Soul’s Thirst

(Rough Copy) Like rivers of honey memories of you flow slowly in my mind Today I remember my muse and my demise How long has it been since the last time my eyes feasted on you Since my body satiated its thirst with your sweet sacred waters The photograph, a bittersweet reminder of what once…… Continue reading Soul’s Thirst

Reflections: Let My Soul Scream

Today I would like to share with you a reflection from my manuscript for the second volume of my book “Reflections of a Mad Butterfly”. The first volume is already available, with many of its reflections already shared in this page. The second will become available sometime in December. I am not a professional writer,…… Continue reading Reflections: Let My Soul Scream

Bullying Within the Family System

When it comes to bullying, we mostly associate the term with workplace bullying, school bullying or online bullying. Most of us wouldn’t think of associating it with family; this is partly because we have been programmed to believe such conduct is just part of the “normal” dysfunctionality within any family and partly because calling it…… Continue reading Bullying Within the Family System