They call me witch and that is how I feel. Witch is the one who connects with the earth and the sky, the one who can feel their essence. Witch is the one who is wild yet sacred, whom in her shadow has found what is divine.

Witch, the one who follows the path of Alchemy and doesn’t ran away from her darkness. She is the one who understands the language of the rain and the songs of the wind. The one who works with plants, talks to them, using them as healing potions.

Witch is the one with a secret purpose, who hears the knock of life’s calling, whose only master is the will of life.

Witch, the one whose gaze is intense, whose eyes can see past the masks others put on, who can tell if you are who you say you are or not.

A witch enjoys her solitude and looks in, trying to bridge the divine with the earthly because she sees, feels, listens and dances with the subtle frequencies of life which most miss. Many call her crazy but she laughs at that, for she knows there is more to life than meets the eye; other planes, other subtleties, other realities.

Her life is a spiral of learning and growth. She is earth’s Samurai, ready to be the learning stone. She knows and accepts life ife brought her to this world to walk a path different than most.

She meditates under the moon, she sings to the earth and the sun, telling them of her joys and sorrows, asking for life’s guidance. She heals her soul with each role completed. She knows in her veins runs the lineage of healers, teachers, alchemists and witches; she calls upon their guidance and strength.

She knows how to listen to the trees and the birds, seeing all animals as beautiful and divine. She knows how to clean her energy submerging her naked body in the waters of cold rivers and oceans. She uses her fire to warm up her hurt soul and to tame her savage wild nature.

The full moon is her grandmother, who embraces her lovingly as she falls sleep out in the open, contemplating the night while life gently rocks her back and forth, filling her night with pleasant dreams and visions of what is yet to come. She loves the sparkle of the stars and lives in constant awe of the universe; its beauty often brings tears to her eyes.

She is a gentle spirit, a gypsy spirit who goes wherever life tells her to. When her task is completed and life releases her, she is free to fly high until life calls her one more time; for life is her mentor and friend.

Witch, the one who is vulnerable and gentle yet carries a storm within. Witch the one who knows how to flow but can burn you down if she chooses so.

Witch, the sinner and the saint; a pure wild creature with a purpose too complex for others to comprehend. She loves knowledge and experience, and lives her life to their tune; for that is where wisdom hides and that in itself is the greatest reward.

She loves intensely and with purpose. She feels deeply for she had to earn her badges with tears of blood. She has fears and her wounds ran deep yet each day she stands and each night she dreams.

Witch the one who gives more than she keeps. Witch, the one who knows in her is embodied the wisdom and strength of all the ones they couldn’t burn.

You call me witch…THANK YOU for the compliment–the term alone is a gift!

“No one expects an angel to set the world on fire”

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!


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