Warrior’s Heart

Your body is your art
Covered in tattoos you are
The world reproaches you at first sight
Yet your story they don't know

They don't know what your eyes have seen
They don't know of your gentle heart
They just proclaim your sins
Without knowing the hardships you endured

Your fight is difficult
Sometimes it feels impossible
To dare to be in a world full of masks
more than a sin...it is a crime

Try as they might to break you
They will not scare your warrior's heart
For death and hell you already faced
It is from there that you are back

Your ears are deaf to cowardly words
Your soul restrains you from anything without passion
Your reason to live is sacred
It is the eternal calling of life's drums

In you the fire of the warrior burns
You challenge yourself where many fear
You stand on the abyss 
Not afraid of what is to come
For life you do not want to miss

"Freak" they call you
Yet cowards they are 
Running from life, don't even know why
Afraid to feel...
Too afraid to be truly alive

The impossible fight continues
A fight so long ago forgotten 
Yet its memory within your ancient soul remains
You fight for your beautiful raw fucking self
When others hope you don't

To find your voice among the sea of hypocrisy
To take charge of your soul
To look at the world with defiance
Is to stand nakedly proud of your divinity
The warrior's mantra rushing through your blood
"You can try to break me, but try as you may, you will not"

Your strength is like the sun on a hot summer day
Like the moon your soul reflects the infinity of your love
A love for life like no other
Protector of the primordial force

Light and darkness you bring
To share the wisdom of the ancients is your destiny
Fear does not stop you from your path
For within you lives a warrior's heart. 

Sofia E. Falcone
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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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