examine and administer them in his life, discarding dogmas and maintaining what is substantial.

Without picking any belief over another, I consider some “teachers” of “mediation/ no activity/ seclusion” people who have misunderstood the ancient teachings or like to mislead others. They teach man cannot determine good vs evil; that he would only be capable of it in an advanced state of awaken consciousness which can only happen if one dedicates life to “meditate” –away from everything and everyone–practicing exoteric; not esoteric; beliefs. They teach that to be passive is to be illuminated; teaching others to be compliant or complaisant to what goes around; in other words to blind ourselves otherwise we are being “negative”. Instead of teaching us about our “spark” and the things we can do (big or little) to help this become a better world, they teach that to be “good” or “positive” is to be silent, mute and deaf to reality.

On the other hand existentialism indicates that existence precedes essence. They teach everyone can give whatever meaning to his or her life yet their teaching is based on man being born incomplete but free to do whatever…???

Highly enlightened minds of “active” existentialism like Martin Heidegger or Jean Paul Sartre have taught extensively about the difference of passive vs. active existentialism; often relearning and applying the substance of ancient esoteric teachings. They revealed with rational literary display, specific points so they can be processed by the rest of existentialists without overwhelming them.

Every new spirit starts with fire but lacks the ability to recognize its own power, potential and source; as life progresses so does his or her ability to discern–the rate will depend on both interior and exterior circumstances. Until the person wakes to his or her own use of his ability to distinguish, analyze, discard dogma, accept wisdom, then that person’s existence will supersede his or her essence. Once the spirit is able to grasp a real sense of self and is capable to determine what real “living in balance” implies, then that person’s essence will balance his or her existence–its’ a life long process as we all have something to work on.

Unfortunately because life isn’t all roses and we currently live in a society which pushes for “more happiness” “more pleasure” (transient states) vs. Fulfillment and Joy (permanent states)--the process of autorecognition or awakening is lessened, as people invest more and more in avoiding themselves, negating painful experiences and emotions–turning pain into an enemy vs a teacher. People will do anything to avoid feeling uncomfortable emotions; meantime these just keep piling up until one day the person succumbs to an empty shallow existence and has no idea why he or she is so miserable yet surrounded by everything that is supposed to make one happy.

For some more illuminated wiser minds learning (not judging/mocking) from the pain of others is possible; for most of us however, painful experiences teach us, helping us expand our minds and souls. Painful experiences can help us grow or turn us into colder, blinder souls; it all depends on your power of choice and how much you want to evolve vs. comply–you either become the warrior or live as the victim.

You may have been victimized, you may have suffered a lot; throughout life you will experience pain on and off, I certainly do! You may encounter events in which you will be the “victim” of something or someone–but there is a difference between being someone’s victim (temporary/working to heal/standing up) vs. victimizing oneself (permanent/denial/seeking pads on the back for having been hurt)–that will be your choice, your power, you are in control.

You won’t heal from the pain from one day to the next; depending on your traumas it may take what may seem like your whole life; but as long as you keep moving forward you will keep meeting a stronger healthier you. There are days I still feel terrified but I can honestly say the nightmares and the feelings of not being able to move forward or backward, trapped within the pervasive repetitive scenes have become less and less. It has taken me years, it will probably take my whole life but am okay with that because at various stages I keep meeting stronger, wiser aspects of me–I keep rebuilding myself and although some days are harder than others I like what I see. I wasn’t perfect and my life wasn’t roses but throughout it, I’ve learned some very beautiful things and I’ve met some very beautiful souls who taught me not to give up, to use my “nerdiness and inquisitiveness” to heal myself . They taught me not to let others whip me when they have their own things to atone for; more importantly they taught me to stop whipping myself –” instead if you have learned from your mistakes then make better choices. If you have learned from the pain others imposed then share your wisdom and properly stand up to stop others from being abused in the same way” –that is what I am striving to do.

Karma isn’t punishment is here to teach you and when you do, use your “dharma”/ “wisdom” to help heal yourself and to help others. We are not here to blind ourselves to the world, neither are we here to help it go to hell. I believe in standing up, I just think at times our society and what is expected of us can be hypocritical. For example: I have been told to forgive and to let go of what others did to me (that is supposed to be the elevated thing to do). I have expressed my anger yet have not retaliated with the same “knife”; however, if I tell others to stand up without violence ( I believe there is a time for force needs to be used/never for violence) I am judged as someone who is not supportive of others. So, if I express my anger and frustration to an action against me, I am being less evolved because I don’t forgive; on the other hand if I don’t support violence, then I am a cold, uncaring, human being– Such hypocrisy is doing exactly what it was meant to do; confuse. Confuse people enough and they will throw the towel defeated because they can’t figure it out.

Let me summarize it; forgive. Forgiveness however does not mean tolerance or to pretend. Forgiveness can and will only happen organically with the accepting and feeling and working through your “dark” emotions so you may transmute them. Once you feel such emotions, you will most likely forgive– not necessarily the action or the person (if you are not ready for it) but the control it has over you.

Stand up against injustice; don’t retaliate–there is a difference there. You can stand up and bring to light/expose reality without imposing the exact actions committed against you on others; otherwise we become slaves to our anger, to our need for retaliation, and we perpetuate a violent cycle in which eventually we can become the perpetrators over other innocents. There are times one will have to pick up the sword and fight but the real warrior knows “the sword” should always be the last resort and always to stop something not to destroy something. Always making sure one isn’t losing his or her own humanity. Always making sure not to repeat monstrosities but to stop them; taking every life into consideration.

Aftere sharing with you all of this, I hope you can understand why I believe it’s important to understand the powerful yet simple universal Law of “action/reaction” “lesson/wisdom”. Understanding this basic yet powerful rule will help us discern and build a better life for all of us– after all is not just my life that matters or your life that matters; ALL LIVES MATTER; male, female, elderly and young regardless of what race or country you are from. We can be revolutionaries and we should be; let’s just not confuse revolutionaries with turning ourselves into mercenaries. If we believe in equality then it matters not if we think alike; I will respect your right to disagree with my opinion and you can respect mine–ultimately the basic law of Karma/Dharma will prove what was the right path for one can never escape divine universal law.

“Get to know yourself, get to know the rules of the game, then you will know your real adversary. Get to know your adversary and sow transformative revolution, then you shall reap freedom”

Sofia Falcone

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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