Of Dreams And Nightmares

This is a story from my manuscript “Reflections of a Mad Butterfly”. Have you ever felt as if you are awake yet you know you are sleeping?  This happens to me quite a bit; I will admit, not as much as it used to, but every now and then, the so called “sleep paralysis” just…… Continue reading Of Dreams And Nightmares

The Body According To Plato: Desires

For Plato, the body was the prison to the soul for it limits the expression of our desires, but have we understood his words correctly? Plato was one of the first philosophers who started the debate regarding the body in relations to the soul and our desire. Now, you may agree or disagree with this…… Continue reading The Body According To Plato: Desires

Albert Camus On The Absurdity of Life

Who was Albert Camus? He was one of the greatest most lucid thinkers and writers of the 20th century. The depth and simplicity of his works made his writings highly valuable in philosophy and literature. Why have I chosen him today? Because today I feel the absurdity of life which Camus often referred to. In…… Continue reading Albert Camus On The Absurdity of Life


On The Wings Of Freedom - Birds Flying And Broken Chains - Charge Concept

Life is a dream…. Do dreams ever become reality? Life is a dream they say Yet life is about awakening To dream doesn’t take much To dream one just has to be still Yet life is a rollercoaster Dreams and nightmares all mixed To live is to be reborn To open up your eyes to…… Continue reading Dream

Tantra Isn’t Just Sex

Many times, after I write a piece on Tantra, I tend to receive many emails asking questions on the subject; although I am pleased for the interest and curiosity, most of the questions seem to be focused only on sexual technique. Because I am a Tantric and not just happen to like Tantra or just…… Continue reading Tantra Isn’t Just Sex

Basic Tantric Steps To A More Pleasurable Sexuality

By now those of you who have have read my previous articles and familiarized yourselves with my webpage, know that aside from being a holistic counselor, I am a Tantric. In the past I have written a few articles regarding Tantra & Kundalini, hoping to help those who are not familiar with what Tantra is,…… Continue reading Basic Tantric Steps To A More Pleasurable Sexuality

A Child’s Silent Cry: Being Raised By Parents With Depression

Even though we live in a society where we often hear the word “Depression”, the subject still remains one of the most stigmatized illnesses; this is the result of ignorance on what depression actually is, and the desire to run away from our own wounds–“If I tell myself, I am all about rainbows and unicorns,…… Continue reading A Child’s Silent Cry: Being Raised By Parents With Depression