That is all I will be left with soon

Your departure is imminent

You leave me here as you move on to another journey

I can feel the tears welling up inside

I want to cry but tears won’t flow

My heart too afraid to let go

Too afraid to say goodbye.

In limbo I find myself now

I don’t want you to go but I know your suffering is too great

Memories is all I will have left,

Precious moments of my life with you

Memories of life…your life

A grandmother to others, a MOTHER to me

Beautiful inside and out

Perfectly imperfect and proud of being so.

A voice strong and soft

As your wisdom taught lessons with love

Although time has gone by

All your beauty still shines

You were my great anchor

I now feel like a boat without its sail

Like earth without rain.

How many times was your soul broken?

Yet your spirit remained the same

The fire inside burning full blaze.

Do you know you taught me strength?

You gave every part of yourself,

You taught me how to care     

Your stories lit up my face

They filled me with hope and desire to live

To my thirsty and battered soul, you were life’s water

You were always a pillar of strength

A fiery Volcano

A bird without a cage

Your arms always open

Ready to guide and protect those who strayed.

I learned so much from you

I learned real laughter is reflected in the eyes

I learned real love is not one without troubles

I learned a good person is not the one who is most amicable

And a real leader is not the one most people like

Valuable lessons I will carry throughout my life.

Your wisdom goes beyond basic rationale

Wisdom gained through hard blows

Wisdom gained through time and pain

You taught me about second chances

About the power of the human spirit

And the journey towards rebirth of the soul

Thanks to you I found the courage to reclaim myself

Thanks to your wisdom I am alive

Thanks to you I dare to stand where others hide

Thanks to you I can swim against the current

I can dance under the rain

I can sing my truth even if my voice shakes.

Even though you are in pain

Your smile welcomes me every time

In your eyes I see all the things you cannot longer say

There is no need for words

My heart always understood yours.

As I sit here today

Soaked by the rain

I find myself “smiling”

As I lift my eyes towards the sky, I say your name

Such a sweet name….

Here is to you… Elizabeth

A name I am honored to have as my own

I will do you proud sweet lady

You have been my angel while on earth

And although it hurts to see you this way

Knowing you are soon to depart

Off to a place where there is no more pain

No more sadness,

No regrets,

I know wherever you are you will hear me

Whenever I shall think of you

Whenever I was to whisper your name

It will be to rise me from the fires of hell

It will be to describe what love is

For you have been love incarnate

Forever tattooed within my heart

If ever someone asks me what love and strength are

I have one word to describe them


Until we meet again my angel

My friend

My mother!

-Sofia Elizabeth Falcone-

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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  1. Beautiful expression of emotions. The reader can feel the love, the pain as he reads through. Life is what happens between birth and death and not many actually leave behind such memories as your grandmother had created for you .After a point of time it is the memories which become our soul companions.
    Stay blessed..stay strong..


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