Sacred Sexuality III: Alchemy

Before I go any further let me make something clear; this article is not meant to teach you Alchemy. You will not find the main keys nor answers to the complex processes of Sacred Alchemy within; anyone who says they can teach you Alchemy through an article, a simple book or quick practices is lying. The study and practice of Alchemy is a life long learning process and is reserved for those who are acquainted with sacred teachings; this is not done out of a desire to be secretive but of a desire to protect knowledge which can be misunderstood, misused or taught to people who really have no dedication nor vocation for it.

As you can see Alchemy is not for the faint of heart nor for those looking for a quick fix or to say they “know” Alchemy. Having been raised with these teachings and expanded on them once I became an adult, I understand the seriousness of the topic and know those who don’t understand it; often and in a vulgar way; call it witchcraft–most of the time confusing it with sorcery (which are just tricks). Alchemy is the forerunner of chemistry and physics; scientific and serious esoteric principles take place.

This article is a very basic explanation of Alchemy in relations to Sacred Sexuality. Towards the end some tips will be given for practicing a more conscious sexuality with a better understanding of what the alchemical process regarding sexuality encompasses. With that said Alchemy is not easy to “teach”–I am but a Tantric, a guide and a life long student of the sacred–I am no guru nor do I claim to be. I have tried to summarize in a way that I hope is easy to understand the basic process of Sacred Alchemy within Sexuality.

There is a book from Paracelsus from which I am going to use some of its teachings as reference–the copy of my book is written in one of the languages I speak; like some of the books I keep, have been unable to find a copy in English, despite this, I will try to do my best to explain some concepts in simple terms.

Before I continue any further let me give you a brief explanation as to who Paracelsus was. He was born Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim and was a Swiss physician, alchemist, theologist and philosopher of the German Renaissance–his books are in my personal opinion, invaluable.

Within his book, Paracelsus speaks in symbolic language. In it, he makes reference to miners who work with mercury, deep within the mountains. He describes how within the mountains mercury runs in paths like veins; as if it was the blood of the mountains. As you may already know, where there is mercury gold will be found; one metal leads to another. He uses the allegory of the miners who work with the mercury in order to reach gold; similarly we need to work on ourselves in order to transmute elements and illuminate.

The mountain was to refer to the mountain of Initiation; needless to say all parables, myths, tales, hide within powerful lessons, which can only be understood or discovered by those who are serious in their search or study.

“As within so without”; one of the most powerful quotes ever given to us and yet we still fall short of its understanding–all the metals found outside can be found within. Just like poor managing by the miners while handling mercury could lead to fatal health, any misuse of the “metals” found within, can cause more damage than help; for the process is one which requires discipline (not rigidness). Our body is composed of various elements which we mostly take for granted. Within Alchemy, it is believed most illnesses are related to the upset channel or balance of three elements: Salt, Sulfur and Mercury.

When one is transmuting “mercury” as a couple, the lovers need to learn to sublimate the hormonal secretions. Sometimes they are not sublimated in the right way due to erroneous psychological patterns or behavioral patterns (Rigidness/Empty sex–in other words extremes), instead of the energy being sublimated, is incorporated to the physical body, adding to its already dense nature.

To sublimate, one has to be in the right state of consciousness; where one is in communion with the primordial forces (feminine and masculine).

There are many doctrines and religions out there which honor only one force….usually the masculine force. Those who properly understand sacred alchemy, know to do so is a desecration–they seek to manipulate an energy which cannot be controlled. Life is made up of two primordial energies and only when working with the two, can we properly be in a state of communion with the divine.

To be in communion with only one force is to negate and castrate ourselves. To be in communion with both forces, is to find balance, to remember our essence past dogma, past “teachings” that are often misinterpreted and focused only on the mind, while the true spirit is left behind. All great sages already tried to teach us the truth lies within; our spirit already knows the truth, so baseless rigid attitudes do more harm than anything else.

To be in communion during sexual alchemy is to find that sweet center, that bridge between the divine and the flesh; as such if the energy is sublimed the right way and flows through the appropriate etheric channels it will lead to awakening.

When a person is in connection with his or her center, he or she do not limit their creative side neither do they let their mind wonder between one extreme and the other. When a person has been able to reach continous awareness and is capable to sublime etheric energy, it is reflective mentally, physically and spiritually. There is something beautiful about those people which cannot be hidden nor denied–it is reflected in their aura where light and darkness do not fight but are in harmony with each other.

There are too many people who talk niceties, pray, chant, talk about life’s values, etc yet their centers are corrupt. There are many who seem lost yet they are finding or have found. Those who reject and deny the primordial forces of creation live with masks and within extremes. It matters not if they think they are in balance, for what they call balance is a false gray area where nothing of value to self can be found.

Those who reject one of the principles and exalt the other, fail to understand that as long as their principles are one sided, the teaching is corrupted; is like having half of a chemical formula. It matters not if you embrace the light or the darkness, the masculine or the feminine; so long as you embrace one it is your false ego controlling you, not illumination. They tend to reject the wisdom of the ancients, equating them to savages when reality it is us who are only starting to rediscover what the ancients already knew and mastered.

Usually those one sided “teachers” often deny the Arcanum A.Z.F. To make it easier to comprehend, Arcanum refers to a hidden truth or law (The one who seeks gold; it makes reference to illumination within) A=water. Z=Sulfur F=Fire.

A.Z.F–the practice of sexual transmutation as couple (male-female), a technique known in Tantra and Alchemy.  Water + Fire = consciousness. A & Z are the first and last letters of the alphabet thus referring to the Alpha & Omega (beginning & end).

The light we often see depicted on saints and so on, is only a superficial reference to illumination (which cannot be attained through a castrated life); the light is properly sublimed energy.

To properly sublime the energy is to open up to our existential bodies; in other words we are opening the pathways for rebirth. To be born from blood is one thing; it is primal and instinctive. To be born from spirit is another. However, to be born from spirit has ignorantly been confused with earthly limitations of no value, which once again are simply rigidness. These man made limitations castrate self and do not give birth to spirit but to a different face of the false ego.

There is nothing more trickier than when false ego dresses itself up as all holy, for within carries corruption. For its falsity, it is willing to hurt others who “don’t believe the same” or sees itself as benevolent yet inside the false ego controls each action so as to feel “better than…because I am a believer”. Real spirit doesn’t know of “better than” because its value is instinctual and does not need to prove it nor compare itself–99 percent of us won’t get there in this life time, so it is better not to fool ourselves.

The light is simply the result of fire that has been properly transmuted. The light is triumph over temptation; another teaching which has been corrupted. The sages tried to tell us, but most of us are not willing to listen, to triumph isn’t to avoid. To live avoiding “temptation” only leads to cowardice masqueraded as “worthy”. The real victory isn’t in living secluded from the world but to be part of it , to partake yet not lose our way (I am not referring to mundane temptations or gentle sins but to detrimental acts to the body, mind and soul).

Many like to believe they have transmuted or triumphed over “sin” yet their hearts are often dark and at the first sign of feeling challenged they strike like a poisonous spider; that is the false ego–we all have experienced it, so it does us no good to pretend otherwise. Many develop secret lives yet put on the mask of holiness; yet holiness has nothing to do with avoiding “sin”.

Sin is often equated to anything related to shadow, where gentle sins are found; within the shadow lies the lesson and the prize. When a society labels everything as sinful or everything as permissible, then that society has lost its way, for it fails to differentiate detrimental from a natural part of life.

To work with Alchemy one needs to understand that where the mind is, is where conscience is. If we rigid ourselves or abuse ourselves, our mind also pays the price–our third eye shuts down.

We should not have to work hard to control our thoughts; if we have to, then we are letting the mind run wild and without purpose. We are not our brain, our brain is a tool which often focuses too much on the past and future, missing the present. Brain is not the mind, for the mind is consciousness; our brain is a tool by which we can help guide consciousness–this whole time, the power has been within.

We often confuse the mind with the memories our brain replays or its obsessions over a future which has not yet taken place. Even though time doesn’t exist, we are experiencing a 3D reality, which means we live guided by past, present, future–as works progresses in your study of Alchemy you will discover other ways and interpretations to our world and its physics.

In order for the crystallization of the existential bodies to take place (or rebirth) we need to work with the elements within.

Salt= Glandular Matter

Sulfur= Eros fire

Mercury= Can be two: raw quicksilver, which is same as Glandular Matter or it can be Pure Energy.

In order for it to be pure energy, one needs to work with the glandular matter and Eros fire. Once mercury becomes pure energy, it crystallizes the existential bodies or octaves (Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti)–through which the 7 snakes of the Kundalini will rise (to better understand this, please read my article “Kundalini Rising” which I wrote as a pre-amble for this article). As mercury rises through the octaves (grades of saturation) the male and female primordial energies (positive/negative) rise in harmony from the root chakra to the crown chakra.

Once it rises another great force is born, the “Sacred Fire” or Pentecost Fire–erroneously associated with religion. Religion makes reference to it in a superficial way–the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension, held on the seventh Sunday after Easter. Seven being the key word. Often in religion things are taken literally or are misinterpreted because of their rigidness towards proper learning. They are too focused on which is the right and wrong religion and not focused enough on the purity of knowledge found within all (all pieces of a puzzle)–even sages, mentors, buddhas, Christs (which is a particular state of consciousness) all said their teachings had another meaning–only revealed to those who sought the truth.

Kundalini is described in the bible as the book of life “And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside sealed with 7 seals” (revelations 5:1) The Kundalini serpent is also Devi-Kundalini, a chain of glittering lights

Once that fire takes place, the first snake awakens–the fire snake. This “stages” can take years to complete. For those already familiar with the teachings, the process of getting the octaves ready can take between 2 to 4 years. If one is working indirectly only through introspection/shadow work, it can take about 7 years. However; these are only approximates, for those familiar with alchemy know there are those who are born with an affinity, they are just remembering past the veil. There are no shortcuts–you cannot outran yourself.

Now that you have a basic understanding of sexual energy and its alchemy, lets move on to how we can practice a more concious and sacred sexuality.

Alchemy when it comes to Sacred Sexuality: 

-Sacred sexuality is not a common practice, which means couples don't use it every time they are sexual with each other.  Sacred sexuality is alchemy, as such it holds other goals than conscious sexuality.  

-Sacred Sexuality takes place between man and female as the practice is to create; a process only achieved when a phallus and a yoni are united (conscious sexuality is different and sacred in its own way; just not in the alchemical way).  Alchemy is a process that can be done alone, without need of a partner bur for Sacred Sexuality a partner is needed.  

-Sacred Sexuality can be used by alchemists, initiates, healers in order to procreate, channeling the forces of nature (this is practiced at specific times in order for the couple's energy to be in harmony with life's energy) Such practice is sacred and only those who understand what they are trying to channel use it when trying to conceive. 

-Your partner needs to be stable, meaning he or she understands what they are about to do and why; not only at a logical level--he or she truly needs to comprehend the process and have the desire to active the creative energy.

-You and your partner need to have faced or be facing shadow; there needs to be a real understanding that sacred isn't picking one pole or the other, neither extreme benefits the soul--for just as we cannot see in darkness, neither can see when blinded by too much light. 

-The body needs to have been physically and mentally prepared before Sacred Sexuality (certain foods cannot be eaten; not due to any sinful connotation but because they hold death energy. Meditation and other practices to "tune" the body take place)

-Sacred sexuality cannot take place during pregnancy, breastfeeding or during the menstrual cycle as during that time the energy is inverted; which means is flowing downwards vs. upwards. 
-The body has to be free of any birth control (this includes condoms).  This is why, one doesn't practice Sacred Sexuality with just anyone. 

-No masturbation or oral sex can take place, neither should it have taken place for a specific period beforehand; as these acts drain creative energy needed during Sacred Sexuality.
-One needs to be conscious, which means no alcohol or things which may alter the mind in such a way as to move the energy downwards or take away from our senses vs enhancing them. 
-The lovers need to be free of toxic feelings. There cannot be a desire to control or be controlled nor a need to inflict pain or to feel pain.  They cannot be using sexuality simply to "hook" someone or just for basic release-that is not conscious sexuality. 
-The bodies need to be treated with respect and veneration; no harsh or abrupt movements. 

-Concentration, imagination and will need to be in communion (focused).  Each lover has to be focused on the transmuting of  his or or her own energy, for although the act is performed as a couple, it is an individual process. 

-Certain conjurations do take place (words are mathematical equations and mathematics is the language of life), as well as the creation of the sacred magick circle; where the sexual union will take place.
Each lover meditates and asks for guidance from the God and Goddess (primordial energies) for they are the force which keeps us alive. 

-After penetration and only after penetration, there are types of  breathing techniques (Inhale, hold, exhale).  One of them is to inhale in a deep way but gently for 20 seconds, visualizing prana going from the nostrils to the sexual organs.  Hold for 20 seconds, visualizing a golden thread which ascends from the sexual organs to the third eye.  Exhale for 20 seconds while repeating mantras (iiiiiii/aaaa/ooo)--each mantra with each exhalation--not all at once. 
There are other practices which take place when trying to conceive; however, Sacred Sexuality usually means internal orgasms instead of external, that way all energy is moving towards the replenishing of self.  There are times when one does ejaculate other than for procreation, but there are different schools on that.  If one is going to physically orgasm, it is imperative to place high importance on what energy you are about to absorb--hence a lover over a bedmate or sexual buddy or unconscious partner is required. 

As you can see Sacred Sexuality isn't something to play with.  Sacred sexuality is beautiful because it allows us to awaken the divine within and explore a different reality than the one Maya Illusion is showing us. 

"When you succeed in awakening the Kundalini, so that it starts to move out of its mere potentiality, you necessarily start a world which is totally different from our world.  It is the world of eternity"
-Carl Jung-



By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!


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