Reclaiming My Spirit

**Rough copy I sit by the fire, wine touches my lips Tonight, it is more my enemy than my ally Suddenly my body feels as if on fire Memories fly as if propelled by a hurricane My body aches, My mind wonders, My soul cries, There is something missing… I cannot breathe I get undressed…… Continue reading Reclaiming My Spirit


Female silhouette on summit

**Rough copy What is life? A process, we seldom stop to recognize A quest, which in our ignorance we jeopardize Life, a journey we barely comprehend Beautiful Fearsome Fleeting A collection of just moments Moments of confusion Moments we regret Moments we admire Moments which set our soul on fire Like a beautiful Tango Life…… Continue reading Life

The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand in many ways is one of my favorite writers. I literally came upon two of my most fascinating books by accident. When my father moved to Canada we lived in Ontario. At the time being a single father, he wanted me to grow close to his sister who lives in British Columbia, so…… Continue reading The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

Good or Bad? Exploring Human Nature

Every now and then I get into a peculiar mood, which although chaotic at times, gives birth to a lot of self expression. The chaos seems to be born out of a desire to understand myself more, as well as the world which surrounds me. I tend to become more introspective, and carefully navigate the…… Continue reading Good or Bad? Exploring Human Nature