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Hi, I’m Sofia and welcome to “Falcone Counseling Services.”

I am a Transpersonal & Tantric Counselor, Poet and blogger.  If you have never heard of the term Transpersonal Counselor, let me be the first to explain it to you.  Transpersonal means beyond self… past the masks, false ego and conditioning and into the real self; building a healthy ego and deep-rooted connection between mind, body and soul.  A Transpersonal Counselor or guide is someone who integrates traditional psychotherapy with holistic therapy.  Transpersonal therapy aims to increase one’s sense of self and improve one’s overall quality of life via self-understanding of the individual as a whole.  

I have a background on Criminology, Behavioral Counselling, General Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki and Tantra

Simon Fraser University

Criminology/Political Science

Somananda Tantra School

Tantric Counselor/ Educator

                                 Holistic Massage Therapist

Vancouver College of Counselling Training

Professional Counselling/ Counselling for Intimacy in Relationships

Yorkville University

Human Psychology

Canadian Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Certified Hypnotherapist


I have Degrees and Certifications, but my best credentials come from the wisdom developed through life’s experiences, the exploring of my talents and my eager studying of individuals and the world; always desiring to find out what lies beneath the surface, beneath the shells most people develop in an attempt to survive and fit in.

For many years I felt the need to suppress my own challenges and struggles. I suppressed my pain and with it a good deal of other emotions; paying too high of a price in an attempt to shed the things that make me unique, all so I could hide the traumas imposed on my soul…I hid the raw me until I could hide no more. Since then, I have learned to let go of a lot of the fear which was holding me back and found my own voice, which I share with all of you through my poetry and other writings.  Although at times the work of healing has been far from easy, with it has come a feeling of liberation.  My perceptions on almost everything changed as I continued to explore and work on meeting and healing my shadow.

Little by little through self-search, personal development, therapy and coaching I started to discover what it meant to be me… the real me.  I have learned to be me without apologies; with self-discovery came the strength to forge my own path, although the journey is far from over, I am certainly far from where I started.  

The more I worked on myself, the more I rediscovered that all yearning I have had since I was a child.  I want to make a difference in the lives of others and to share the verses which are alive within my soul.  I want to bring hope where there might be a feeling of empty darkness, to help you rediscover yourself and perhaps for the first time ever, pay attention to your own voice.  I wish to see people grow and feel empowered, creating so much beauty in their lives and the lives of their families. I want to see people regardless of age at present time, head into the later years of their life knowing they always had value.  I want them to feel confident to continue sharing their wisdom from a healthier place; continuing to love themselves and living a life of expansion, freedom and authenticity.

Through years of study and personal experience, I learned that in order to help guide a person towards their own healing, one cannot focus on the symptom but on the root of the wound.  In doing so, one can help retrain the mind instead of numbing it and soothe the soul.  Those are things which I hope to help you achieve guiding you to trust your voice, your body, your mind, soul; in other words, help you rediscover the power of introspection, for only you have the power to heal yourself. 

I am here to remind all those who may be hurting and who may feel lost that you are not alone.  You are worth so much.  You can and have the right to shine without fears or apologies for being your authentic self.  You are more valuable than you think and more resilient than you give yourself credit.  You don’t only deserve but it is your divine right to live a fulfilling life…YOU have the power to recreate your world.

I consider it a privilege to share my work with you.  If in any way my experiences, knowledge and learnings, can help increase your self-love, then my wish has been granted.  


If you find the material on this page helpful, please consider sharing it, buying my books or making a donation…all your support is greatly appreciated.  


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