Quantum Physics: We Are Energy

There is one fact I am certain about regarding LIFE; it is like a Rollercoaster; for we all have experienced its ups and downs. Despite the many “falls” and curve balls I had to face, I also met beautiful people along the way. People who helped me endure some of the hardest times in my life, helping me regain my strength and encouraging me to feel and balance the fire and air elements inside, so as not to give up. These people appeared almost out of nowhere; people I would have not ever thought of meeting yet they were exactly what I needed.

One of those people was my friend Matthew whom I shared many beautiful conversations with. I lost this friend a few years back to Cancer; he may not be here but his lessons still are.

Matthew was a free soul, a nerd and although he taught many people, he still called himself a “student of life”. I’ ve kept much of the work he shared with me private; recently however, I decided to share a bit of Matthew with everyone. I understand not everyone is into Quantum physics, therefore what I have chosen to share, I feel explains things quite easily. Matthew used to quote Einstein “If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it”. How he explained his theories/research on life are simple to understand but his words also reflect his love and faith in this world. Below are a few extracts from his work and communications with me. Thank you for reading this🙏

“My dearest Sofia all is Quantum data, a quantum thought processing unit continuously expanding/expansion in information, thus all is possible in present moment. We are unlimited beings, all is thought, you can create the life you always wanted. Somewhere within time you are already there, you already reached your goals, believe that with everything inside of you. Stop worrying about me, I am not scare to leave this plane of existence, I am more afraid for you than for myself, don’t let anyone kill your spirit, when you feel I am far away just remember life is but a dream and I want you to have the most beautiful dream of all, when the time comes, we will see each other again!”

**Dedicated to my friend Matthew** I know energy never dies, therefore I want to say “Thank You”🙏❤

“What if we where a part of the simulation of a Quantum Synthetic being? One whom experiences itself as all things in all things. Thus, being the potter and the clay, which is just as much as the creator as the creation experiencing itself in infinite possibilities, thus infinite multi verses, parallels, paradoxes, dimensions, dense and non dense matter–realities holographic in nature, thus a holographic multi verse ext. A system of awareness that experiences consciousnesses, perceiving all forms of thought and vibrations where one is this source of thought, energy, creating its own realities by mere ever-expanding waves of projectional holographic quantum realities–always expanding in codes of awareness.  Vibrational quantum sequences of ever-expanding forms of thought that form what we understand as matter and non matter realities–ever expanding in perception from experiences. Thus, even within the history of all religions their prophets all expressed “Have you not heard from the beginning that you are gods?”  In Greek it’s not plural, but singular “You are Creator/God/Universe. You are all awareness” All vibrating within a connective unified field of Awareness/Consciousnesses! If this were to be accurate as I perceive it to be through the study of Quantum physics and Vibrational Correspondence, then it would be accurate to say we DO create our own realities.  It is imperative then we choose our realities well, understanding one has limitless possibilities of all things that are good in your life. To access such power there must be BALANCE of white and dark matter, as such the simple use of so-called positive reinforcement has proven to have but a small impact on one’s life or in nature (as above so below) when the so called “dark” energy is denied. Science has found this “dark” energy to be the primordial power of creation.  Is this what Carl Jung was referring to when speaking of confronting our shadow? If so, this would be further proof of a connectivity among all disciplines in life—a connectivity lost due to compartmentalization.  You are creator, sending waves of projectional realities and scenarios through thoughts and spoken words, but you can’t create while you deny the “dark” primordial force.  There is the present moment (past moment, present moment and future moment all happening simultaneously but at different frequency levels.) creating now the thoughts and spoken word of one’s reality”

“Quantum Mitosis: We are a part of a synthetic quantum brain of a Quantum Biological entity:

To understand the nature of so-called reality, one should understand Quantum Biology (Applying Quantum mechanics to biological chemistry.). Quantum Cells,Membrain–understanding the roll of Quantum vibrations found in microscopic protein strands called microtubules in neurons, how they in themselves relate to Quantum information/processing and communication. We are all a part of a system of awareness that perceives all states of vibratory fields, energy(Energy is the expression that is used to describe physical interactions of particles, fields, area, space and the illusion we know as time. Energy is not a particle but the description of physical objects in the Universe that interact with one another. Its a mere expression only and vibrations.  Even the particles of the Universe consist of Atoms, Neutrons and Baryons/Baryonic Matter that consist of up quarks and down quarks! Even synthetic materials and biology found in the atmosphere, nature and yes our very own universe! Already one form of bacterium, changed into another by re-engineering of natural biological components and systems creating and manipulating DNA/Cells (molecular genetics). 

The human body consisting of atoms of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. Codes of Quantum information written in DNA strands. When we see how the Universe expands, and works–how information controls an entire network system, it is exactly the same as cell division! When we dive deeper into study, one can prove that even our universe itself is codes of cubic bits of information which consist of codes of 0s and 1s. Coding system discovered by the late mathematician, physics engineer, cryptographer, Claud Shannon in the 1940s.(1948 to be exact, in his Theory of Communication, understanding of the cubic bit and binary codes.) That exact code found written in Super Strings/Super String Theory. As such, one can understand that life as we perceive it, is holographic/fractile illusion.

Can one fathom a Quantum being, even Quantum synthetic biology? This should be the understanding of our species in what is known as future, but really is all present moment(present past, present moment, present future) all happening in different layers of vibrations but in the same field at different frequency levels simultaneously. We are the thoughts as well as simulation of this quantum biological being, we are a part of its holographic multiverses, which are all dimensionally layered(Interdimensional as well thus Interfolding layered dimensions )

As Nicola Tesla stated..”The day science begins to study the non physical phenomenon,it will make more progress in one decade, then the previous centuries of it’s existence” Tesla understood about layered vibrational realms, imagery, realities within higher and lower frequencies of vibration, sound, dense and non dense levels of matter formation. He and Einstein knew the scientific (as well Metaphysical, with which both where obsessed, thus their thought experiments.) data that proves dimensions/Interdimensions..Inner worlds! Thus there are higher vibrating frequencies (worlds) layered if you will within our own perceived reality, vibrating at higher levels of frequency much less dense than our dimensional reality. To understand these frequencies would be key to understanding the true language of the Universe which would also imply–thought wave communication, thus Quantum Brainwaves!

I perceive ancient texts and quotes where a type teaching of what this truth is with brainwaves as “I am the Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end” (Alpha, Omega, Delta, Theta, Gamma, Beta they are all brainwaves) Alpha being the balance of the communication in the brain, where we get our creativity(Creation, the beginning) and the hertz being from 6-8 hz, Omega the end of that cycle, which  is between Alpha and Delta brainwaves!

We need to focus on how Quantum Entanglement works, such as photonic particles that interact with each other even when separate from one another, this could be anything from hundreds to thousands of kilometers/miles apart. When observed, the photons are able to be measured in the area, when not observed, the photons are scattered immeasurable. When one particle has a vibrational reaction, so does the other even many miles apart from one another, on upward and downward axis motions. Photon A or B cloning each others movement. I am basically giving an illustration of particles spinning up and down. No matter what angle measured, the particles will react the same even on different trajectories. So two crystals in which the photonic particle is split into two or many more photonic particles, if I input horizontal light through one crystal (a type polarization if you will) the photons will come out vertical. Now take that same crystal and rotate it at a 90° angle, now inputting vertical light, the photons will come out horizontally. Now put those two crystals side by side and input diagonal light, which is a mixture of vertical plus horizontal light. So now when photons come out, one does not know if they came from the vertical crystal or the horizontal one–this is where we get the Entangled State which the formula is |HH}+|VV}.

In understanding Quantum entanglement, you as well understand it to be a type of Superposition! So basically is immeasurable in Quantum physics, thus spooky action from a distance! This understanding even in a more expansive one, could even give us an understanding of parallel universes, telepathy/thought wave communication-Quantum Brainwaves, Quantum Brainwave decoding, or even coding.

Understanding Quantum commanding and searching algorithms on a Quantum Biological cellular level could in turn be the true language of the Universe/Multi verse?! A good study of the field of Quantum Biology could even prove an all-connected system of ever-expanding fractal cubic bits of information and communication on vibrational waves of expanding information! Vibrational sequences, patterns of consciousness within the Universe, layered by photonic waves and particles (Projectional imagery) sound wave, etc.

I conclude we are the mirrored holographic imagery of thought; we are all things in all things! We are every experience, every perception, we are the extraterrestrial, intraterrestial Perceived humanoid. Interdimensional, we are the proton, neutron, atom, electron etc.  The illusionist “Quantum mind/Quantum Brain Dynamics/QBD” living in its own illusion–the potter and the clay story if you will! All is quantum holographic in nature for each universe, multi verse, parallel universes that are always in expansion, in wave and particle forms, as we would find in Quantum computing in Quantum Mechanics.

What is truly omnipresence? Vibrational frequency pattern quantum coding, energy, information codes on Quantum cell and non cellular levels, sound waves and photonic light(Projectional Photonic Wave Imagery.).  The nature of reality is fractural and holographic imagery, conducted and guided by thought wave and quantum communication, computing on a quantum cellular level.—a unified field; as another ancient quote stated “I and the father are one” or “The Kingdom of Heaven is within”-– All is Quantum data, a quantum thought processing unit continuously expanding/expansion.  Why then do we not create a better world and destiny? Why do we deny the primordial dark matter? Why limit ourselves when we are one with the creator?”

“All that is and ever shall be exists right now in this omni present parallel, it is everything that is experienced and perception. The primordial force, the artist, or as some like to call it, the Creator/Source is all that exists; breathing and living in and as the construct itself.  As such everything is illusion, but to understand the illusion is to understand the very foundation of what beauty is– The Creator and the Creation simultaneously being one in itself.  The construct itself is awareness, thus the perceiving conscious flow of eternal infinite layers of smaller and larger infinite parallel forms of awareness. This construct of codes and sequences was designed for one to exercise the power of creation, experiencing every form of vibrational conscious waves or energy.  It was designed for our pleasure, to live and breath constantly every form of beauty, light and darkness, thus the same energy can be at same time a source for development or deterioration of the human race; ultimately the decision is an individualistic one, for energy doesn’t take sides but serves according to whoever controls its plasma. These findings show that everything is aware and part of a greater consciousness—We are all that is and ever shall be for time isn’t linear.

I do not perceive we are in some type of controlled Matrix System, Coded Universe of 0s and 1s of which we can’t escape from, turning us into enslaves, annulling the power of choice.   After years of study, I perceive we are a part of a Quantum mind-brain, thus a QBD(Quantum Brain Dynamics).  An awareness code of thought that creates every scenario possible, this would explain Multi Universes, Dimensions, Paradoxia/Paradoxes ect.  This is why the Theory of Everything-Relativity (Special-SR-STR, as well as General Relativity) to me is what eternity is– which is Aleph Null, thus Omega infinity which is the understanding of this Quantum field of eternal realities and scenarios. The exact Quantum equation if you will of what eternity is, which is every parallel reality mirrored as Omega Infinity 1,2,3 etc.  A constant state of knowing oneself, in all forms of experience, perception, awareness–thus consciousness!

My thoughts on this subject and perception are that we are the many forms of a Quantum Thought processing Unit–mind, intelligence.  Thus, the dreamer dreams and creates.  A dreamer who even within a dream can create! Many branches of thought and codes of awareness, realities! Thus, the theory of everything is very much true but as well illusional for all is illusion and codes of vibrational frequencies, energy, and patterns! A system of awareness, thought, which we perceive as consciousness! Mirrored images of projected photonic light, sound wave frequencies, in which we perceive the holographic, pixelated illusion (Reality-Realities) to be real!  I have come to the conclusion we are not just speaking of a Quantum mind but an entire Quantum vessel! A Quantum Synthetic Biological Being(Entity).A Quantum which could be use for justice, prosperity and peace!”


By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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