(Rough Copy)

I walk barefoot along the road
The water gently caresses my skin
This icy feeling awakens what lies within.

I walk from end to end
Leaving my mark second by second
Finally, I stop and let my hands create
They mold the sand like life molds clay.

A sandcastle stands proud and tall
As the tides comes in, 
Its very existence becomes precarious,
Like tall galloping horses the waves tear the castle down
Nothing is left but just sand on the ground.

Life is like this, with ups and its downs
One moment we are on top of the world 
The next we fall flat on the ground.

Yet despite these series of events
Which take place over and over again
Life remains worth living
For it holds not just pain but pure ecstasy
Giving us the power to create our destiny. 

Despite this, we are like babies learning to crawl
Some days we cry to the skies "please have mercy"
Hoping something or someone hears our laments
Believing that to be alone in this world 
Would only add to our torment

Some days we experience pure elation
Our hearts fill with joy
Our spirit soaring
We are free to explore
We are magickal, our soul says
Nothing and no one could make us feel less.

Are we then at the mercy of the tides?
Or is there something else to which we are blind
Like you, I do not have the answers
But this idealist soul, still hopes 
For I believe me to be more than flesh and bones

I have walked through hell
I have experienced Nirvana
What is to be human?
Perhaps the answer lies in hope
For hope is but what we make of the moment
Hope can soothe what others broke.

Hope the last to remain within Pandora's box
Hope, the power to transform
Perhaps we are the philosopher stone
Yet dogma has torn at our very core.

"Let us be" I roar at them
Let us see if we alone do more
Let us be the eternal seeker
Like great warriors feverish for the return home
Learning what we are made of, as the journey goes on

I want to live, truly live
Against the current I shall swim
I do not want to live to be worthy of a mystical place
The magick within life I want to embrace.

Let me rebel against the malevolent nebula
The monster of doctrine which seeks to engulf
I was born free, you will not break my resolve!

Let me live...
Let me taste the ups and the downs
Let me fall until I am found
For it's in the journey that life's miracles reside
It is in living with passion that we prove we are divine.

I shall embrace every pain 
Bathing in its seas of wisdom
I shall shamelessly enjoy every ecstasy
I shall rise dressed in scarlet 
With the moon on one hand 
And the sun on the other

You want me on my knees
Yet I will not give you that pleasure
Shamelessly I declare my freedom 
Shamelessly I shall enjoy creating my own path
From this dream called life, 
I do not wish to be rescued.

For my desire to live, you want to feed me to the wolves
Feed me if you must, I shall return healthy and strong
To the circumstances, a slave I am no more!
I am the captain of my ship
I am the commander of my soul!

Sofia E. Falcone

By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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