Desire Within

I desire you in your entirety, completely and without reservations I desire your gentle love… Sweet like honey yet vibrant and wild as the untamed sea I love the way your wet hair against my skin sets my body on fire Your eyes reach the deepest darkest parts of me Watching your cinnamon breasts rise…… Continue reading Desire Within

Keys to Tantric Sexuality

Are Neo Tantra and Tantric Sex the same thing? After all, in this day and age Tantra is being portrayed more and more like empty sexual techniques than what it actually entails. Sex and spirituality were always intended to go hand in hand yet Tantra is not sex; in fact sexuality is but a small…… Continue reading Keys to Tantric Sexuality

Etienne de La Boetie: The Psychology Behind Crowd Manipulation

More than 450 years ago, Etienne de La Boetie wrote “Discourse n Voluntary Servitude”. La Boetie was born on 1530 to an aristocratic family. He obtained his law degree and was a French magistrate, classicist, writer, poet and political theorist. In his book “Discourse on voluntary servitude” he brilliantly outlines the reasons why large populations…… Continue reading Etienne de La Boetie: The Psychology Behind Crowd Manipulation

Childhood’s End

Poetry isn’t just an expression for love, sensuality and passion. Poetry can also express the hidden pain and trauma hidden; that is what I call Raw Poetry. Such type of poetry isn’t always easy to read as it forces us to confront the ugliness that exists around us; most would rather not look at the…… Continue reading Childhood’s End