Neurology vs. Psychiatry

There are two terms which are frequently used interchangeably, they are “Psychiatric Illness” and “Neurological Disease”.  There is such a confusion about each of of these terms and their meaning to the point where some experts have agreed there is no difference between one and the other.  Here I will try to explain some of…… Continue reading Neurology vs. Psychiatry

The Art Of Sensuality

There are lessons in life which cannot be taught, they can only be experienced; such is the case when it comes to the art of sensuality.  While the majority of people in today’s society live disconnected from their body’s senses, there are others who have been born quite in touch with their sensuality; to them sensuality…… Continue reading The Art Of Sensuality

Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

There are various strategies and educational tools which can help children develop and maintain mental health such as the substitution of negative thoughts for realistic thoughts, teaching to manage/channel their emotions and the learning of productive behavior even when faced with adversity.  The development of mental strength comes about with the building of resilience, self…… Continue reading Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

5 Behaviors Children Should Never Be Exposed To

  If you ask around, most adults feel they didn’t get the parents they deserved; many still deal with the repercussions of childhood wounds and trauma.  After so many years of research it is safe to say problems experienced during childhood leave emotional wounds which will affect the quality of life the child will have…… Continue reading 5 Behaviors Children Should Never Be Exposed To