Understanding Sexual Energy

Sexuality still remains the most taboo subject out there; even though we may live in a society which superficially seems to promote openness about sexuality, the reality remains that what is being promoted is less related with sexuality and more with depravation and separation.

Sexuality involves intimacy and connection (mind, body and spirit) what is mostly being promoted is nothing more than “penetration” and “depravation”. When we limit or emotionally castrate ourselves from our sexuality or when we engage in empty or mediocre sexuality, we are depriving our bodies of healthy energy and exhausting our “vital energy”.

Sadly our education about sexuality is limited; we grow up with basically zero knowledge as to how sexuality can be utilize for our own benefit. Currently there is “sexual education” being offered at schools; however, what they teach is not healthy sexual education. Instead they approach the subject in two ways: Medical terms; diseases and how to prevent pregnancies. Animalistic terms; is okay to use and abuse the body in order to feel an orgasm. Young teenagers are never taught what sexuality really is, when and how to utilize an orgasm; psychology, spirituality and energetic charges are never part of the equation.

Like most people, young impressionable minds learn from pornography; which of course only cements in them that sex is something dirty and to be kept hidden. They learn sexuality as it is shown in porn movies; it is an “act” where males and females are eager to play empty roles, seeking to either dominate or be dominated–Love and Connection are not part of that equation. This of course has led to a society where as grown ups we seek sexuality in order to experience a moment of “high” only to afterwards feel empty and depleted.

We are losing the ability to enjoy and understand what it is to be a lover. A lover is someone whom you connect emotionally, spiritually and physically; in other words someone whom you have intimacy with. Intimacy is not something you can build over night and not something you can share with every person you meet. Perhaps if we learned more about intimacy with ourselves and with others, we would be more capable of becoming better lovers (ability to give an receive love).

In this article I aiming to briefly discuss the power of sexual energy without falling pray to either extreme; “sex is sinful and should be used only to procreate” or “I am “liberated” and I can have sex whenever I want, with whomever I want”. Instead of discussing either of those extremes (which I have in past articles), I am going to focus in the middle or as I like to call it “the sweet spot of sexuality”.

If people knew the immense power hidden in sexuality, they would treat themselves and others differently. People would not easily open their “inner sanctum” to someone else, based only on pure physical desire to possess or be possessed. If people were more aware of the power of their sex, they would understand the constant “search” for that “high” known as “orgasm” is a reflection of a search to feel loved, but love cannot be found within empty sex.

If we understood at our core, that our bodies are the “inner sanctum” where powerful energies are laying dormant, we would be more careful as to whom we share our bodies with, feeding our soul healthy energy (healthy energy is transmutable energy born from connecting with the shadow).

We are just starting to rediscover what ancients knew about the power of sexuality but still have a long way to go. That knowledge got suppressed by the patriarchal system in a desire to control this powerful energy. They taught to repress it, which is as unhealthy and useless as trying to cover up the sun with one finger. Later as people desire to rebelled against it, this new system simply took a different mask; one of being “liberal” yet the result to the current of sexuality is the same as the previous system (depletion)

Either system destroys its host, for the power of sexual energy cannot be contained nor abused without repercussions. As a matter of fact neither system works to activate the power of sexuality, rather the two polar systems mentioned above, deplete our bodies from vital energy while its hidden power remains unused. A healthy sexual person is not someone easy to manipulate nor control; that is one of the main reasons the power of sexuality has been kept suppressed. Imagine what we would be like if we could tap and unite the power of our sexuality, spirituality and mind….how terrifying yet beautiful that being would be.

Our bodies require a lover not a user. When we masturbate compulsively with the only intention of getting a “high”, or when we use sex as a tool to be “liked” or “accepted”, we are using and abusing ourselves and others.

Our bodies require a lover, because intimacy is pure connection and connection is love which our bodies need as a nutrient. If we give this nutrient to our bodies, it will naturally open up other channels within the mind and spirit, expanding our narrow vision of life.

Sexuality is the portal to powerful primordial energy. The orgasm is a fracture emulation of powerful forces at play within our universe… “as above so below”.

Repressed energy due to dogma and false beliefs can narrow our point of reference in regards as to who we are and why we are here. Likewise the abuse of vital energy, simply perpetuates the animal state, chaining us to basic instincts which overtime “rape” the mind and soul of energy.

Sexuality has become mechanical, because for the most part it is played out within the mind; the heart has no part in it; this turns sexuality into a place of torture, games, distortion, and self punishment.

Usually when people approach sexuality from the “mind”… after a short while or right after; depending on the situation; people are left feeling emptier than before, that is the result of no intimacy. Little by little, the mind and body will degenerate, giving birth to more illnesses and psychological pains.

Sexuality which is based on intimacy is beautiful and pure regardless of the style of sexuality you may like…for in healthy sexuality, nothing is sinful or bad, so long as you are not abusing yourself or someone else.

When we deny sexuality, we are denying our own vital energy and our connection with the divine primordial energy found within and all around us. When we approach sexuality like an animal, we are severing the connection to our inner self and all the other subtle planes of our own existence (spiritual, physical, mental, vital). If instead we were to work on ourselves (light and shadow) in order to become the “Lover” and were to approach sexuality from a loving and lustful place; recognizing the person we are sharing the body with, is the host of his or her own “inner sanctum”; the sexual energy would multiply. When sexual energy multiplies, it feeds the body with vital nutrients which are only released during conscious sexuality.

To be a lover, means to approach sexuality with excitement and respect; respect for the sexual force and the host you are about to share yourself with. To be a lover means to want to heal through the very act of sexuality. In order for sexuality to “blow your mind”, it has to start in your heart charka; otherwise you are only blowing your own “mediocre” and preconceived idea of how the encounter should unfold.

As I said earlier sexuality with a lover starts at the heart; not above or below. Sexuality can be gentle or intense so long as it follows the mutual rhythm set by two people whose vibrations are attune due to the intimacy built; when intimacy is present, the bodies flow.

The power of sexuality is not just found within intercourse, oral or masturbation; that is the limited version we have been taught. A lover knows how to move the sexual energy through “simple” loving intentions such as a kiss, holding hands, eye gazing, Tantric caressing, a dance, a whisper, breathing rhythmically, wild breathing, etc.

To be a lover is to honor self, honoring the divine within you and within your lover. A lover enjoys sexuality, he or she is daring with it yet conscious of its power. A lover seeks to feel, to enjoy, to heal and move to the next level; searching, exploring, without limiting his or herself. A lover calms the mind and opens the heart; a lover then is a warrior, for to open the heart charka requires the strength to look at the shadow; something most run away from. However; if you want to experience sexual pleasure that is above mediocre, pleasure that is not only enjoyable but healing, you will need to become your own lover; only then will you be ready to match someone who may already be in touch with his or her inner lover….only then will sexuality blow your mind!

Come to me naked, stripped of all your masks. I want to feel your vulnerability through the strength of your phallus. Dare to penetrate my walls only if you can withstand the storm that rises within my womb. Come to naked, for my soul desires to meet yours”

Sofia E. Falcone
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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!


    1. Thank you kindly for your feedback. Sensuality and sexuality are beautiful subjects; however due to false conditioning, they have been reduced to basic instincts or repressed…it is my hope, more and more people can rediscover the beauty and power of both.

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