Reflection #11 :Compassion Over Self Righteousness

Lately there is much division over various topics, it seems the more people think they know what is good for others, the more passive aggressive or outright aggressive attitudes take place masqueraded under the saying “because I care”. Anyone who tells you we are not facing division, hasn’t seen the number or people whose PTSD,…… Continue reading Reflection #11 :Compassion Over Self Righteousness

Tantra: Beautiful Lotus

Although our society considers itself quite modern, when it comes to openly discussing sexuality, we are far from treating the subject with normalcy; for it is a beautiful part of life; and certainly far from seeing it as sacred while being able to enjoy the wild ride–being sexually uninhibited. It seems the concepts of wild…… Continue reading Tantra: Beautiful Lotus


Last night I couldn’t sleep; I wasn’t stressed, instead it was a beautiful, exhilarating, creative insomnia–probably the result of having spent my previous evening watching the sunset by the ocean. Since I usually like to sleep nude, I got up and picked a pair of Pj’s and robe (weather is still cold) and went outside.…… Continue reading Night

Assumptions Lead To Wrong Conclusions

Source: Artur Szczybylo / Shutterstock

This article in some way goes hand in hand with my previous article on “Paranoia…The Silent Epidemic”–for it is based not just on assumptions per se, but on the high level of sociological paranoia currently being faced all over the world. How many of your thoughts about other people, situations or things are due to…… Continue reading Assumptions Lead To Wrong Conclusions

Paranoia…The Silent Epidemic Of Our Current Society

Would you be surprise to know, one of the biggest disorders that our society is currently facing is Paranoia? Paranoia, is┬áthinking and feeling like you are being threatened in some way, even if there is no evidence or very little evidence that you are. Paranoid thoughts can also be described as delusions; for example, assuming…… Continue reading Paranoia…The Silent Epidemic Of Our Current Society