Real Tantra Isn’t false Indulgence…It is the Warrior’s Path

Like many ancient concepts, the concept of TANTRA, has gotten twisted by people who don’t actually know what Tantra is about or by small groups who seek to undermine the real power of Tantra, for they seek to transform it into a superficial tool for self-destruction.

Through the years, the real meaning of the Tantric philosophies has been lost; as more and more people seek to use the name to justify their own self abuse or to normalize behavior that is damaging to self.

Although to Tantra nothing is blasphemous; so long as those engaged in it are consensual mature adults and they have the mental and spiritual knowledge to pair their sexual needs; simply indulging in its sexual aspects without proper understanding of the mind, body and spirit, is really a waste of the power and pure ecstasy of the orgasm. Tantra is about delicious pleasure, which can only be achieved once we unite all aspects of self…mind, body, soul.

The path of empty superficial indulgence leads to nothing but wasted energy. Let me be clear, I am not supporting those who believe one should be rigid and/or falsely moralistic–to say Tantra is just sexual positions and games meant to achieve only “better” orgasms, is a type of a statement that reflects the ignorance on the subject. Tantra in its purest form, is the path of the warrior, a path for healing and liberation. It is a philosophy, a way of life that requires commitment and openness–zero rigidity but without self-abuse.

Pure Tantra says: be who you really are, expand your essence without false morality, without guilt and shame–so long as you are coming from a place of love; which can only take place when you are facing yourself, not using your sexuality to run away.

Modern Tantra simply focuses on the body–it is an exoteric teaching. But Tantra was always meant to be an Esoteric philosophy of transformation; it is defiant, pure, uninhibited, loving, wild… yet all the while, it is sacred.

In the eyes of Pure Tantra, superficial indulgence and the twisting of its original concepts, do not serve in awakening the kundalini to help one expand; to use Tantra without proper knowledge may lead to awakening a power that might lead to our own destruction. Kundalini is pure latent power, which just like divinity, does not concern itself with simple things like good or bad… it simply does as it is guided–that is the power of free will. As such, empty sex masqueraded as Tantra is not healing and empowering but conscious suicide of the divine within us.

Rigidity and false moralistic views say one must annihilate the body, your instincts, your pure desires, otherwise you won’t be worthy of the so-called kingdom–or at the very least, you won’t be considered a “good person”. False New Age Tantra says: you can “enjoy” your body with whomever and whenever your animal instincts kick in, because the body is just a vessel for pleasure–empty pleasure. Both paths lead to self-abuse and flagellation–they have nothing to do with divinity, sensuality and delicious sexuality. They have everything to do with the enslaving of self.

I try to constantly remind people that extremes; although they seem like different paths; lead only to the same result. Those who try to sell you or confuse you with extremes are only trying to lead you to the same thing…. submission; for false freedom or false virtuosity are nothing but golden shackles…no matter how nice they may be presented, they are still shackles.

Balance is important; balance is not the same thing as the “gray area”–it is not the same as hypocrisy, congeniality, false diplomacy etc.–those are all gray area aspects. True balance requires of us to face our shadow, to do the work, to reclaim ourselves with all our beautiful light and darkness and with all our delicious but rightly motivated desires. The right motivation is not based on dogma nor for false freedom, but it is “right” because it is uniquely good for our own growth, healing and expansion.

In dogma, you have to fight with yourself to go further–suppress, fight, dissolve what you are and you can achieve what you can be–which is “worthy” of the love of God– but divinity does not behave in such limited terms; it does not need you to beg, to hide, to deny in order for you to be loved–you were, are and will be loved.

New Age Tantra says you have to overindulge on your basic animal instincts; often led by wounds which have not healed and by fears of not being accepted, popular or pleasing–in doing so, they promise you “freedom”; but one can’t be free by consciously choosing to give oneself to just anyone who asks…with the wrong motivation. One can’t be free to enjoy deep pleasure if you only engage from your genitalia.

As you can see then, Tantra is not for the faint of heart, nor for those rigid in mind, but for those who seek liberation…real freedom. It is for those who although afraid by years of false programming, traumas or fears, are still determined to look in. Those who understand life is a journey and it needs to be taken consciously; this means accepting our wounds, where we are at–no flagellation but also not enabling the same pain that keeps us in shackles. As such, Tantra requires strength, introspection, the ability to accept that growth is a life process. It requires the desire to let your pure essence, your divine wildness shinefor you don’t need to earn love from divinity, it lives in you…it is you.

Tantra is a deep acceptance–deep acceptance of your light, your shadow, your talents and your weaknesses–only when we accept ourselves as we are, we can start moving forward. Tantra is the divine connection between what we have been taught is the mundane (body) and the purest of nirvanas. You do not have to die nor mentally castrate to be reborn. You do not have to treat yourself like a superficial commodity to be “free”–you just have to be willing to accept all aspects of yourself, and from there lay the groundwork; with love, with the right motivation…embracing your pure sensuality and deep sexuality, while uniting it with the divine in you and outside of you.

You have to be willing to embrace your contradictions and your madness; no fear of it, for we all have it–the result of denying our shadow, our genius, our divinity. The divine is pure energy and “All energy is neutral. It can be used; if it is done correctly it becomes an ally; if it is used wrongly it becomes your enemy.”–Osho

Tantra says: use your sexual energy, do not fight against it. It is your energy; it is neither malignant nor harmful–only your motivation will determine that–make sure your motivation is clear.

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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