**rough draft


What is perfection?

Does it even exist?

Why are we so eager to sacrifice the best in us over a myth?

Blind we are to believe within perfection lies beauty

A useless word to masquerade silent cruelty.


The absence of growth

A state of sick complacency

A place to hide from our cowardice.

There is no light without darkness

Intertwined they are for eternity

One without the other reflects only ugliness

Every “perfect” person hiding from themselves

Too scare to succumb to the silence

They fill their day with false games.


Cup after cup of honey until it makes you ill,

A butterfly with just one wing

 The Moon without its Sun

Rain without blue skies.

Dare to empty your soul

To release your emotions

To be fucking raw.

Don’t be afraid to show off your wounds

Cry as many times as necessary

Release all the pain

Then watch as life brings you back…




Why so much fear to be honest with yourself?

To admit you have dark thoughts and secrets?

Desires others would condemn?

Admit it….

The thrill

The excitement

The adrenaline

The peace

The energy

Your mind a fiery volcano

Your spirit infused with life’s breath


That is what you’ll get,

All you have to do is embrace both sides of self,

A gift which cannot be attained by getting down on your knees

Nor by investing in your ego and its false superficiality.

Are you willing to admit it?

Do you have the courage to confront yourself?

It’s the only way your eyes will be open and see what most miss,

Understanding life’s secrets, chaos and bliss

Where your faith won’t be based on false idols made of clay,

Fantasies created by the mind in order to survive

Real faith is earned

As you confront yourself, you learn this each time

Faith was always within you

The fabric of your mundane DNA.

You live and die not understanding

The balance you seek has always been there

But are you willing to pay its price?

Or is it simpler to smile and beg?

Like a miserable ant apologizing for each breath you take

You tell yourself you are “good” and “perfect”, so it hurts less

Sacrificing the best in you for the worst in them

Racing to obtain a false medal that says you have value

But your medal is made of nothing but shit.

You gave up the fight long ago

You stopped getting to know yourself

You sold your soul for false acceptance

You picked your poison…

Religion over real faith

Popularity over knowledge of self

Masks in exchange for being called “normal”

“Fit in” they screamed and you succumbed to their demands

Giving up your real imperfect self to their twisted commands.


The ability to see both sides

Imperfect that is what I am.

My faith won’t permit me to sell my spirit

To give up my imperfect being upon false altars full of shame

While you insult and try to abuse me

I dance to my own imperfect tune

Can you dare do the same?

Contempt towards those who claim to have the “perfect” soul

I am imperfect!… I shout to all

I am the saint and the sinner

I am the loser and the winner.

I so believe in the power of humanity

I refuse to give up, so you may dress me up in false “light”

I don’t want perfection

I don’t want to be blind

I don’t want to have clean “innocent” hands,

For innocence is not naiveness

Nor hypocrisy masqueraded as light.

I am proud of the bruises within my spirit and my mind

I don’t run away from the challenge

I will continue to fight the dark you call “perfection”

As I grow through life’s lessons.

I trust it will provide me with strength

I trust the process of life

I dance between darkness and light

THAT, is where you can find my faith.

Easy I don’t expect

I welcome the sinners

More than I care for the so-called saints.

I dress in scarlet without shame

And walk with the ‘misfits” of this life

They are the ones who know the steps to this dance.

Life baptized my soul with fire

And washed me under the primordial waters of chaos

It ripped my useless skin

And dressed me up in a lion’s fur,

It ripped away the complacent voice

And gave me the strength to howl with the wolves.

You say I am a sinner and imperfect

You say I am weird and crazy

“Thank you”

For in madness there is raw truth

In darkness there is wisdom

And within wisdom real light.

Gold is refined in fire

The lotus grows best in a swamp

A swan was an ugly cygnet

And the butterfly had to undergo darkness to earn its wings

Can you start to comprehend?

Are you starting to see?


What a beautiful word,

Imperfect, that is who I am

And imperfectly beautiful is my world!

-Sofia E. Falcone-


By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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