Extremes Lead to Confusion Not Freedom

Most people when asked if they are free, they readily answer “yes”, if one then presses the subject with another question “but how do you know you are free?” the traditional response is this “because I can choose to do whatever I want”–Fair enough but what if I decided to provide you with various scenarios…… Continue reading Extremes Lead to Confusion Not Freedom


(Rough Copy) They say to be human is to be born a sinner I say to be human is to be divine It is to be flawed and perfectly imperfect To be human is no small feat It is to be born with the great spark To be saint and sinner Where the shadow we…… Continue reading Rise

Work of Art

(Rough Copy)–Thank you to the person who suggested the title. I want you still… Let me contemplate your outline some more Let my fires grow as my eyes take you in Don’t move…just a few more seconds My heart remembering the first time our bodies intertwined I remember my voracious thirst for your kisses Wanting…… Continue reading Work of Art

Shadow: Exploring Our Dark Side

The other day Barry and I were having a conversation about life and people; let’s say he drove while I pretty much monologued; with brief moments of interjection; this worked well as it allowed me time to process my thoughts out loud. The discussion was based on people and human behavior. I was conversing about…… Continue reading Shadow: Exploring Our Dark Side

Nymphomania & Satyriasis: A Psychological and Tantric Perspective

Nymphomania and Satyriasis are sex addictions; “incontrollable desires”– the first term refers to women, while the second applies to men. These disorders are suffered by millions of people around the world and are often misunderstood or confused with mental illness; which although could be one of the causes, it is not the reason–hence it is…… Continue reading Nymphomania & Satyriasis: A Psychological and Tantric Perspective

Our Love

Love found us swiftly and unexpectedly Two souls who knew each other from long ago Our love is like a soft spring rain As the droplets fall intertwined they write our name Our love is like a flower Infused with the soft breeze of dawn Awakening long forgotten pieces of our soul Our love is…… Continue reading Our Love