Sweet Sinner

Nude Figure Study,

(Rough Copy) I remain enigma even to myself I try so hard to dance with the roaring phoenix inside But now it demands to lead… To expand its wings and take flight. Its thirst still not satiated Sometimes I tremble at the horrors it hides Sometimes its pain and desires melt into one Who will…… Continue reading Sweet Sinner

Young Love

Young and in love we were The world felt at our feet Love could conquer it all Or so we thought. Thirsty for adventure was your spirit Filling the empty space within my gypsy soul Your love and muse you called me Yet you were the Eros to my Psyche The air which filled my…… Continue reading Young Love

Breaking Through

This is a short story which holds in some way a reflection about life and our right to heal and to take chances. When our motivation is based on love, then we trust life will catch us….”Let me fall, if I do, the one I am becoming will catch me.” Breaking Through Alone I stand…… Continue reading Breaking Through


Girl watching the stars. Stars are my work, taken through teelscope. No elements of NASA or other third party.

(Rough Copy) With each step I take My feet create the journey I don’t know where I am going But in my mind I hold no worries The city feels as if empty While a cold breeze brushes my nose Despite the shivering of my bones My love for life only grows It is 3…… Continue reading HOPE