Butterfly’s Madness

Beautiful traveler of whimsical dreams Chained to nostalgic times Afraid to expand your wings You were awakened among the valley of fears You are gnawed in this aberrant world by insatiable beings Who in their blindness pretend to hold the banner of life Furiously they suck the decency of those who crave to look past…… Continue reading Butterfly’s Madness


**Rough copy As I sat quietly at my favorite booth Enjoying my brief solitude Watching people’s expressions Imagining their lives I reached for my pen And started to write Suddenly the scent of musk hit my nostrils I looked up slowly, Curious at what my eyes would discover The ink spread all over the arms…… Continue reading Butterfly


**rough draft ************************************************************************* What is perfection? Does it even exist? Why are we so eager to sacrifice the best in us over a myth? Blind we are to believe within perfection lies beauty A useless word to masquerade silent cruelty. Perfection…. The absence of growth A state of sick complacency A place to hide from…… Continue reading IMPERFECT


Memories…. That is all I will be left with soon Your departure is imminent You leave me here as you move on to another journey I can feel the tears welling up inside I want to cry but tears won’t flow My heart too afraid to let go Too afraid to say goodbye. In limbo…… Continue reading ELIZABETH

Lessons From My Grandmother

Recently I got the news about my grandmother’s cancer progression; times such as this, make you pause and reflect on life. My Nonna or abuelita (grandmother) has been like a mother to me. When I reflect on life, I realize I did not make it out of the abuse alone. Although I never told my…… Continue reading Lessons From My Grandmother