This poem is dedicated to the memory of my father who passed years ago; a self made man who taught me the importance of never using people in order to get ahead.  A poem written after my father passed, emotions all heightened; it speaks on its own, no explanation needed.  (Rough Copy. To this day no title has been given)
The time has come to mourn
Thunder has fiercely struck our home
I lay here wrapped in your clothes
The fireplace unable to keep me warm

Tears flow as my bones ache with pain
Can you hear me or are my cries in vain?
Samurai, I am now left alone
The spider's reign has begun
No matter, I will not succumb

Swift and shameless were their blows
The body not yet buried
Yet the luxuries are now raining
The kingdom you built
Sold to the highest bidder piece by piece

While I watched you slowly depart
They laughed at me and lied
While I sang you to sleep at night
They worked on their malicious plan

The Samurai has now passed to history
His spirit now contemplates from the skies
Where are you now Samurai? 
Please tell me...
For I cannot read the signs

At moments I feel your presence
Or maybe I just imagine you are there
Ready to guide and protect
Ready to soothe my soul, so I may not despair

The Samurai is now death
How swift was his time
The spider spinning her web 
She keeps trying to hide
The bed no longer empty
Everything was wrapped in lies

How soon were your roots ripped off
Their laughter kept hidden behind noisy chimes
The Samurai is gone
With his death so died his creed and his song

Swift and quick was the spider
Taking what she felt was hers to own
A new family of shadows took place in your abode
House of evil crows where only one of them is pure

A new house of cards
Where luxuries have no end
The price?...
Your sacrifice

A sister I am not allowed to know
For they fear their plans will fall
But life has its own plans
For malicious lies don't hold

They fed you an undercooked reality
Where only flowers of evil grew
"You need to forgive" they say
"Ego te absolvo" I certainly do not!

I do not show the pain their blows caused
No matter how much they tried to twist your heart
No matter how much the spider lied
Peace was made between you and I

An impeccable portrait she painted for you
Your eyes shut by rotten honey
So you may not see her rotten darkness

Distance was created between your soul and mine
I now share on the nausea you felt as cancer ate your flesh
The sadness and regret
There is nothing of your honor left

The color with which they blinded you 
Never took hold of my heart
I could see past their games and twisted lies

Long before your time came
I saw past the shadows and temptations
Past the false diplomacy and fake smiles
I saw the thief's footprints and her narrow heels

Foreign music made you deaf to the sound of my roars
A loyalty to a web which was weave for your death
The Samurai's sword used against him
Forced into a caged while his enemies played
He was blackmailed into submission
They wanted more than just his gold
They wanted his humiliation and position

Now the spider still tries to divide 
What she took from me is not enough
Careful spider, is not good to play with fire
For inside my soul hides the antidote to your poison

It is best not to wake a sleeping lion
For when awakened, no mercy is shown
The fury felt within won't end until you right the wrongs
And if you keep playing games
Only your expulsion will satisfy my soul

They tried to trample my name
They thought my love had a price
They tried to make me invisible
Their actions clearly revealed their dark hearts
The Samurai knew what was to come
He asked for my forgiveness
There was no need for that
For neither one of us was without blemish
Our souls needed to be replenished

Remember your last days father?
I remember each of your words
"I raised a lion" you said
"Let them not slaughter you as a lamb"
"If they knock you down, you dust yourself off and stand"
"I didn't raised a coward but one who knows when to fight back"

"Write down what is happening here" you said 
I remember your words clearly 
As tears rolled down your eyes
I wrote everything down father
Today I am not afraid to cry

I am not the lamb they will slaughter
I am the dark phoenix 
I am your daughter

A Samurai taught me to recognize white and black
He said gray was for cowards not willing to take a stand
Ruthless sometimes they called him
Yet he knew what his stood for
Unlike his enemies he danced to the tune of his own drum
No need to hide behind fake smiles
While stabbing others in the back

The Samurai has now gone to sleep in the sweet abyss
With full clarity he can hear the music of life
He can finally see the truth in all its degrees
His body no longer in pain
His mind once again clear

The Samurai now rests within the primordial waters
Where time, silence, magick and dreams are mixed
Until he awakens again by life's cycles
The divine spark of his soul born once more

For you spider there will be no sweet abyss
The suffering and lies you imposed will be your bed
For you there will be no great light
No amount of stolen gold will buy you peace
The great door will be shut 
You will face the roaring fires of your own hell
As they consume you with sick delight

They thought they ripped all his roots
They were sadly mistaken
For through my line he now lives
The wisdom he taught is my bliss

The Samurai now travels through the labyrinths of time
Transformed you now are
You are the sun and sunset 
The wind that caresses the mountains
Enjoy the clarity of your dreams
Until we meet again Samurai
And once more be a team. 

Sofia E. Falcone


By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!


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