If you have followed my blog for some time you would know that I have written a number of articles around the subject of sexuality. Today I would like to write about sexuality from an alchemical perspective. According to the hermetic principle of genre, life is a constant cycle of generations–nothing can exist without being created by two forces; one feminine and the other masculine. The principle of genre is present in all kingdoms of creation; natural, mineral, plant, animal and human.

Ions are charged with polarized energy (positive and negative) and these charges interact in a cosmic game according to universal law, they attract and complement each other. Negative does not mean bad; such association does not apply within these terms; it is better to refer to these charges as feminine and masculine.

Etymologically “gender” originates from the Latin word “Genero” which means “to generate”. The principle of gender tells us that two compliments exist throughout all expressions of life and it manifests by the joining of theses “opposite” forces; it is by their joining that procreation is possible. Everything has a sexual genesis; everything we call “matter” originates from sex. Within life everything comes in “pairs”; pairs of seeds with divine potential.

Let’s look at sexuality from an metaphorical point of view….

The temple of Solomon is one of the most controversial myths. According to conventional sources, it was erected 800 years before Christ, and was destroyed 400 years before Christ. In no way am I trying to be disrespectful to people of various different beliefs; Exoterics, use the story of this myth to solidify their beliefs but I am going to use the myth from an Esoteric perspective; that is to explain further how life reveals itself. Whether the temple truly existed or not is irrelevant; I am going to use it here as an allegory, as our minds were designed to understand myths, symbols, parables.

Esoterically the temple of Solomon would represent Conscience , which is where the “Ark” is kept. The Ark then would represent wisdom/knowledge. “Arcanum” in any language implies “knowledge”; that is the one thing all interpretations have in common.

The temple of Salomon was protected by pillars; Boaz and Jachin. These are Gnostic pillars, they are also principles; Boaz is feminine and Jachin masculine. In the Kabbalistic system these pillars are “compassion and severity”. The seal of Solomon is an ancient symbol that precedes what is modernly called the Star of David; this was a later denomination. This particular symbol represents union of feminine and masculine: the triangle pointing downwards is the chalice. The triangle pointing up is the spade. These are also the alchemical symbols of water and fire. Some Gnostics in reference to sexual chemistry indicate that water + fire = Consciousness. The star then represents the balance within gender aspects.

Some bible verses which can be considered polemic exprese the issue of procreation and gender….

The old testament of the bible is a text which is a copy of older Sumerian texts (Socio-political texts and others). The old testament is full of blood, dominance, misogyny and greed. If it was not given a meaning which transcends the literal (such as a symbolic meaning), one would have to admit such text is meant to cause division and control by a God thirsty for blood and worship. I will not enter into a debate about its many interpretations as most people only know the partial text, but have not read the texts in their totality; which again are found within the Sumerian texts and are available for anyone who is a seeker not of doctrine but of truth (or at least closer to the truth). It is by reading them one begins to understand a few of those texts were mixed and copied and have more to do with politics than religion. This is why I find it has no place to go hand in hand with the new testament; one is more political while the second one is more spiritual.

I am going to present two verses to analyze and consider their influence on people …

“And God created man in his image and likeness; in the image of God he created them: man and woman he created them” Genesis 1:27. This particular verse has been cause for so much controversy, from the creation of an adrogynous Adam, to the creation of men and women with both sexes, genetic creation, or the view that men and women were created to reflect “the Gods” (for that is the most accurate translation from the original word; Gods instead of God). There is so much to debate and none of us hold the ultimate truth; let us not forget these texts were written by a person not a divinity.

Second verse….

” Increase and multiply, and fill the earth and have dominion over it…rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky and all the animals that move on earth” This biblical quote is also open to different interpretations; each one according to their interests.

The above quote has been debated by Gnostics, as how can a real God impose dominion and control; God is about harmony and strength. In Alchemical interpretations which is what this article is mostly concerned with; to grow is seen as to expand in virtues and strengths (personal growth, healing, self development, getting in touch with the core) and multiply in those areas. If we are to subjugate, we are not to subjugate others but our animal instincts and transmute them for they are the cause of human depravity vs evolvement.

In my personal opinion, to procreate is not a divine command and those who choose not to do so, should not be looked down upon. Our conformist society indoctrinates us into false beliefs geared towards a false idea of success and happiness; according to them these are always to be found outside. People who are alchemically asleep, tend to raise more people who are asleep while seemingly awake. What we should strive for is to develop as human beings, to work towards the reclaiming of our own divinity without shame or indoctrination (whether modern or patriarchal) and work to reclaim our center and to live in alignment–spirit, mind and body (without negating or abusing any of these aspects).

Now let’s focus more on sexual transmutation: In people, the Divine energy or Creative energy manifests primarily through sexuality. Due to our neophyte status on sexuality and given the fact most of what is taught about sexuality is basic and geared towards shame or abuse; we believe we have no control of it, much less understanding its tremendous power.

“Sex is life. In it is found the mystery of life in man. We can consider it as the maintainer of the vital flame of the whole body. When it runs out, death ensues” John Baines

It only takes one sperm and one egg to engender a miraculous organic vehicle which will be filled with the divine spark; with all the potential and faculties to change the world. During ejaculation a man releases between 200 to 500 million sperm; if all it’s needed is ONE seed from each in order to procreate then why do we produce so much of them? This is a mystery which scientists try to explain through Darwinian precepts, such as survival of the fittest, yet sexual alchemists see it differently; they understand the seeds of sexuality are not there just to procreate a new person but for so much more….

The alchemical marriage and sex: Certain Gnostic teachings indicate that solar energy is the most powerful; it is pure love emanating from the sun. It is in the waters of all vital existence where that energy is deposited to be assimilated. In humans and animals, it is in the seminal waters (testicles/womb) where this energy is deposited. This solar/sexual energy has an immeasurable generating and regenerating capacity.

The term “Maithuna” which comes from Sanskrit; refers to the esoteric practice of sexual union. It is interpreted by some Induist and Gnostic schools as the transmutation of the seed. By some, it is considered a metaphysical ritual while other teachers base themselves on the Latin phrase “immisum mebrum virile in vaginam feminae sine eiaculatione seminis” which means to insert the “phallus” or penis in the “Yoni” or vagina without spilling the “sacred seed”.

In order to have an orgasm one does not need to ejaculate, this of course requires discipline and practice. Instead of constantly practicing empty rushed sex where the only parts connecting are genitals and often in the same passive positions, it would be more beneficial for partners to connect mentally and spiritually, as this tends to expand sexual desire and sexual connection.

An orgasm which was the result of cheap arousal is detrimental and quite often forgettable, as it is not much different or even less pleasurable than when one masturbates on his/her own. An orgasm which has been built and conduced with skill imprints itself not only within the mind but also at a biological level. That is why masters of sacred sexuality used to teach to be careful who you share your body with; this was later to be misinterpret by patriarchal societies to mean one had to become purist and cover oneself from head to toe. Sexuality was put aside as something to be used to procreate, never to be enjoyed.

In reality what ancient Maithuna, Gnostic or Tantric masters were trying to convey is the fact whenever coitus takes place, people absorb each other’s energy. This means if you were to sleep with someone shallow and superficial, you were to be wasting your energy and absorbing not only those traits but also triggering a fight within. Hence ancient Tantrics would only unite with their mental or spiritual equals or someone with divine potential or purity of heart (not to be confused with a person who never makes mistakes; for there is no such person) in that way they would only absorb energy that would help heal and transform one another towards becoming better human beings. That is why mental and spiritual seduction take precedence and are unmatched when it comes to arousal; however, our bodies are the ultimate carrier of divine energy. Ancient Tantrics understood our bodies were the vehicles; the mind and spirit are the software; only those who understood the software knew how to use the vehicle; in plain words, the more you know yourself and the art of mental and spiritual seduction (which requires you get in touch with the real you; no matter how wounded, weird or imperfect you may think you are) the better you are at using your body to move divine sexual energy; this makes the sexual encounter unforgettable–turning you into a Kali woman or a Shiva man.

A Kali woman is not a “girls gone wild woman” , neither is a Shiva man a “male player/stud” ; rather they are to represent the people who know how to command their sexuality; knowing when to turn the sexual energy on and off and always with consciousness. They represent the archetypes of gods/goddesses and warriors which do not mate mediocrely but with intension. A pleasurable sensation is shared which goes beyond a few minutes of thrusting or a couple of hours of empty talk while getting inebriated past the point of relaxation. In order to reach that level of sexuality one has to stop playing childish mental games and choose to own his or herself with all the light and with all the darkness found within.

A Kali woman or Shiva man are often quite intimidating to talk and relate to, but there lies their power; they carry within them the power to help you open your eyes and look beyond your basic animal instincts–that is one of the gifts of alchemical sexuality–TRANFORMATION TOWARDS EVOLVEMENT. This Gnostic approach in general indicates the ascent of kundalini which is the divine force that awakens us to consciousness. To tap into this force one would have to work on healing and building oneself as a Kali woman or Shiva man; learning the paths to integrate sexually, mentally and spiritually. These are what Maithuna, Pure Tantra, The Real Arcanum, The Solar Arcanum, The Integral Sexual Transmutation, The Karezza and Coitus Reservatus try to teach.

The above schools work towards the awakening of consciousness; teaching that empty or mediocre sexuality is a waste of great energy, which depletes us not only mentally but shortens our longevity. According to them, one can use sexuality to extend or shorten our lives.

Chinese culture; based on Induist influence; build the “Inner Alchemy” of Taoism which is also called “Taoist Alchemy” or “Tao yoga”. This philosophy deals mainly with the prolongation of physical life and the mystical union. Tantra is another path; a philosophy, an art, a discipline; which most people are not familiar with. Most of the time people only have knowledge of some tantric aspects in relations to sexuality but lack the knowledge on how these integrate with the psychological and spiritual perspectives commonly knowns as “rituals”; it is imperative then not to confuse Tantra with just sexual tricks. NO matter what path you may choose, if your mind isn’t mature enough, the results will lead you nowhere. In order to practice Alchemical Sexuality one has to be willing to dig deep.

Alchemical Sexuality does not recognize pornography, virtual relationships, friends with benefits, promiscuity, and mental immaturity (abuse of our bodies or rigidness and punishment of our bodies). Although some schools or religions condemn same gender sexuality; Tantra (which is my branch of study) does not; so long as it is not entered due to unhealed traumas or the result of predisposed programming. That is why Tantra looks down on any system which seeks to incentivize children towards exploring a new normality. Children are pure energy and host the cleanest souls and minds; our society is the one that seeks to pollute them with oversexualization while maintaining their minds immature and their spirits locked. Those whom life has called towards a different path sexually do not need others to push them there; what they need is acceptance and respect when they get there because their souls call them to it; not because people pushed them one way or another or because they have wounds which they rather not deal with. Tantra respects life and choice (in order to make a choice one needs to be conscious and mentally mature), it does however condemn any system that tries to destroy the “I” within someone, and tries to create chaos and uncertainty of whether one is male or female. Life is like water, it will flow, it will find a way; it does not need others to try to blast the way, for the result after a blast won’t be pure water but also rocks which were never meant to be there.

Tantra does not recognize promiscuity, swingers, friends with benefits or virtual relationships as it finds them superficial and destructive; for their sexuality will be a reflection of the superficial, where people use sexuality to escape rather than to enjoy and reflect. On the other hand Tantra accepts Monogamy and Polyamory for these type of relationships often have mental and spiritual apport built into them. Rapport is what is important; unlike promiscuity or friends with benefits–Polyamories are deep mental and spiritual connections with specific people (they don’t go around trying to have relationships with various people) where at times sexuality is shared–lies, games and pretenses aren’t part of it. Polyamory is not promiscuity; sex is not the objective, also because there are no lies, no one is kept in the dark and everyone is open about their light and darkness. Unfortunately Polyamory like the word Tantra has become tainted by immature people who use it in an effort to make their life style more acceptable. Having been part of both of these groups, I can testify as to what real Polyamory relationships are as well as Blessed Monogamy. Tantra recognizes monogamy isn’t for everyone; it recognizes Blessed monogamy or Evolve Monogamy is rare, as such it accepts that traditional monogamy may or may not last forever; it holds no illusions and that is exactly what is needed in order to practice Alchemical Sexuality.

Certain Neoplatonic groups condemn practices found within Alchemical Sexuality, but they do so based on fear and the desire to maintain control over a sleeping population that only uses sex to escape. Researcher Wilhem Reich brings a more scientific and social approach to this creative force. This psychologist and Scientist postulates the orgasm is a very special energy and should be used cautiously; with that said it should not be denied since repression is the cause of many addictions and pathologies. He talks about the psychosomatic effect; diseases of the body are caused by the mind and those of the mind are caused by the body. He believed true mental and physical health of a person could be measured by their orgasmic potential; the administration of this vital force known as prana or chi–proper balance of these energies determine our health.

From a sociological aspect, Alchemical Sexuality is believed to be kept “hidden” or “secret” or “taboo” in an effort to maintain such a tremendous awaking force at bay; resulting in a population easy to manipulate: ignorance is perpetuated. Dissonance also takes part of this sociological game as people are offer two options:

a) abuse your body and your mind (treating oneself as a piece of meat and feeding the mind only junk) b)restrict and punish your body (deny ones desires and pretend or condemn them) and don’t question anything (don’t use your mind)

In the middle of this war are people who end up so exhausted they no longer care to look for a different way. Let us not forget fornication is not sex; it is sexual debauchery which lacks any meaning or any power towards self healing or self growth. Hiding and denying is as bad as trying to stop a tornado from happening, when it does it will only leave destruction. Despite knowing this, sex is used by some to try to make themselves look dominant (often males) or to make one seem desirable (often females) yet without knowledge or respect for sexuality, the most their union could hope for is an easily forgettable 10 – 15 minutes of genital stimulation; all the while the power of the orgasm remains hidden and if not used appropriately it simply dies.

While our false ego controls us, we will be at the mercy of our animal instincts while perpetuating the wearing of a false mask; a mask which at the end of the day will have to come off, leaving one alone staring at the mirror wondering why with all the “acceptance” we are still so bloody unhappy and lonely. To give in to empty sex is to be but a slave of our most basic instincts; the question is, do you want to be a slave or your own master? Sexual desire is one of the strongest stimuli; a human being can surrender to carnal desires, live looking for pleasant moments that will soon be forgotten and waste the potential or can use this beautiful magic, this creative force, transmuting it towards something valid, something important , a transcendent objective. Within sacred sexuality hides a tremendous gift; within its mysteries lies our divine potential, the power to not only procreate but to create!

“To seduce the animal within is easy; to make love like a skillful lover is an art”

Sofia Falcone

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!


    1. To be honest I have not come across a good book on Polyamory; most of the books one currently finds actually add to the confusion of this particular term. Modern books seem to use this term to sanctify other life styles such as polygamists and swingers. Polyamory however is neither of those things nor are they promiscous. The term Polyamory in its literal sense and how it is seen by any serious polyamorist is “a person who is romantically involved with more than one person”. True polyamorists use this lifestyle to connect with more than one person but usually less than 3. What they are looking for isn’t sex, it’s understanding and to slowly learn to trust. Most polyamorists are afraid to commit not due to immaturity but usually due to trauma; because they don’t want to get hurt nor hurt others, they choose that particular lifestyle. Polyamory then is a deep emotional connection, with no lies towards anyone, without hiding nor pretending. I hope this answers your question. I might write more on this topic later as there seems to be much confusion.

      I am currently writing on Tantra, the book will come out in June. Again since the term has become so tainted by people who don’t know of the subject yet use it to once more sanctify their lifestyle, there are many books which actually can cause more damage than help. There is one particular book I would recommend to any beginner which is well written and I find is more in alignment with what Tantra actually teaches “The Art of Tantra” by Guillermo Ferrara.

      As per your question on Archetypes I would recommend any of Carl Jung’s books, specially “Four Archetypes”. I do not recommend anyone to dive into “The Red Book” by same author as if one isn’t familiar with his other writings, isn’t familiar with alchemy or hasn’t started the process of healing–the book can cause more confusion.

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  1. Very well explained… is not about physical mating of two has more to do with mind…it is not about proving or dominating or feeling wanted ….it is not easy to attain the stage of ‘Shiva’ man and Kali woman but it is not beyond reach too…
    The exchange of energy is certainly one of the best outcomes when two people are together…and orgasm is not dependent on physical mating..
    Stay blessed 🙏😇


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