Dark Angel

Poetry isn’t just an expression for love, sensuality and passion. Poetry is the gateway for ALL emotions, it can express the hidden pain and trauma; that is what I call Raw Poetry. 
Such type of poetry isn’t always easy to read, for it forces us to face reality; life isn't just unicorns and rainbows.  Raw poetry pushes us to confront the ugliness that exists around us and which most would rather deny, afraid to look at the monster straight up.  But for those who have felt pain and experienced horror, this type of poetry is a form of release which is very much needed to be able to heal those parts which may get triggered or may still “bleed” every once in a while.  

(Rough Copy)

The gray walls are but a reflection of her soul
Her white gown but a mirror of the innocence hidden within
Day in and day out she looks out the window
Her mind wondering if anyone misses her
Accepting she alone must face this nightmare

The womb from which she came rejects her
The Samurai in strange lands, oblivious to her suffering 
For the monsters have done well at keeping their secret
Afraid to face the sword which would be their demise

The clock's ticking a reminder of life passing by
Has everyone forgotten she existed
She is young and alone
Scared, broken and battered she cries to the Gods
"What did I do wrong?"
"Why let me see the light of day only to torture me so?"

She is but twelve yet her body knows every sin known to men
She knows of their cruelty and callousness
She knows of the word no ones dares pronounce

A fool she was to have believed anyone cared
A fool to open her mouth thinking she would be saved
Now lock in a room she cries herself to sleep
Her stomach feeling sick as they forced down pills

They tell her all will be forgotten
She just needs to admit their truth
Truth has no value among thieves
For liars they are 
And that is how they live

They brought her to this ghostly place
While they ran around free
At nights memories of their torture rushes in
A broken body
Muffled cries
The shredded face 
Scattered pieces of a broken soul

"I will not abandon you" he had said
Where was he now but fighting another war
No one to defend her
No one to hear her cries
Days melting into nights
Nights melting into days
"Say you imagined it and all will be well"

Soon the spring turns to winter
Her anguish and pain take over every night
Fly internally she must
Where refuge can be found within the dark

She flies to the deepest parts of her spirit 
She stands dangerously at the age of the cliff
No one but those who have been there understand her grief

One day appears a brand new face
Their eyes meet and he sees all she hides
"Oh child...I wish I could undo what has been done"
She tries to force a smile but only sobs rush forth

Soon she sees the blinding light of the sun
Soon she sees the ocean...her home
The smell of fresh air hits her like a stabbing knife
It matters not

She does not know her nightmare isn't over
Her happiness is to last but a little while
A monster is approaching
And he is dressed like a lamb

It is her birthday 
A day never to be remembered
She is at home all alone
Except for him

She begs for him to stop
He just covers up her cries
He grunts her name with sick delight
She cries in pain as he laughs
"You ask for it. A lady should not be wild"

She flies as he violently thrusts
She flies far away where there is no pain
A place where she can be nothing but numb
She stands shaken and defeated
Sheets stain with blood and semen
Once again her sacrifice...

She finds the strength to run
She finds a voice from within 
She shouts to anyone who would listen
But who believes the young?

She sought their eyes
They hid in shame
Their wives ready to cover up her nightmare
"kids are so imaginative they say"

She vows never to return
And although she cannot join the Samurai 
She rans away from their claws

Nobody knows when she stopped living
Nobody knows just how great was her hell
All she ever wanted was to fly
To be free, like a butterfly

She learned the sweet perfume of death's flowers
In the darkness she laments every night
They tried to kill her but she survived

Forged in fire, she now stands
They took her body
Bruised her soul
But they weren't counting on the power of the Gods

The universe embraced her
Infusing its breath of life
Like a lotus flower she now blossoms
As she rises from the ashes, she is reborn
She is now a warrior, 
A dark angel
And words are her sword

Now she dares them to say it was all make believe
I am no longer twelve she screams
They hide their face in shame when she is around
Her eyes they do not dare meet
Her power she has found
"Stop your callous slander before you meet my rage" 
"For I have the evidence to bury your flesh"
"Your rotten corpses will lie on the floor for all to see"
"If you test me, there will be no mercy"
"Why? Because you asked for it"

Now she dances to the tune of life
She made friends with her demons
Angels are her guardians and her light

She no longer fears the dark
No more silence...
No more lies!

Sofia E. Falcone

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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