Reflections of a weird mind and spirit….

Shadow work: Don’t be afraid to meet your shadow and dance with it. Every ancient culture and belief, once dissected and separated from dogma states the same…meet your darkness, be aware of it, dance with it, transmute it and integrate the new energy.

All great sages, mentors, Buddhas, Yogis, Christ Spirits, followed the path of shadow work. Even the Christ creed (before it was edited) said Christ descended into hell to rise again from the death; this concepts are archetypes to reflect ancient knowledge. The darkness of Hades; modernly called and confused with Hell; is simply the place where Shadow work takes place–where we meet, connect and heal with that which we have turned our backs to, that which we ran away from, yet no matter how hard we try to ran away…it still hurts.

Shadow work is the beautiful process of transformation; a process which lasts a life time.

Gratitude: Gratitude isn’t to live in denial of anything that is uncomfortable to us. It isn’t false positivism or fake forgiveness or false diplomacy. Gratitude is the result of self reflection, of being aware of the lessons painful moments or so called mistakes taught us, for through them we became wiser.

Gratitude is being thankful to life, for every day despite anything and everything we have the opportunity to start over. No matter what, if you look closely enough, there were moments in your life that made you laugh, cry with joy, dream, soar–we still have the power to choose who we are, to honor the uniqueness of our “weirdness” and to live life with intensity and meaning.

Grateful for the light and darkness within us, for these make us complete. Grateful to create, grateful to live.

Love: I read a very beautiful description of love while honoring your uniqueness, honoring the dimensions you choose to add or remove from your life–so long as they are helping you grow as a person (not in rigidity but in expansion). I would like to summarize what I took from my reading:

Love is one of the mathematical primordial languages of life and love has many expressions. To love unconditionally isn’t to feed the monster within or in others, it is to see the areas we or others need to heal. To love unconditionally isn’t to sacrifice the bests in us for the worst in others but to show ourselves and others our capabilities.

The most common love language of life is accompanied by many expressions “I love you so much”, ” I want to love you”, “take care”, “I miss you”, “you are important to me”, “I want to spend time with you”. Such simple words yet they nourish the soul. Don’t be afraid of using love words; it is a horrible thing to live in a society which tries to eradicate and ridicule loving expressions yet it is what this world needs more of–for when it is genuine and in balance with light and darkness, LOVE truly is the wind beneath our wings.

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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