Scent of My Soul

**Rough Copy

I was born where the notes of a kiss are spread between mastic mornings
I was made from pure energy, wrapped in the sweetest of fragrances
An idealistic soul, whose life is written within sacred scrolls

I was born curious to the smell of fervor and life
I was born from two restless souls as different as fire and ice
I am the surviving twin
An unwanted daughter
Borne among chaotic challenges 
Yet life saved me from slaughter

Among the whispering waves of silence within my soul
Magick travels trying to console
I was born gentle and tough
True wolf, strong and bold
A broken spirit peaced by life with gold

My soul stands between cream clouds and lights
The mirror within my eyes reflects my thirst for life
An insatiable thirst which drives my gypsy soul
Seeking to heal and become whole

My soul was born where earth and heaven unite
Born within the wildest of Spartan nights
Surrounded by black and white butterflies
A sword tattooed permanently on my skin
Proudly I carry life's mark.

I was born with sweet wisdom and bitter luck
A soul which came to life among unrevealed valleys
Surrounded by secrets and magick
Where angels and demons live feasting on juicy desires

I was born with "Enigma" in my eyes
An a story far much older than time
A thousand stories are locked within this ageless heart
As old and timeless as the beginning of life

I was born within the thick fog of dark exile
Where a willow fights for its breath 
And people are afraid of shadows
Where laughter and tears mingle
Magical sunsets and beautiful dawns
Horrible nightmares
Tartarus, that's where my soul comes from

I come from an elusive enigmatic place
Yet more real than this superficial world
Where you are baptized by fire
Where doves sing and the phoenix rises

To be born is a matter of memories
Wet nurses and distant smiles
My only purpose in this life
Is to get back to my original cradle
Where my spirit can soar free
And reality is far simpler than this complex beast

I am not my name nor the image looking back
I am more than bones and flesh
Only my soul is real...
the observant behind the eyes

Every now and then my wandering steps come to a halt
As I drink the liquor of strange veins
And they drink the life within my blood

They seek life and absolution
I seek to satisfy the painful delirium, which cries out from deep within 
Let the madness of this ancient dance begin
I know its course...
I have seen it all.

You can knock me down countless times
You can try to hurt me...
You can try...

For I am a Fighter
I am the Phoenix
I am Wisdom
I am Goddess
I am Magick
I am Free!

Sofia E. Falcone


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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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