I tend to reflect a lot on my life, life in general; its meaning, its mysteries. The term reflection denotes the act or state of being reflected while in introspection, and so I decided to start sharing some of my reflections….

Since the moment we are born, we carry within divinity.  Since we are born, we carry within the spark of life, a spark unique to each one of us; unique for our calling is unique.  This light easily reflects on the eyes of little children for they know just how to be.  With adults it tends to become apparent when we do the things we like and which serve to our expansion.  It is a light of inner freedom, a pure magickal light.  As we become “well adjusted”, the contradictions found within our society and false paradigms, start to disconnect us more and more from our core…from our essence. 

As we become adults and are expected to be serious and rigid in order to be considered “well adjusted”, a dark sickness starts to engulf us. In a desire to escape the dark cloud, some succumb to abuse of self and call it rebellion; meanwhile the light inside keeps getting dimmer. 

As time goes on, we blame the cycles of life for the rocks found within our backpack; rocks we have collected along the way.  We fail to recognize life isn’t to blame for the insecurities, guilt, blame, sadness, fear and other traumas we have encountered; those rocks were given to us by wounded souls, blind souls or monsters dressed in human skin.  Other times, those rocks were accumulated by our own actions, our mistakes, our abuse of self or our own rigidness.  Life itself didn’t give us pain and suffering, people who lost their connection to their essence did.  And so, we get on our knees and pray to any God who will take the pain away; promising whatever is left our dignity and expansion in exchange to make the pain disappear or be buried and forgotten. 

We hide our anger, our fears, our tears just so we can say we have forgiven ourselves and others.  We kneel and beg and psychologically whip ourselves so we may be worthy of the next breath we take.  We sacrifice on an altar whatever is left of the best in us so we may feel “righteous”. 

We use ourselves as mere animals just so we can hurt back the dogmatic system which allowed the blows to take place, while doing nothing to stand by the so called “creed” they believe in.  “You need to forgive and move on” is their go-to answer, just so they don’t have to confront their cowardice.  

We seek to escape life at every turn, selling ourselves as cattle, putting layers, upon layers of filters just so we can say we are beautiful, afraid to show our skin; afraid to not be accepted…afraid to not fit in.  We talk loud and fake smiles in a futile effort to mimic the magickal attitude of our being which came naturally as kids.  Meanwhile whether through dogma or false rebellion we are dying.  Meanwhile life is patiently waiting for us to get back to that natural essence of exploring and expansion with which we were born. 

Those ferocious enough to dance between the extremes and recognize freedom is not self abuse nor self imposed chains.  Those who can dance with the wind and are still in awe of life’s mysteries.  Those who like to create and who know life does not want them on their knees.  Those who laugh at the silliness of a child and who cry at the sight of wounded bird…. those are labeled crazy, misfits, insane.  They are haunted down by others who think they can take their light or those who want to extinguish it. 

As the battle goes on, our spark gets dimmer; that spark which makes us more humane and helps us retain our vulnerability, which is where our humanity resides.  That pure spark unites our mind, body and soul which make up the spirit.  The false paradigms fear that pure wild, natural spirit, for it has the power to guide us back home while igniting the world on fire; a fire meant to destroy everything that corrupts our nature…a fire or rebirth. 

Awaken, embrace your fire.  Awaken, embrace your light and follow its pure wildness, so you may feel each cell within you alive. Awaken to synchronicity, which brings forth unique experiences meant to guide you towards deeper truths.  Awaken the inner magick, the sacred witch…and help those who seek to find the light…guide them to look within. 

Awaken and show those whom are hurting, that it wasn’t life who brought the pain and the tears.  Awaken and show them how to dance to the sacred tunes found within the elements of life.  

The process won’t be easy, it will hurt as you rip off all the masks.  The fire of transformation will burn and just when you think you can no longer hold on, life’s waters will satiate the thirst of your soul. 

Awaken to the beauty that is you.

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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