Let the secrets doors of the universe be opened Let the shadow and the light dance with me Let them meet my gypsy spirit As I surrender to the divine spark I was born with magick in my soul A secret dance has been encrypted in my heart Divine fire sweetly intoxicates my body As…… Continue reading Gypsy

The Power Of Self Acceptance….

  Sometimes there are features/aspects of our personalities and/or bodies which we may have trouble accepting.  This lack of acceptance can make living in a conscious way almost impossible; as it is difficult to do so when we live focused on all our challenges. Learning to teach ourselves to escape this vicious cycle is going…… Continue reading The Power Of Self Acceptance….

8 Simple Secrets To Inner Happiness And Freedom According to Deepak Chopra…

Dr. Chopra has always written about inner happiness, discovering ourselves, loving ourselves and not taking our reality too seriously.  Most of his writings are about letting go of the idea of who you “think” you are and simply just “be”.   His most ambitious undertaking can be found in his work “knowing God” which focuses on…… Continue reading 8 Simple Secrets To Inner Happiness And Freedom According to Deepak Chopra…

Negative Consequences to Suppressing Emotions

Today’s society spends a lot of time nurturing and developing our left brain (logic) while dismissing our right brain (emotion).   The motto “I think first, then I am” is becoming the predominant way of living.  Meanwhile more and more emotions are being discredited, and its expressions labeled as “bad” “useless” or “hindering”.    Originally  we were taught to…… Continue reading Negative Consequences to Suppressing Emotions

Effective Communication

Many of us don’t realize how important proper communication skills are. Developing a good set of communication skills takes work but it’s one of the most important and powerful skills to have. If we don’t have the proper communication skills, we will encounter problems not only at work but also in our personal relationships; improving…… Continue reading Effective Communication

My Vow

You are the light that illuminates my harbor Like rays of sunshine your presence is to my existence When you cry even the skies turn gray I want to protect your gentle soul Don’t run Don’t turn away Everything will be all right I will show you the way out You can cry in my…… Continue reading My Vow

Sacred Sexuality III: Alchemy

Before I go any further let me make something clear; this article is not meant to teach you Alchemy. You will not find the main keys nor answers to the complex processes of Sacred Alchemy within; anyone who says they can teach you Alchemy through an article, a simple book or quick practices is lying.…… Continue reading Sacred Sexuality III: Alchemy