The Warrior Spirit

The following is based on Sacred Shamanic teachings, which I thought would be good to share, as more often than not, we find ourselves questioning our path. At the end of the day, we don’t know anything for sure, this real uncertainty may be the reason why we often seek refuge in religion, spirituality, magick, philosophy, atheism (which is a mode of philosophy), etc. The uncertainty is so real, that when confronted with the cruel reality that all we know is that we know nothing, and the more learn, the more there is to learn–we tend to coward and look away or look for any beacon of security and safety. This behavior makes sense; it is not a baseless act of cowardice; it is terrifying to have to accept that at the end of the day there are as many theories as there are stars. With that said, I believe what cannot be questioned is the fact we are here and we feel; if we are clueless as to the real reason why we are here (I mean undisputed reason), then why not at least choose to give our lives a purpose…a reason. It is better to live a life with purpose than to live a purposeless life. Whatever path you choose, I hope it is one that contributes to the honoring of your spirit and makes you a better human…

Shamanism focuses on personal power and the development of this. Personal power is earned, acquired and accumulated, to the point that it help us transcend the limitations of our 3D reality and can help us understand, heal and transcend internal demons.

Sacred Shamanism does not believe in the dissolution of the self or healthy ego but in the conquering and discarding of the false ego or false self. Because of this belief, Shamanism does not seek to mold everyone to be the same but rather encourages the embracing of your own uniqueness; after all, this world needs different types of people…so why try to turn the pacifist into a warrior or vice versa? Rather Shamanism says “embrace the way in which the divine has chosen to express itself in you…for if we look closely, the forces balance each other”. With that said, peace to the shaman is not the same as cowardice, nor warrior equals bully….after all Shamanism seeks to defy illusions and find the divine balance within its primordial chaos.

Personal power is a way of coping with the crude reality and uncertainties of life, it is a physical and emotional conviction–it is a feeling, a trust on unseen energies (for all is made of energy) which help propel us whenever we feel like giving up. Personal power can help us expand our consciousness but this power cannot be earned by simply repeating teachings, but through the alignment of mind and body; in other words, knowledge and personal experience–similar to the scientific method.

Shamanism honors every expression of divinity but focuses mostly on the warrior spirit, for it believes there are already enough peaceful spirits out there, and too many others who as they go through life will give away their divine personal power–consciously or unconsciously. This article will focus mostly on the warrior spirit….

According to Sacred Shamanism, a warrior spirit is one who feels and acts with precise decisions to free his own battles in search of personal power; in other words, it chooses to jump into the abyss and face the shadow head on even when it hurts. Shamans believe we can all integrate the qualities of peace or those of the warrior; however, to be a warrior spirit is not a personal decision but one already chosen by our own spirit way before we came into this world–chosen in full consciousness… for in that realm, the spirit can recognize with full clarity in which way has the divine spark expressed itself (warrior or otherwise)–then life makes sure to forge the warrior in the trial fires of its very own creation…this world.

The battle of the warrior spirit is mostly internal; it takes place every time it confronts a physical, mental or spiritual challenge–in doing so, consciousness is expanded; at the same time it shows us various shades or layers of life’s primordial fabric, which we can then use, learn or implement in our lives. In doing this, personal power increases and prepares the spirit for harder challenges but also for wider, deeper, clearer levels of consciousness; levels which transcend dogma, false programming or the misinterpretation of primordial rules. The biggest battles are not external but internal–the external may have contributed to the wound but the battle ground takes place internally.

Sacred Shamanism embraces all battles (good and bad). Most can relate to the bad ones, as such these don’t need much explanation; however, the good battles are lost on many because they are blind to them. To identify and experience the good battle, it is required of one to live with passion, to live with intensity…only in doing so, we get to experience other sensations; sensations which are closed to us whenever we choose to live ruled by rigidity. But be careful, for to live with passion and intensity is not the same as careless rebellion, with no purpose other than self abuse and the desire to run away from one’s own shadow–these are all traps of the false self or false ego. As we overcome the good and bad battles, we expand our abilities, our resilience, and we become more and more unique–somewhere through conditioning we confuse honoring the fact that we are alive by the same source, as being one and the same.

More often than not; just like within the therapeutic process; we are not conscious of the power we have acquired until another challenge rises–perhaps a challenge that in the past would have hurt or broken us; it is at that moment of recognition that the spirit warrior chooses over and over again to pledge itself to its own uniqueness; even when the majority may feel like condemning its way of being–for it intuitively recognizes its role…to balance life through action.

As we build upon our personal power, our gifts and talents become more and more apparent, showing us the way–a path full of possibilities for the uniqueness of that particular spirit–as such it respects freedom of choice.

According to Sacred Shamanism, most people are incapable of understanding the difference between self abuse and freedom, or confuse rigidity with worthiness or holiness because since children they are taught to become one, or to give up self in order to dissolve with the one….to follow and fit a particular system–this blinds them to the wide range of colorful energy offered by life; instead they live within a particular box.

To Shamanism, it matters not which belief or discipline, if it involves guilt of your uniqueness and the castration of body, intuition and introspection (questioning), then it is a system designed to strip one from using his or her personal power. Until the mind is ready to accept its vastness and the vastness of the spirit, it will subjugate itself to the false idea of needing to live only in light in order to be worthy or good. It matters not if you live in light or darkness, both can be healing or both can be damaging; they only reflect the essence of the one channeling it. Too much of either can only blind the soul from the spirit.

Once the mind chooses to accept its vastness and the soul works on embracing the divinity and vastness of the spirit, it is then one gets to experience life differently and intensely–with the eyes and wonder of a child but the wisdom of the ancient; all within a body of no particular age–for personal power expresses itself based on personal journey.

Shamanism believes in the healing aid and powers of plants to help not just our body but our ability to expand past our everyday level of consciousness. They believe in the use of plant medicine but also recognize this is not for everyone. Some may have a negative reaction due to to a high level of conditioning or trauma. Others may misinterpret the message of their spirit, and yet others confuse the mind and its fears telling them what to do and what is right, as if it was the spirit talking. This is why plant medicine without proper “muscle” training might bring momentary peace, but it never delivers the real message of the inner self. Other forms of aiding within shamanism are: breathing, energy passes and meditation.

The gift of the warrior spirit lies in transformation; he or she can transform pain into fuel and use it for the demanding and implementation of justice. Through the honoring and accepting of his or her own uniqueness and the uniqueness of his or her own path, they can help transform the very fabric of trauma into gold consciousness–this is the ability to not just sense and admire life but to feel it with every inch of the being.

These type of people are often considered old souls, weird, rebels…but they are very much in tune with divinity, life and all its creations. Their ability to often see past the masks, and their inability and lack of desire to hide their weirdness, is what often makes them the escape goat; for they upset the traditional way of looking at life. They don’t want you to just look at it, they want you to experience it. Although most people claim they want to live out of their comfort zone, when given the chance they often won’t…for in the familiar they find safety. Also the comfort zone of the soul is very different than the comfort zone of the mind.

The warrior spirit clearly understands the difference between self sacrifice and the desire to make choices that bring forth justice or to help others as they work through their pain. Because the warrior spirit is strong; and through each dark night of the soul gets stronger; it chooses to carry that or those he or she sees as valuable towards the main goal….which is to annihilate the delusions of life, in order to experience life as it really is.

As previously mentioned, the warrior spirit is not one who pretends strength, but one who gains strength by feeling that which most run away from….the internal pain felt by the soul for being enslaved to a limited reality. The internal pain felt by the soul, as it recognizes that it is not the spirit but a vessel….yet while the soul is chained, the spirit is free–free not in the limited version we know the word by–but free in all its splendor and divinity…light and darkness; for there lies the beauty of life.

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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