Duality: Understanding Good And Evil

We live in a dual world; at the current level of “sleep” consciousness we live in, we use Polarity (Duality) to determine what is good or bad. We believe we use logic and reason, however many of us fall pray to a logic skew by our false ego.

As human beings we are always looking for a point of reference to determine something; how do we determine what is hot or cold? by using the concept of polarity yet to many microbes, temperatures of -40 degree Celsius isn’t a problem. Regardless, at the end of the day we use the concept of hot or cold as a way to measure one specific thing–temperature–hot or cold are simply two different sides of a totality.

The mind of “The All”, Universe, Life, God, can only be explained/felt through frequency; it is the intensity of the frequency which determines its place and measurement in our dual world, for example: Beauty is a “relative concept” yet we use it everyday as if it was an absolute. We “measure beauty” using “ugliness” as a measuring compass yet we forget such distinction is only relative to the society it pertains. There are tribes as well as nations to whom our western concept of beauty may seem absolutely ridiculous. What is beautiful and great to some may be the complete opposite to others, for example: To an ant a human being could be considered a God. To a human being a Constellation may be God. The life of a butterfly may be very swift to us yet the life span of a human being is nothing in comparison to the existence of a star; it’s all relative…or is it? I will elaborate more on this as the article unfolds.

What we understand as logical thinking is a mechanical process, a binary choice; yes or no; a procedure between polarities that does not allow the existence of gray ranges. True logic requires introspection and should consider the shades in between yet our poor level of consciousness does not allow for this; this only proves the point that we are barely awakening; much of us is still very much sleep.

“Truth” and “Lies” are always controversial polarities; the false being will always respond defending its falsehood. The false ego believes it is real, true, unique, substantial yet has no knowledge of what those concepts actually imply. To be real, unique, substantial requires inner work and the absolute need to face one’s own “dark” nature instead of simply repeating words without understanding their root or meaning. However, when we live nourished by a stagnant education and surrounded by a sick society that considers being well adjusted to its illness as a good thing, then of course the annihilation of the True Self or of “Truth” and “Justice” will take place.

It is true we are alive and that we are logical thinkers, however introspection isn’t something you are taught, is something one develops. Introspection is needed in order to better navigate our dual world and to not fall pray to the misunderstanding of its natural laws. Yes we think, yes we live in a dual world, yes truth and lies can be relative depending on perception; however, introspection is what helps dissipate the false veil that surrounds us and allows us to better understand “morality” and all its values in a way that is congruent with the laws of the Universe and the True self. Introspection then is “key” to helping us differentiate a copy from its original.

There is truth and there are absolute truths such as the “Principles of Truth”. In ancient schools “Maya” was the name given to the illusion or falsity which most us consider our reality. Our three dimensional existence is “Maya”, it is not real and it’s temporary, whereas consciousness is substantial and real.

You don’t have to agree with what I am writing here, I don’t claim to have all the answers. I do my best to use my own brain and my own heart, pouring my spirit to the rediscovery of ancient teachings and the study and analyzing of new ones in an effort to find the inconsistencies and retain what is left behind. I seek not because I am an unbeliever on a divine power/structure; on the contrary I am a deep believer of divine origin, primordial laws and choice. I am a deep believer we are intertwined with this divinity and that in order to better love ourselves, divinity, our world, one has to have a better understanding of it. I seek to understand not out of a false ego but out of a deep need to truly embrace and connect with such source as well as to better help myself and maybe others into living a more congruent existence. I seek to understand because I have a deep respect for life–to me you can only love and truly honor that which you know and understand, anything else is illusion.

I could be wrong about many things and how I explain them to you; they are my perception, my synopsis from my own discoveries and studies–studies from various lines of work and thinking; not just one sided teachings. I could be erring then on some of the material use as reference however this doesn’t change the ORIGIN as origins are absolute not relative. As such what I present to you here isn’t so much derived of a “reference” but the distilled material revealing the “Origins”. Descartes once said “You can dispute my references, you cannot dispute absolute natural law” The same was taught by Thoth in the old schools of Egypt. Ancient teachings were not seeking to indoctrinate; as modern society often does; but to the development of introspection, the understanding of “Maya” and the great laws which are connected like a jigsaw puzzle. Without introspection a lot is left to personalized interpretation; one could say “everyone has their truth” and to some degree the statement would be accurate if one is meaning to say “everyone has their own perception of events, life, people and history” ; however, individual perspective doesn’t negate absolute truths which are the absolute laws of vibration by which our universe rules itself.

As human beings we tend to label as truth something said by someone whom we like or whom we have associated with for a very long time, or something which is being promoted as absolute truth; hence we are not challenged out of our comfort zones of predetermined thinking patterns. More often than not, when we are confronted by evidence to the contrary we are likely to reject it, dismiss it or attack it. This usually happens because of our lack of introspection, for if we were more willing to look and confront ourselves we would be more open to the dissolution of “Maya” around us.

The “Empirical Triduum” is something very much forgotten by modern society or any society, system or movement that has become stagnant and stuck in its own “Dark Ages” (Which is something found at various given times within any system, belief, race, nation, etc.). Empirical Triduum refers to the search for the absolute and a respect for the Origins vs. Maya. Triduum= Grammatic Thinking (Knowledge)+Logical Thinking (Understanding)+Rhetoric Thinking (Wisdom)==>leads to the Developing of Consciousness==>which leads to “Original Truth”

If something cannot be proved then it cannot be considered absolute truth, however if the same thing cannot be disproven then it cannot be considered false. The problem that has contribute to our “yellow shade” of thinking is the fact that our minds; although more developed in other areas; are very much in recess when it comes to the “Empirical Triduum”, which means more and more we have become used to being handed down information and then we regurgitate without needing to look for its opposite objectively. More and more the system in place has eroded our mental resilience turning us into people uncapable of handling the truth as it is; more often than not we like charismatic leaders, people or presentations because they are more palatable and we don’t have to force ourselves to use our own “Empirical Triduum”, as such our society has become easy to control and lie to–as long as the information is presented in a way that produces shock (triggering people) yet charismatically enough (soothes) so as not to have people question beyond their comfort zone.

There is only one generative force in the cosmos and it has two polarities; love and fear; some call it love and hate, in my opinion it is a matter of linguistics. Emotional vibration is measurable, its frequency is quantifiable; scientists have been able to measure the frequencies our hearts emanate in our various emotional states. Hatred derives from fear. Fear isn’t just the person who looks scare on the outside, whoever lives in a mentality based on physical survival feels fear: Fear of hunger, of dying, of losing his or her false personality. Fear of being exposed for their falsehood. Fear of losing all false masks which have helped them to “belong”, to be falsely accepted and popular. Fear of being questioned, of being refuted, fear of seeing other points of view, other evidence; that fear translates into hatred.
Hate is the defense mechanism of the false ego.

Master teacher Mark Passio states the following about polarities; fear begins with ignorance, rejection of the truth. It manifests itself internally with confusion, dogma, anarchy and dominion by the false self. The exoteric manifestation is external control, false wars, authorities or rulers that promote fear and violence; this results in chaos. On the other hand love begins with “Knowledge”, the search for truth. It manifests internally with sovereignty of oneself, acceptance of all aspects of self, the respect of choice. It manifests with the expression of the true self in a harmonious monarchy. Externally it manifests itself as real freedom, ability to be oneself regardless of what others may think. It manifests itself by ABSENCE of anarchy and inappropriate authorities that seek only control and profit, subjugation and who offer a false sense of freedom while eroding the mind and turning people into human beings happy to be slaves to a corrupt system. Love then is the result of introspection and manifest itself as harmonic order.

This dynamic of polarities can be biologically corroborated, when we feel fear we secrete enzymes such as cortisol, adrenaline, and others. These enzymes are necessary to protect one self. They are part of our “reptilian brain” which will manifest itself as the “fight or fly” response. The blood flow prioritizes our limbs to run or to defend ourselves and leaves the torso, neglects the immune and digestive systems and leaves the brain–the ability to think becomes greatly reduced. These enzymes are necessary to survive but they are very harmful when we are exposed to them for prolonged periods of time; they can destroy us internally, making us ill, leaving us trapped in fear. It is very important then to seek healing and knowledge without promoting or buying into propaganda meant to cause fear.

When we vibrate with true love, we produce dopamine and oxytocin, enzymes that are extremely positive for our dense bodies. We heal faster, we think better. Our immune system is optimized and we are happy. It is very important not to confuse false moments of happiness (addictions of any type) as vibrating in love or with real joy and happiness as those moments produce a “high” and leave the body, mind and spirit ten times more depleted than when it started. Our bodies, minds and spirits are designed to heal themselves and to recognize the difference between false and true love vibration.

Polarities can be transmuted hence “The Alchemist” taught by the ancient masters from all over the world. People who choose the path of self love, self healing, self development, exposing themselves to different views, theories, teachings; even if in miniature steps; are beings who are truly expanding their level of consciousness. To transcend a slow vibration, we should not focus on stopping it; it is as if we were told not to think of a pink elephant – it is inevitable that we will think of a pink elephant.

The way by which the “Dark Ages of Knowledge” took over ancient teachings ;which focused on the liberating of the spirit, expansion of consciousness and embracing of our divinity in harmony with life/God; was by forcing us to live in the extreme of polarities. To overcome the barriers of the false ego requires more than to follow strict commands. By the way, I would like to point out that the 10th commandments were taken from an older book “The code of Hammurabi” which was taken from a much older Babylonian text and which contained many laws including the ones found within the Bible’s 10th commandments. These laws however in the original books where not just given as decree but with steps to teach the Initiate to transmute; it was a process, not just repression. They taught things such as:

Greed needs to be transmuted to Generosity, not by imposition and not with a desire to do something for recognition. Generosity was taught to start first with self, then with one’s own home, then with others–for one cannot give of a empty jug. Generosity was never to come at the expense of one’s own live hood or self care.

Envy needs to be transmuted to Empathy. Empathy is the principle and moral practice of concern for the happiness of other human beings, animals, plants and everything that surrounds us; harmony; resulting in a quality of life both material and spiritual. It was never taught or confused with selflessness, rather with love for self and a desire for others to experience the same. Ancient masters never taught death of self for the sacrifice of others, they taught death of false ego and rebirth of true self.

Gluttony needs to be transmuted into Discipline. In ancient times Gluttony was more referred with the overconsumption of anything that had to do with the desire to obtain status. One would be surprised then to find out that the person who drinks too much, eats too much, or collects money as a sign of status was no less Glutton than the person who avoids all drinks, diets all the time, focuses on body alone or the person who claims to have no care for money at all. Both extremes of these represent Gluttony–over indulgence as status symbols.

Laziness would need to be transmuted to Activity. Activity involves more than just exercise at the gym. Activity could be anything that got your body moving and was productive and beneficial to your life; body, mind and spirit.

Lust needs to be transmuted to Moderation. Lust is not just about a tremendous and unruly desire or wanton over sexuality or a person, it can refer to anything that we may become obsessed over.

Pride needs to be transmuted to Simplicity. Pay attention here as it is often said pride needs to be transmuted to humility which original meaning is to see one self as low or of low importance. The ancients never taught that, again they were not for the death of self or negation of self as which would lead to becoming a slave. Simplicity on the other hand is to have a good understanding of who one is; that means level headed; aware of one’s own faculties as well as other aspects of self that need work.

Anger needs to be transmuted to Serenity. This was not achieved by the process of negation of anger but rather by allowing oneself to look at its cause and by working on it.

Love is the key–it is a phrase all of us have heard but few have understood, for in order to vibrate with Love one needs to transcend, to become the alchemist of one’s own life. Vibrating in love is part of who we are but cannot be achieved by pretending we are joyous, generous, helpful, etc. We vibrate with love when we are in congruency; light and shadow integrated.

Typical polarities that we find are cold / hot, heaven / earth, reality / duality, human / God, but without a doubt the most controversial, the one that receives the most confusion and obfuscation is that of good and evil. There is no absolute bad, only something more bad than another, nor is there an absolute good, only something better than the other; this does not mean there aren’t actions that are absolute referring to their bad or good classification.

Those who abolished ancestral teachings have caused tremendous damage by forcing us from one polarity to the other. While all creation of the mind can be relative, morality at its source is not; I don’t mean dogmas, false sense of prudence etc.– I mean morality as truth. One can belong to any group whether religious, cults, spiritual, dogmatic sects, or cover up from head to toe and still lack true morality.

Morality is not an invention of the rational mind, it is established by the Original Source, it is part of that source, not a derivative. It is inherent in the nature of the source and in our own nature but we must search for it and reveal it from the false ideas implemented of what is moral and what is not.

We must seek self evolution, self healing, self perfection – this doesn’t mean we will be “perfect” it means we will be balanced and that is a quest that requires more than just one set of doctrines and more than just a few years; your whole life is about evolvement. There is nothing more erroneous and more arrogant than for people to believe they were the inventers of morality and its concepts. Morality is not an invention but a rediscovery of a natural law imprinted within everything in us and around us. It is a construction that is established in the mental creation that we call nature.

Maybe we believe killing an animal or a person is bad but for a cannibal tribe this is normal and not bad, neither it is born from a satanic or evil desire. Polygamy is not well seen in the west but in many parts of the world monogamy is seen as wrong and freakish. I am not in any way advocating for cannibalism or polygamy; do not let your mind take you to the other extreme; I am exposing you to the other side of the coin–as I said earlier the cold truth is never as palatable or easy to accept as the sugar coated version can be; however we must aimed to learn to be objective before jumping to conclusions. My example is simply to make reference that what you may consider moral, may be considered immoral to someone else. What I am trying to tell you is that “culture” varies according to location, time and space, as such we need to learn to differentiate real morality from fake morality as fake morality is damaging to our spirit internally and it also affects us externally (mind and body). Even the most “elevated person” annihilates life around him; it isn’t wrong to strive for a more “elevated” and “conscious” life–we should all strive for it but let’s not think ourselves all high and moral because just by doing so we fall victim to our false ego.

It is about opening our real eyes and aligning our minds and hearts by aligning our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Good and Evil lay at the core of cognitive dissonance. Many religious, spiritual groups, esoteric groups and many others have a deep closeness to the law of polarity and miss the natural law of morality imprinted in nature–Cause and Effect.

I do not corroborate or respect fascination or dogma, not every spiritualist group is truthful in its teachings nor are all lost; some have awakened to certain things and others have not. What I share is an agreement of what I find more objective; hence I am always saying all teachings have something to teach us and it is my belief we would all be better ahead if we got united and study disciplines as a whole rather than the compartmentalized system we have going on.

It is common to hear “don’t’ judge”, “don’t seek to change the world”, “accept things as they are”. It is true that the false ego is the main enemy to overcome, which is found in each of us. The main battle is internal, it takes place within each one of us but denying there are malicious/evil people and dark systems is typical of people in denial who prefer ignorance because that way they do not have to do anything– that way they don’t’ have to take a stand; as such whatever the outcome they are the first to complain yet remain “free of blame” or so their polarized minds think. To not stand against evil or to simply witness the destruction, hurt or desecration of someone or something is to be participant; it doesn’t make you better than the person committing the crime.

It matters not which religious, spiritual, atheist or esoteric belief one belongs to, Morality and all it encompasses is the same; in understanding this is where real Gnosis (knowledge) lies. The false being seeks to belong to anything as to quiet the spirit and calls this “peace”. The real self understands no matter what one believes in, we are all subject to the same universal laws and seeks to stop the cognitive dissonance we live in. The other golden rule is…we all have the right to choice and to defend ourselves, that is a spiritual law. Defending isn’t the same as attacking nor can it be equated to vindictiveness. To defend doesn’t mean to punish, if we can learn this and truly make it part of our lives, we will all be better off. Some would coward less while others would have more respect for other human beings and not allow horrendous behavior and transgressions to be equated to justice.

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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