False Ego Barriers and Three-Dimensional Illusion

A half-truth is a complete lie. Get to know yourself, learn the laws of the game and get to know your real adversary.

If we were told history isn’t worth learning, that it needs to be erased if it makes us uncomfortable. If we were told our careers are immoral if they do not submit to the new system, that everything our ancestors taught us is obsolete or false; unless we have become robots of the media; our instincts would rebel. Just the fact I’ve used such statement would cause a rebellion within anyone who feels their identity has been attacked; this type of reaction is natural and found within both sides of the spectrum. We tend to dislike anyone who may challenge us with information instead of propaganda, especially if that information goes against what we would like to believe. It matters not if the information is valid and truthful, the fact that it challenges our perspective is enough to shoot the messenger; as such we have lost the ability to debate and are quickly losing the ability to think for ourselves objectively; even if we don’t like what we see…separating facts from ideologies.

In order to better understand why we react in a defensive way, I will present to you the following scenario: If I were to tell you that Darwinian microbiological evolution has been proved time and time again to be mostly unfounded; propagated by eugenicists, who within their branch of study find themselves quite at opposite ends; that your God no longer is the force inside of you or even a deity you look up to, but the mighty dollar which has turn you into a slave. If I were to tell you most of us have narcissistic tendencies which go against our mental and spiritual evolution. If I were to tell you most governments; regardless of whether they lean to the left or to the right; are less like a guiding entity of order and evolution and more like an executor of slavery, where most people are “happy slaves” because they no longer have to do the thinking, that way if something doesn’t work out, there will always be someone or something else to blame. If I were to say all of this aloud to an auditorium of random people, most would see it as an attack. The pain would feel almost physical, as if I was stabbing each person, and a hatred towards myself would be felt (without knowing me or the facts of which I speak of) simply because people felt challenged by the mere fact I dared to speak and ask for logic to be used. In that reaction is where the key to self development lies; what are we? Are we our beliefs, our thoughts, habits, dogmas, paradigms or masks? or are we something more? and if we are more, why then are we so eager to shut down logical, healthy debates, where facts and rationale are used over propaganda and whatever feels good at the moment?

Our ancestors were more capable of understanding and holding debates; they were more mentally mature and more resilient, why? because they did not seek to put a band aid on everything that bothered them and because they dealt with reality as is, instead of venerating illusions, creating a false reality; in other words denial and delusions. They didn’t get everything right, but it is better to learn from mistakes than it is to sugar coat or cover up anything we may not like. Debates were not held based on feelings but on facts; in an effort to get to as close to the truth or to a solution that would work for all. They understood one can not think rationally while becoming emotional, as such unable to see clearly.

When we talk to people about something they reject; unless they are willing to look at all sides; they will automatically filter any information through their beliefs; not the truth or reason but what they want to believe to be the truth. More often than not, they will attack without informing themselves first as to whether or not there is any validity to the argument presented, as they are more concerned with being right than with the truth. Other times, the media uses people to their advantage, providing a false sense of belonging and being a promoter of change without providing such people with all the information; in other words they use their emotions, desires or wounds against them. That is what ancient master would call the “defending of the mask” or the false “I”.

We are not making history, we are constantly rediscovering what was already there; life consists of cycles and we have gone through these cycles before, slight differences but at the core same processes are at play. Regarding the false “I”, Ancient Masters would say that is typical of the false being to hide behind the word “Respect”; either not understanding its actual meaning or twisting it to defend the false mask; a shield to excuse immorality and the destruction of the real “I”. Interestingly enough we find ourselves witnessing the use of respect as a shield; for example “I don’t have to look at the data, other than the one which supports my views and you need to respect that”. “Respect” has been stripped of its dignity and use over and over again as a tactic to perpetuate moral relativism.

Respect has been obfuscated as acceptance of stupidity or ignorance, considering any action or manifestation as valid so long as it is presented under the banner of “cultural” growth.

Aldous Huxley

What does “Respect” actually mean? Respect comes etymologically from the Latin “respectare”, composed of the prefix “re” which means repetition and the verb “spectare”, the spectator’s own action. To respect is to analyze again and again ourselves and the information we are being provided; separating emotions from logic. The person who does not analyze himself again and again, who does not like to question his own beliefs and that which is provided, who accepts everything that is presented, is by definition someone who does not know how to respect his own self. Gnostics used to say, if one does not respect (as per the above definition) oneself, how can that person deserve respect from others or have the capacity to respect others.

There are those who believe immorality masqueraded as morality needs to be accepted. Reason says: anything which goes against the destruction of the real “I”, cannot be respected. This can expand to current agendas, anything which demands the indoctrination or confusion of young minds to satisfy the agendas of adults and their feelings, cannot be respected nor defended. An adult is free to choose how to live life, a child’s choices should be respected (without indoctrination or manipulation one way or the other) until he or she is of age of reason to make the appropriate decisions, therefore exercising his or her power of free will while having the capacity to understand the pros and cons of his or her own choices. One has the right to express opinions; however, one cannot impose those believes as facts in order to satisfy one’s own feelings. The unique process of physical and emotional growth of every human being should be respected; therefore teaching people to be caring and accepting is what should be encouraged vs the chaotic imposition of a cultural agenda which has generated more confusion and which in reality acts not that different than the patriarchal system they so much detest; imposition.

A person who is not willing to look at both sides of an argument is a person easy to be controlled. A person who lacks strength in “I” cannot tell the difference between what is light and what is darkness, between the real self and the false mask. Lack of logic, ignorance, violence, cruelty, manipulation and the eradication of the real self should not be respected.

Samael Aun Weor

There are certain neurons and neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine which are activated when facing something that threatens us; be it physically or psychologically. They act as triggers which release enzymes that pigeonhole us in a defense mode. This mechanism of defense is often used when confronted with new information which challenges us to look at other facts. This mechanism often threatens the false “I” which defends itself by triggering unhealed wounds, unresolved traumas or by making us feel as if we are being put down simply because we are being asked to look at all angles. The enzymes released are the same as those released in situations of physical danger; adrenaline; this added to our survival instinct, inhibit the limbic system and pigeonhole us in the reptilian brain. The false “I” blinds us to anything which will demand our expansion while rewarding us by making us “feel” good whenever we choose a path which will guarantee its existence and the extermination of the real “I”; for the path to introspection and the shedding of the false “I” is not an easy or pleasant one; however, at the end the benefits far outweigh the hardships encountered along the way. If we are not willing to break old patterns, to embrace communication and the ability to debate by the presenting of facts, then we will not be able to develop the neuroplasticity necessary to grow and awaken to a clearer, less convoluted reality; where we can differentiate when we are executing choice and when our emotions are being used in order to manipulate and control us.

The philosopher Martin Heidegger defines what it is to be inauthentic. The “dasein” (spirit) has the possibility of being authentic or inauthentic. The inauthentic dasein does not decide or choose for itself, it only believes itself to be authentic while in reality it is being influenced by others. The inauthentic self is provided with inconsequential choices within a pre-assembled scheme meant to confuse self. The false ego will always hold onto what is relative, to what is at present being promoted, in order to protect itself while giving the spirit a false sense of heroism. However, it has no anchor, the false self’s thoughts and values will change according to what is most popular at the time; that’s its game and when we don’t realize this we lack the ability to recognize we are being played by the mask we portray. The false ego will feel attacked and hurt by the existence of Universal Laws and Principles which cannot be denied and which are meant to respect and protect the authenticity of every human being; allowing us to make free choices for ourselves vs being manipulated; assuming we know what those who are not yet mature enough to speak for themselves and who lack the maturity to understand the complexity of their own emotions will want out of life. To respect someone is very different than to assume we know what that person will need.

Those who wake up and see past the veil, share a common world while maintaining their identity. Those who are sleep believe they have identity yet they are following the herd, all the while maintaining a separatist world.


Now let’s talk about the barriers the false ego creates to keeps us locked to the veil of existence. These barriers are commonly known as “Capital Sins” which were not created by institutionalized religions but where there since the beginning of time. How they were seen by Gnostics is very different than how they are commonly taught by religion. Greed, envy, laziness, gluttony, lust, pride and anger are the barriers the false “I” created. They are not there for us to blame or punish ourselves, for at one point or another we all have experienced them. They are not there to be denied while pounding our chests and looking the other way so as not to displease God; they are there for us to look at them head on, to learn from them, from ourselves, so we may transmute them.

Greed: Mostly the result of idolizing the modern God “Money”. Greed or excessive love for money as an equivalent of success is linked to our reptilian brain; meaning the part of our brain less developed. The constant desire and the amassing of toys and money which far exceeds what we need, more often than not serves as a jail; blocking any mental or spiritual progress. Those who love money often love false power (control) which is another scheme of the false ego to keep us trapped.

Envy: The need to feel better than another person or to have more than another person; it matters not if we don’t need to have more, what matters is the need to feel “above” someone else. In reality is unresolved wounds; the desire to have what the other person has but without doing the work within.

Laziness: Ancient philosophers used to say the easiest way to go to hell is to be lazy. Their terminology encompassed more than what the word modernly is known for. They use it as reference for people who do no like to take a stand and try to be pleasing with everyone (the congenial personality who seeks to be friends with everyone), those who do not like to think and who abdicate their own responsibilities; therefore letting horrible things take place while claiming “no knowledge” or misunderstanding of what really is going on. People who avoid self development, avoid healing their wounds, and who like instant gratification are by its original definition lazy.

Gluttony: It makes us slaves to our bodies. This is often tied up to unresolved wounds, for at its root it means to live with anxiety. Gluttony then is the result of anxiety felt by a human being who may not be able to identify where the pain is coming from or who knows but cannot change the circumstances; it is out of his or her control. Gluttony is not only meant to be used on those who eat with anxiety but also on those who practice excess in other areas, such as drinking pop, liquor, smoking, drugs, excessive use of games, working out excessively, social media, TV, etc.

Lust: Being sexual isn’t bad, the problem lies when one is controlled by his or her genitals, when one cannot transcend the animal state in order to differentiate healthy sexuality from unhealthy uninhibited sexuality; then one becomes a slave to the less develop brain (the reptilian brain). When one is incapable of differentiating between what is sensual and what is trash, that person often acts as an animal in heat and a slave to unhealthy desires and false acceptance. Sexual magic is the use of sexuality to awaken the Kundalini so as to unite mind, body and spirit. Sexual magic is practiced by ancient traditions such as “Real Tantra” and others. Lust does not only concern itself with sex but also with other frivolities such as the need to get more and more likes (false recognition) over things which are mundane.

Pride: Pride is not bad and is often misinterpreted; just like ego is. The problem isn’t pride but false pride. More often than not people like to use the word humility as an antidote for pride. At its root the word humility means to live with your head down, to humiliate yourself for the sake of others; so they may feel good. In reality we should not be using humility but simplicity. Pride is a natural process which takes place when we have achieved something that took effort from our part; it is what will help develop a strong and healthy sense of self. False pride on the other hand is often the result of mundane acts which require little or no effort. It’s the worshipping of the masks we carry, and is often based on putting others down. It is the need to feel more important without doing anything, or thinking oneself to be unique but doing exactly what everyone else is doing. False pride is so strong that whenever someone confronts us to look in, we feel attacked and respond in ignorance, which only leads to slavery to the false self. False pride leads often to narcissism; real pride knows one can be wrong and is open to apologizing; for none us know all the secrets of the universe and what they entail.

Anger: There is healthy and reasonable anger and unhealthy destructive anger. Anger is something we have been taught to repress, to feel shocked when someone expresses it and/or to dismiss it (denial). Ancient masters used to differentiate anger in 2 ways; Blue flame anger (anger which has a reason and serves a purpose) and Red flame anger (anger which is destructive and changes nothing). Getting angry because someone challenge your beliefs, then stewing on the person vs analyzing the information being presented is unhealthy anger. Getting angry because life didn’t unfold the way you expected it and then blaming everyone else for it, is unhealthy anger. Getting angry because someone challenged your manhood and then beating that person up is unhealthy anger. Getting angry because someone challenged your womanhood and then spreading lies about that person is unhealthy anger. Getting angry (triggered) because someone abuses a child and stepping in to defend that child, is healthy anger. Getting angry because one race/country subdues another and stepping in to create change is healthy anger. Standing up for the defenseless is healthy anger. Standing up against the herd mentally is healthy anger. Anger when properly channeled, with logic and strength can be healthy. Anger meant to only provide more division, more chaos, isn’t healthy anger, is false ego.

We live in world so confused on what the ego truly is, that they seek to destroy it, without understanding in doing so they are destroying their own selves. At our core we are spirit, but we are spirit experiencing itself through a material body, living in a material world; it needs an ego (a healthy ego) not only to survive but to evolve and thrive. We need to learn to properly use all of our senses; all 6 of them. The concept of 5 senses is but young one; in ancient times they acknowledged 6 senses; the 6th sense is our thoughts. We need to learn to use our thoughts in order to better understand ourselves and our surroundings. Thoughts aren’t who we are but they are a tool. Emotions aren’t who we are, they are a tool to gage where we are at. The unison of these two is what leads to coherency. Hence when I talk about applying logical thinking based on facts to a situation, I am not diminishing feelings; on the contrary, I am trying to unite them coherently. I can feel like bringing a positive change to the world, that is a great feeling, but my feeling is not a fact. I then have to think logically and look at all facts, so as to make an informed decision which will be in alignment with my feelings and which will produce much better results than if I simply use my feelings as supporting evidence. Using our feelings as supportive evidence, is not being objective or logical, and in doing so we succumb to yet another extreme. Being tricked into extremes is easy; one is falsely lead to believe one is exercising free will and power when in reality it is an extreme; radicalism which will only bring forth what it always has, destruction, slavery, resentment and division.

It is time to take the time to look in and ask ourselves if the paths currently provided to bring forth “change” are the best conduit to the end goal (peace, understanding, respect) or are our hearts being played, using our dislike for the patriarchal system and the oppression it brought, in order to bring forth the exact same results; leading us only to behave in the exact way those who we claim oppressed us did… as bullies, who are out for blood and punishment instead of change.

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a decaying society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of a country. The best weapon we have to defend ourselves is proper education and our ability to objectively assess situations; looking at all angles even when we may not like what we may find.


By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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