Behind These Eyes

Poetry isn’t just an expression for love, sensuality and passion. Poetry is the gateway for ALL emotions, it can express the hidden pain and trauma; that is what I call Raw Poetry. 
Such type of poetry isn’t always easy to read, for it forces us to face reality; life isn't just unicorns and rainbows.  Raw poetry pushes us to confront the ugliness that exists around us and which most would rather deny, afraid to look at the monster straight up.  But for those who have felt pain and experienced horror, this type of poetry is a form of release which is very much needed to be able to heal those parts which may get triggered or may still “bleed” every once in a while.  
To those who have known trauma, if you feel you have nothing to give, let me tell you something, you are a gift and no one can replace you.  They may have shaken your foundation but you are stronger than you think.  They may have taken your self esteem but your essence is a gift and that no one can take away...everything else you can rebuild. 

Behind these eyes hides the nightmares
An old movie which from time to time replays 
Behind these eyes hides the old shame
A soul which lived tortured by pain

You see my face
You see me smile
You imagine me always free and wild
Yet my story would frighten your most peaceful nights

Behind these eyes there is another story
A story of injustice, silence and pain
The story of a girl too young to defend herself

Behind these eyes hides the sound of screams 
Mighty blows...
And misery

Behind these eyes hides the story of treason
Predators who hide in shadows
Monsters who cover their acts
Cowards who fear to stand up
Crocodile hugs, tears and smiles

Behind these eyes hides the story of rebirth
Of battles lost and won
Pain which brought me to my knees
Haunted memories screaming "no more please"

Behind these eyes sits the shadow of a girl 
One I have come to love and I intend to defend
The one they labeled whore while they ripped her apart
The one they humiliated and hope would shut up
But the drums of life are beating and they are fueling up my heart

Behind these eyes there is sadness and death
But don't pity me yet
For I am no victim but the fire made flesh
I am the dark phoenix many fear
I am power incarnate
Best don't test my fury 
Best to leave your games

Behind these eyes sits the warrior
Each scar a medal for a war which has not ended
Each dark night of the soul reminding me of my strength
Beauty I found within my shadow 
And wisdom I have gained

Behinds these eyes sits enigma
The mother and the child
The temptress and the saint
Challenging you each day to face yourself

Behind these eyes now sits a fiery Goddess
Better don't test her will
Best for you to ran
For this phoenix has no mercy for monsters in disguise

Each day and with each step forward
I am piecing myself back together
The pain which seemed would never end
Has become my mentor and my friend

Behind these eyes now sits hope
Behind these eyes sits love
Behind these eyes sits the liberated wild woman
Love me or hate me, matters not

Sofia E. Falcone

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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