Understanding The Shadow

Today I would like to talk about the shadow, what it entails and why soul therapy or shadow work are so important. Perhaps the best and simplest way to generically explain the shadow, is by taking a closer look at the story of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. Dr. Jekyll was a brilliant man who…… Continue reading Understanding The Shadow


**rough copy. Night after night your image haunted me But tonight I am letting you go It is within my dreams that I see you I see your essence I feel your soul No matter how much I’ve tried to forget The echo of your voice kept playing back No one before has haunted me…… Continue reading Goodbye

Gnosticism Part II

Gnosticism has caused so much controversy due to the fact dogmatic religions quite adamantly oppose it. Gnosis is a Greek word meaning “Knowledge”; not an ordinary state of knowing, rather an integrative knowledge which requires a particular state of consciousness–this particular type of knowledge aligns mind, body and spirit; you don’t just want to believe…… Continue reading Gnosticism Part II